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General Discussion Area / Re: Network help needed :(
« on: 01 August 2018, 16:24:13 »
That's what I've been trying to do !!! and until now, with very little success, however ........   :)

Found on one web site a tiny comment about MS networking not allowing root access to discs ... so tried something ...   I have multiple discs in my system, only one of which has any operating system files on it .. the rest are pure data: music, photos, films, documents and some backups ..

So my disk D which only contains music .. instead of sharing the whole drive, I make a new folder labelled "Drive D" and copy everything into it, then share that folder ... and suddenly it works .. network access in both directions, do the same for ALL the drives on all 3 devices .. make a pseudo drive in a folder for what I want to share, and it all works as it used to ... all 3 devices see all shares ... just like a network should !!

It would appear that 1803 simply stops root access to a disk, but doesn't tell you ... :(

Thank you MS .... really grateful I've wasted so many hours, and have now got a cluttered, complicated folder setup simply to make you happy... :(
If that works for you thats great,   :) just make sure (depending how you've set up sharing the Folder) that you have not left yourself open on any device that logs into another Network away from yours, ie, Work WiFi or Cafe HotSpot.  ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: Network help needed :(
« on: 01 August 2018, 02:45:52 »
Thanks for all the ideas. gratefully accepted, but none of them work ... :( First machine switched on sees the other two quite happily, but they don't see anything but themselves, regardless of which way round I switch them on.

Now resigned to switching main PC on first (it usually is), then other machine(s), then doing what I want by copying from "other1" to "main" then across to "other2" (if needed) to transfer files, or "anyother" to "main" to print.

Pain in the arris, and not what I call a network ... but MS as always thinks it knows best .... someone please just explain to me why I have to connect all three to cloud services to have a properly working network ??

Not going to happen.

You dont, thats not going to help you,  the only reason I mentioned the word "The Cloud" is thats how MS and Google want you to sync your Files these days between Devices (A Simple Solution for most) rather than using an older (hack-able) solution like Homegroup.

Tbh Entwood, Homegroup is no longer going to be supported by win10, so even if you did managed to get it working again, its only a question of time before it falls over again.

Easyiest way, is to dis configure your homegroup, delete all properties relating to it, reboot each device and printer and set up a new simple Workgroup to suit your needs.

General Discussion Area / Re: SSD advice please
« on: 01 August 2018, 02:21:07 »
Crucial are on my shit list at the moment.

Twice now I've had their SSDs fail. Which in itself is annoying. But they don't like to honour their warranty, and try to refund you what they think its worth...  ...which both times was less than £15 :(.  It takes a lot of patience and time to get them to accept the error of their ways.
If Im honest and the little experiance of using SSD's over the last few years, Ive had more SSD's Fail over the recent times than Ive had Hard Drives fails over the last 30 Years  :-\ >:(

General Discussion Area / Re: SSD advice please
« on: 30 July 2018, 21:13:00 »

Kingston 120GB A400 SSD 2.5 Inch SATA 3 Solid State Drive - 500MB/s £24.99

Kingston A400 240GB SSD £ 41.49

WD Green 240GB 2.5" 7mm Solid State Drive £ 41.99

Sandisk SSD Plus 240GB SATA III 2.5 inch SSD £ 49.97

Integral 240GB P Series 5 SATA III SSD Drive - 560MB/s £52.99

SanDisk 240GB SSD Plus SATA III SSD Drive - 530MB/s £59.99

Other option is if your Lappy has a spare Sata M2 slot, fit a SSD in there and keep your original Harddrive as well.

As for Cloning Software and lead dont bother buying them as a Kit, there about £18 for the Kit. get a cheapo USB3 to Sata off eBay for a couple of quid, and download Free, Reflect or EaseUS cloning / partition tools.

General Discussion Area / Re: SSD advice please
« on: 30 July 2018, 20:38:45 »
Crucial, SanDisk, Kingston to name a few.

if you wait one I got some emails on 250GB SSD somewhere a few weeks back, I'll go and hunt.

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Re: Intermitant radie
« on: 30 July 2018, 15:10:38 »
So looking at the book my unit is a CDR 2005

is the 2006 a straight swap or does it need Tech 2 enabling.

Are there any other models that will swap with the unit that arnt the sat nav type?
2006 is probably your best bet as it will bolt straight in and work, assuming you have the Code for it of coarse..

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Re: Intermitant radie
« on: 28 July 2018, 16:10:52 »
Would love to help but Ive got no idea what the wheel tappers and shunters social club compare sounds like.

