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General Discussion Area / Any flooring experts?
« on: 06 November 2018, 21:12:28 »
We are moving our kitchen to the new extension, I plan to convert the old kitchen into a kids playroom. Now looking at the tiles, I can see they have tiled whole room first. The tiles go under the units, at least in areas I can see. So suggests whole room was tiled first, then units went on top.

When old kitchen is stripped out, I will be left with a flat, but hard floor.

Can this be carpeted as is? I know they usually nail grippers to the side, could these be glued? Otherwise it's more effort and expense to strip off old tiles, to make floor suitable for carpet.

General Discussion Area / Building Advice
« on: 02 November 2018, 16:30:31 »
So we have chosen our architect for extending tunnie's towers, plans are now submitted to the council, we await their decision. It could just maybe have been done in permitted development, but advice from many was to go full planning so have all paperwork. Also helps when selling it's all in and approved and for the small sum, a no-brainer really.

Had a few builders around, all coming in at same price roughly and splitting payment equally over the term of work.

Where I need advice is:

1) I know work can start 7 days after approval is given, the builder can then have the inspector come out 4 or 5 times to inspect as he goes. EG - Builder digs the foundations ready for concrete, inspector comes out and gives thumbs up. Concrete goes in. Similar things happen at roof stages/structure etc.

2) Other option, is I also get full building engineering plans drawn up. Then submit that to the council, wait another 6 weeks  >:( - For that to be approved, I use that then as my safety net with the builder.

Thoughts on either? One builder we had was very good, showed us loads of photos of work done and will take me to them if we get close do doing the deal. But he favoured option 2. Have another builder coming around next week, who has done work for friends of ours and they were very happy. I'll probably go with him, as early indications show price is same as others but because we know he has done good work and seen his work, is a huge bonus. Also they ploughed on with work during 'beast from east' when snow/ice everywhere, they just carried on as normal which is a good sign to me.

Oh and FYI it will be a single story rear extension, also taking 70% of the garage and will be about 4m by 7m.

General Car Chat / Rolla Garage Door
« on: 25 October 2018, 22:47:59 »
As part of our house extension plans, I want to replace the traditional garage door with a roll up type. So that I can maximise storage in the much smaller space Ill have, as I could have high units right behind the door. 

Anyone had one fitted recently? What did it cost?

General Car Chat / Zafira Tourer - Service ESP
« on: 12 September 2018, 10:51:41 »
So, MrsT had to stop abruptly at a round about this morning, straight after this 'Service ESP' came up on the dash.

I'll pop the code reader in tonight, but googling other forums is a bit rubbish, no real detail on what the problem is.

Generally suggests ABS sensor, with mostly like cause washer broken.  :-\

This is about best thread I've found.

Anyone else seen this before?

General Discussion Area / Question about extensions
« on: 06 September 2018, 14:22:28 »
Our house is detached, therefore I can extend 4m back from the property within permitted development.

What happens if it's just outside that? say 4.1 metres? As to extend and match the garage wall line, which is what I want to do, it is fractionally longer than 4m.

Would that need planning permission?

Builder said he's only had one inspector measure and that was due to neighbour of the extension complaining.

Finally had a decent builder around and quote is within budget, so it's plan B for us if we cannot move.

General Car Chat / E10 Petrol
« on: 28 August 2018, 21:03:05 »
Stumbled across this:

It states that cars registered prior to 2002 should not use it, given Omega's engines date essentially from 90's guess it's going to be a problem?


"Drivers are advised to contact car manufacturers with any questions surrounding their specific vehicle. For example, Vauxhall says E10 fuel can be used in all petrol-engine Vauxhall vehicles except models with the 2.2-litre direct-injection petrol engine (code Z22YH) used in Vectra, Signum and Zafira.

As they mention Signum/Vectra that's not been in production for years, suggest GM V6 still good?

Rumoured E10 fuel will start to be sold here soon, to meet emissions targets.   :(

General Discussion Area / Big thanks to b4ndit
« on: 22 August 2018, 20:37:56 »
So as many may know, the rear brake servo pipe to plenum on my 3.2 suffers from a leak, which I have temp fixed.

I posted in parts wanted and b4ndit posted me a complete pipe and it arrived today.  :y :y

Best bit, is he would not take any PayPal moneys, not even for postage, no matter how many times I asked for his details.

So true OOF spirit  :y :y

*if anyone does have his PayPal, please send it to me, so I can force some monies on him!

General Car Chat / Zafira Tourer - Service
« on: 22 August 2018, 12:53:11 »
Time for the Zafira to get a service, but I'm really tempted to do this DIY. Since I can do a V6 Omega, how hard can it be.  :D

Firstly I was tempted to use Vauxhall, so I could blag an Insignia for the day, to see what they are like, but all they would offer me is a Corsa.  :(

Secondly, they automatically added on a brake fluid change at cost of 40, because Vauxhall "highly" recommend it, but the chap kindly informed me he put it on there for me...... like he was doing me a favour. As it was not part of the 'Full Service' - So for 288, feel I should do this myself and do it right.

But I'm struggling for resources, appears to be nothing out there for Tourer, but it's better for the Insignia.

For oil filter location, is it same between Insignia and '14 Zaf Tourer? (2.0 CDTi 163bhp) eg:

On another note, why can't Vauxhall put the oil filter in a sensible location? VW it was easily accessible from engine bay, looks like I need to take wheel off to get access.

Air filter looks ok, coolant looks a pig to fill tucked away at the back.

Pollen filter looks like need to take glove box out, but cannot find any guides on this.

General Discussion Area / This should please TB....
« on: 20 August 2018, 14:02:54 »
.... or maybe not.

Wise spending by the council.  :)

I need one of these:


Can anyone help?

General Car Chat / Astra 1.6T Petrol - Coolant Leak
« on: 12 August 2018, 15:50:20 »
Next door have a 1.6 T Astra J, it's developed a water leak. I've offered to get it up on my ramps for a look, I've never stuck my head under the bonnet of an Astra.

Off to Google for common areas, but any areas I should really check? I'll be looking around belt areas for water pump leak, HBV (if I can locate it) and radiator area.

General Car Chat / Fitting Wheel Spacers
« on: 25 July 2018, 10:45:23 »
Not for me, but car share buddy's 2018 BMW M140i.

As I've got the tools/driveway space, doing it at mine. I've looked a few videos, looks simple enough: Remove wheel, adding spacer to hub, put wheel back on and using the longer wheel nuts provided.

Anything else I should look out for?

General Car Chat / Just 6 Omegas on autotrader....
« on: 23 July 2018, 22:09:42 »
Well, 9 technically but 2 have sold and one is a limo version.

Just 6 standard ones on there, can remember a time with 100s listed.  :(

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