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General Discussion Area / Re: EssexBigAl
« on: Today at 20:09:03 »
He deleted his account a few months ago, for some unknown reason.  :-\
Thats a shame, another sound minded member bites the dust.  :(

General Discussion Area / Re: Carparts4Less
« on: Today at 19:40:55 »
As much as I hate giving money to them, ECP or ECP eBay both with Click and Collect but I understand if theres not one near you.  ;)

My local Factors down the Road used to give me 33% Discount across the Board even though I hardly used them much, there under new Ownership, when I asked about me discount, they said yea, we'll honer that, so it will be 33% off shelf price then plus the Vat on top. No favors there then.  >:(

General Car Chat / Re: Car tax rates
« on: Yesterday at 22:14:04 »
Mine is indeed a 3L[but a year 2000]and as I pay it monthly it's costing me just over 20 per month-I think as a lump sum it'd have been about 220 for year,which is why I thought next "step up" was 290.Seemingly this is not so though.
The Omega Tax break for increased after 2001, about the time they went 2.2,2.6,3.2

General Car Chat / Re: Car tax rates
« on: Yesterday at 19:03:36 »
I thought it'd be about 290 if paid in a lump sum,sounds like I was wrong.There's a govt. website you can access to check VED rates.
About right if yours is a 3.0, pre 2.6,3.2 Rates.

General Car Chat / Re: Car tax rates
« on: Yesterday at 18:50:19 »
27.56 pm payable by 12 month direct debit total 330.75, now all I need to do is find out what I was paying last year.

Got 2 sets of the 2tonne, no problems with them, lost one of the pins, so I use a head bolt.
Snap, although mins a M10 bolt.

General Discussion Area / Re: Odd request...
« on: Yesterday at 18:35:30 »
Moons ago I worked for a Company for over 3 years and had a Company Car as part of my Package, wasnt till a HGV rammed me up the Arse under a Bridge and Total'ed the Car that suddenly I was ask for Driving Licence and History and any Accident info, turns out They never put me on there Insurance and I had technically been driving there Co Car without Insurance since joining them.  >:(

Had a set of the 3 ton ones for about 5 years branded as JCB.

Good piece of kit and nice stable base...with a decent piece of 50 x 50 hardwood they have proved very useful and still have most of the paint still on them :y
Yea fairly sure my 4 are the same, good price for 15 for 2, and worth paying extra Fiver.

General Car Chat / Re: Car tax rates
« on: Yesterday at 17:47:53 »
My Direct Debit got renewed for 1st June, I'll check in about an Hour when I get back.

General Car Chat / Re: Car tax rates
« on: Yesterday at 17:22:11 »
How much is the road tax this year for a 02 plate 3.2 omega ?
Dont think its changed from last year, could be wrong.

General Car Chat / Halfords 10 and 15 Quid - up to Half Price
« on: Yesterday at 17:20:02 »

2 Ton, Was 20 now 10.

3 Ton, Was 25 now 15.

Also 1 Ton per Ramp, Was 60 now 30.

General Discussion Area / Re: Latest news
« on: 23 May 2018, 18:39:55 »
So not only will the North Pole melt and Flood everywhere now we'll have nothing to Drink as well.

Hmm, Im going to buy Shares in Ice Cubes.

Omega General Help / Re: Non Starter
« on: 23 May 2018, 15:53:03 »
Also Brake Switch.

Sort out why its not turning over first, then tackle the Immobilizer issue, if it still is an issue.

General Car Chat / Halfords 50 Quid.
« on: 23 May 2018, 15:04:33 »
Reduced from 140,         .......and dont forget your Quidco or TopCashBack discount aswell

Or this one for 85 Reduced from 170

or if your in the money, 165 reduced from 450

General Car Chat / Re: Price of Petrol this week WTF.
« on: 23 May 2018, 14:55:10 »

 leans in and says ............... Haddock and chips twice please  :o ;D   

I bet you felt like a right Wally.  ;D

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