Maybe its time to move to another Town.  ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: Network help needed :(
« on: 26 July 2018, 12:25:17 »
Its been on the cards that Homegroup was going to be removed for a while now, Homegroup was a simple Pre Cloud type feature but people were using it in all sorts of different ways and reasons. What MS really want you to use now is a Cloud type feature like OneDrive so you Pics and Doc etc are already there on each device, personally speaking although OneDrive works well for Mobile devices its an absolute Dogs Dinner for setting up and syncing on PC's and Lappy's compared to other Cloud Services.

There are a number of ways to set up an alternative so called Homegroup, but to be honest the best method is to have a breather and think about exactly what it is you want to achieve between File Sharing, each Devices, WorkGroup, Network etc then set something up from there on.

As for Print Sharing, again depends on the Printers capabilities, most modern Printers now can be set up so it will print from most devices on the Network without the need for a PC Host.

Ive got a couple of 12 Months NowTV (Entertainment) or 12 Months Prime Video Pass slots available, which I probably will hardly use, anybody on here fancy sharing these with me for a small monthly fee or share / swop for there own different packages, ie, Cinema, Netflix etc.

Send me a PM if interested

Cars for Sale & wanted / Re: 2.5 TD estate wanted
« on: 25 July 2018, 14:35:48 »
Good luck, will be a hard find!
Yep, even harder if your after a Manual, which is the only way to go if your after half decent MPG.

General Discussion Area / Re: VX Corsa as a first car ?
« on: 25 July 2018, 14:30:30 »
Same can be said of most small cars though. Imo, a Corsa is no better or worse than most of the others.
If you find a nice one for a good price, buy it.
This is true but Corsa are notorious for HG Fail due to poor maintenance, you only got to look on the Bay of the Devil to see them being broken in the hundreds, bonus side of course is plenty of second hand parts available.  :)

General Discussion Area / Re: At last I have Windows 7 on a PC!
« on: 25 July 2018, 13:07:48 »
No Dave, I can't even get online with it until my hardware key arrives from Ebay!
Then I'll ask Mr. Google if I can still get a free upgrade.....

No Free Upgrades anymore, but if you hunt carefully you should be able to get a proper Win10 licence for around 10 to 15 quid.

Personally 10 is the way to go now, at this stage in the game no point in learning win7 now might as well jump straight in with 10.  ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: VX Corsa as a first car ?
« on: 25 July 2018, 13:01:09 »
There ok, just bear in mind your average second hand Corsa driving by the young has been ragged around with low Oil and Coolant and the Steering has been either Kerbed or Clipped with incorrect Tyre pressures.

Buying one from an Old Lady One Owner who only used it on Sundays to go Banger Racing would probably be in better nick.

General Car Chat / Re: Just 6 Omega’s on autotrader....
« on: 25 July 2018, 12:46:27 »
Exactly 250 on equivalent website here in Spain.

Cars are kept going here forever!
Yea, but the ones on the UK have got 4 doors, 5 seats and come with a Windscreen.  ::) ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: At last I have Windows 7 on a PC!
« on: 22 July 2018, 16:12:04 »
Thanks, I will go searching. I do so hate the term "dongle"; it must be a yank term - the septics are SO babyish!
Is there a proper technical term, like Firmware key?

Close Ron, the original term Dongles were a device that you attached to one of the Com Ports as a Security Key to a Specific Software, ie the Software wouldn't run or be limited without the Dongle in order to stop Copyright Infringement,

As for putting you Programs on the D drive Partition, not really worth doing if youve got 500gb to play with, but if you want to do that you will need to to set it up before hand and tell the installer where to install to each time, personally I wouldnt bother but you could store additional Data on the D Drive.

As for Partitions, Im a great fan of them, yea, there all on the same hard Drive end of the day, but makes it so much easier for doing Back Ups, System Image, Partition Copies, System Recovery and Disk Cloning or Disk Upgrades. Example on my Lappy, Ive got 2Tb Hard Drive, but my main C Drive (Windows System) is only around 100gb, like LC0112G says in his post, just before my C Drive Ive got a few Gb hidden away for Boot Utilizes if and when required, all my Data, Docs, Downloads, Pics, Images etc are set to be stored on D Drive, about 400gb, My E Drive (about 1TB), I use for Vidoes and Music, which leaves me 500gb  F Drive for C Images Partition Copies and Restore Back Ups, yes I know its on the same Drive but they get backed elsewhere or copied elsewhere, point being at any point if I get a sudden Bad Windows problem, I can recover My C drive System Image within mins whilst away from My other Back Up solutions without having to worry about my other Personal Data.

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