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Theres no preparation required to generate more Electricity, theres no need, no market for it on the future.

They will just ban the Sale of non Electric Cars, 5% of the UK will buy a New Electric Car, the other 95% wont be able to afford it, so were All be running around in Second Hand Petrol and Diesel Cars and being fined 50 Quid a Day for Driving in the National UUUUUULEZ Zone whilst paying 2000% more Non Eco Fuel Tax to buy the Fuel for Our Cars, even though the Middle East cant give the Stuff away by then.

Anyway 2032, we will have more important things to worry about as well probably just be coming out with Brexit around then, and the Government will be Rich.


Wrap some Self Amalgamating Tape around it, from Cable across the Connectors to the other Cable, will keep the connectors together and keep the any moisture out.

There all pretty much the same for straight HD to HD, some Free ones start to charge money if you want to other things like Partition cloning or swapping etc , I tend to use EaseUs or HDClone for Disk Cloning, Macruim Reflect is another good free one, also good if like me you do your Bak Ups using Disk Image.

Well, kind off.

Was in one of the Whetherknives having a drink with some Mates, the part where we were sitting was quiet a comfy soffa in a kind of Brick and Brack and massive Book Case on the Wall, one of my Mates comented on whether the Books were worth anything and would there be any Vaulable Auction Classics hidden in them,          ......then there it was, staring at me, tucked away between a load of other Books, 'The Vauxhall Omega Haynes Workshop Manual'  ;D

Wont say what happened next.  ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: Mobile Phones
« on: 20 October 2018, 15:41:27 »
Isnt Bluetooth supposed to cancel the need to hodl the phone while speaking on it ?
I got my first crapple iPhone today and presume I can install a Parrot kit in the car and use the phone legally ?  :-\
Yes, as long your not holding the Phone, or even if its Dash Mounted your fingers dont touch the Screen of the Phone whilst Driving.

Omega General Help / Re: Front Springs Length Difference
« on: 19 October 2018, 13:18:29 »
Since they abolished the Tax Disk, which had to be displayed on the Near Side (Left Side in UK, Right Side if your driving towards it and the car its parked on your Off Side facing towards you, or Off Side relative to LHD Cars in Euroland, which isnt Right, because they drive on the Left, so it will be there Off Side, so their Right, well not as in Right, because We drive on the Right, which is correct Right)....             anyway, erm, forgotten what I was going to say now.


It arrived this morning :y

Returned was a 250 Gb - replacement is a 500 Gb :o

I'm not going to complain ::)
No, but doesn't exactly expire confidence that the Company knows what its doing.  ::)

Jaaaag 3.0d
And a mighty fine tractor lump it is. In proper trim, not the gay 240bhp gutless option....

But fitted to cars I can afford, means even now it does not meet ULEZ standards.

It could stay at north circular boundary, but for how long?
Probably quiet a few years I reckon, before Mayor forces the next plan of attack.

Not saying too much, but I sometimes kind of rub shoulders with peeps at TfL.

Dont quote me, but I reckon at least till 2024, before the next attack on bounderies is planned. Your probably be more concerned about your MOTs before then.  ;)

I appear to have sprouted a new problem ;D buying old junk to hoard ;D

I've had it for years. ::)

Wait until you start on Tek 'scopes. Think I'm on 7 currently. I need help. :-\
Good thing about Scopes is its one of the few Tools that you can use One to fix the Other One.  :)

Omega Gallery / Re: Omega Bfl 2,5dti estate
« on: 15 October 2018, 19:39:43 »

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Hello to all forum users
« on: 15 October 2018, 19:26:12 »

Dzień dobry,  :y

General Car Chat / Re: Decided to cancel Jag insurance with Admiral
« on: 15 October 2018, 18:34:28 »

The only 'selfie' I'm familiar with doesn't involve a camera. Merely the application of a reliable wrist action. ::)
Oh Dear, Oh well, look on the bright side at least your doing it with someone you love.  ;D

Im just trying to think with the collection of Real Sata HDs Ive got, dont think Ive ever had one fail yet, some make some wonderful noises when spinning but there all still working, maybe theres life in the Old Vinyls yet.  ;D :-\

I recently acquired a 1990s vintage SCSI drive (3.5", so relatively modern ;D) .. I'm going to be interested to see if it spins up once the replacement PSU for it's enclosure arrives ;D (it's inside a )
My money is on it will still be a worker  :y    , about these IDE Drives you wanna buy off me.  ;D

I'm in the market for some 1TB (or 960Gb ;D) SSDs, but I'm more of an upmarket man, due to the spanking they will get.  They will end up in servers ;D, and I'm far too tight to pay for enterprise class SSDs (about 8k for 800Gb).

Currently, the SSDs in the servers are 2 x 960Gb SANdisk Ultra II's per server, alongside the 8 x 1.2Tb SAS drives per server.  These SSDs have had 3 or 4 years of being thrashed and have not missed a beat :y
My first 2 SSD's I ever owned were SanDisk Ultra II's, both were 480gb, bought on separate occasions from different sources, and they wernt cheap at the time either, both are now screwed, first one just gave up the ghost one day, never to be seen since, dead as a Do Do, Second one kept Freezing before giving up, occasionally it shows up with a Partition Tool, but as soon as you try and do anything with it, Partition, Format etc, just disappears again, till next time. Other one was a 500gb WD which lasted about a year before dying  >:(

Only others Ive had since are a 500gb Kingston Memory which is still going strong, and a Samsumg 256gb in a M2 Slot, both still good, no issues, Oh, and them Cheapo Light Weights, Integral 25 Quid Jobbies, there surprisingly still going.  :)

Im just trying to think with the collection of Real Sata HDs Ive got, dont think Ive ever had one fail yet, some make some wonderful noises when spinning but there all still working, maybe theres life in the Old Vinyls yet.  ;D :-\

General Discussion Area / Re: Amazon Prime prog download Q
« on: 15 October 2018, 15:40:58 »
Android TV Box or some simple Roku's Boxes streamed at 720p/1080p using Android App should do it.

The Free 'All Connect' is a good little Android App Streamer  ;)

Streamng is no good for me as internet is limited during day hence why I download during unlimited night period and watch later.. it is the download ability and then crucially being able to transmit to a tv.

Last night I downloaded an all4 program to ipad. Plays fine on ipad but only sound on TV this morning. Most frustrating.
Doesnt the Firestick and or Fire Tablet let you download certain Films or Shows from Amazon, having said that guessing its only Free Material or Stuff that you Own or Bought from Prime?

Other way is is as DG suggests, Smart Box or TV then Record it, but guessing any Protected stuff that gets piped through an HDMI Cable will be restricted, so back to the old fashion way if your Smart Box has RGB or Composite Out (ie early Roku's) then you should be able to record that but not in HD.

Other than that then your looking a Video Screen Grabber, which will, depending on type, Grab and Save the Material whilst its being Streamed on a Laptop or what ever, Note. you dont necessarily have to stream the whole content with these, just start streaming then pause it the Lappy, the content will still get Grabbed and Saved without worrying about Streaming Bandwidth. but your have to do your own Homework as were nearly touching a dodgy subject in terms of potential Copyright Software.

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