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General Car Chat / Skoda Superb
« on: 11 August 2016, 10:55:20 »
They offer excellent value, something like this:

09 plate, loads of kit, low miles. Hummm, might need to drive one.

Think JasonM has the earlier model?  :-\

General Car Chat / The Omega Replacement conundrum.
« on: 08 August 2016, 09:11:36 »
Many here are facing it, there has been several topics on it. Some have gone Jag, BMW or Lexus routes....

What other options are there? A budget of around 5-6k ish, less than 100k miles and diesel auto are my key requirements.

With nice optional extra's being Xenon lights, Sat Nav and leather...

As per previous thread, my hunting ground is:

1) CLS 320 Diesel
2) Volvo S80
3) Volvo V70

300C's been discounted as just too American and not keen on the Interior. Don't want E Class, 3/5/7 Series Beemers. Audi's in my budget are generally star ship miles.

That said A8's around 2004-6 ish the 3.0/4.2 diesels are within budget. But think they will be pricey to fix/run  :-\

General Car Chat / Time for the motorbike to go...
« on: 06 August 2016, 10:28:04 »
I've decided to sell my motorbike  :'(

Recently someone I had met only once, but was an extended family member on MrsT side had a bit of a smash. By the description of being air-lifted to hospital and it being touch and go, I assumed it was a 60mph+ smash. But no he was on a 30mph road, he went through back window of someone turning in front of him. (it was his fault sadly)

I'd seen smashes before, when riding into London you would see odd bike down and people around him/her. But this time it was how it affected his family, I was getting the stories of impact to his family. Wife having to get Kids with friends to be looked after, so she could go visit him. Kids asking where is Daddy and so on, he will also need a lot of after care having to go daily to a nurse/doctor even when he is released from hospital.  Some of the meds were so strong, he was not making sense on a lot of visits his family would make to hospital as well. I could not put my family through that....

So that combined with fact I used bike for 60 days in total last year (I kept a record) and so far this year around 30, thanks to crappy June weather. I'm not using it that much, I don't ride in the rain, don't like it.

With 2.2 getting on a bit and to be honest I'm getting a bit fed up of a manual in heavy daily traffic (pass the humble pie?!) - I think it's time to let the bike go and put what I can together for a replacement to the Omega.

I'll open up the floor to guess what I'm looking to replace it with and no it's not another Omega.  ;D

Omega General Help / Clutch Bite Point
« on: 04 August 2016, 11:27:47 »
Fairly sure the clutch on the 2.2 is on it's last legs, 191k miles original one.

The bite point is almost mm's into the travel pedal, it's literally at the very, very, very top of the travel so that it's practically fully released before it bites in. To the point you think you've released the pedal, but it's not actually engaged yet.

If/When it does go, any tips for getting it into gear?  ;D

General Discussion Area / Our next PM will be a women....
« on: 07 July 2016, 16:40:33 »
Thatcher 2.0?  :D

General Discussion Area / One for the Plane Experts
« on: 07 July 2016, 10:39:17 »
Over the past 3 weeks or so, I've seen a Douglas DC-3 fly over head.

It's has it's D-Day paint job, with black and white stripes. I always hear it first and never have time to grab the decent binoculars. It's still a great sound and great to watch, but does anyone know anything about it?

Like the Vulcan and other vintage aircraft, is it's flight path released in advance? I'd like to be ready with the binoculars next time it flys over Camberley  :y

General Discussion Area / England vs Iceland
« on: 27 June 2016, 19:52:15 »
I think it was a mistake to leave out Vardy, Kane has not been impressive for me. Fluffed so many chances when given, last game he just looked tired and slow.  :-\

Time will tell  :)

I think Vardy will come on late in the game, for a better attack.

Omega General Help / Heat Shield around main cat.
« on: 09 June 2016, 19:56:34 »
The heat shield around the main cat on the 2.2 is loose, it's flapping about a fair bit.

Option A: Was thinking self tappers through the shield into the body? Anything to watch out for? Current bolt area is badly rusted, so would need to target fresh metal.

Option B: Remove heat shield completely, any side affects?

Thoughts?  :y

General Discussion Area / Genuine Merc Parts
« on: 09 June 2016, 10:59:48 »
I know a few of you here have Mercs, where do you go for new genuine parts? (other the dealer obviously!)

I'm after the bonnet 3 pointed star, the raised up 'traditional' not the newer flat one. It will be fitted to a '14 Plate E250 Saloon, I've run Mercedes Brentford and they want 51 inc Vat for one.

Thanks  :y

Omega General Help / Exhaust Woes...
« on: 03 June 2016, 13:12:08 »
On the 2.2  :(

Back box split on the pipe just after the first set of hangers, barely hanging on. I was hopeful that perhaps I could separate it from the mid-section, but quickly found nope, it's fused together.....

Ok me thinks, whole new exhaust, but the bolts off the cat look seriously bad. I just know if I start or attempt to release them they will sheer off and to me look like they will take the bracket with them too. (the section on the cat, with it's loop for the bolt)  :'( - When last fitted in 2011 the edge around the bolts was very slim, I did wonder if would last another new exhaust.

So that would leave me with nothing to secure a new exhaust too, so I guess the cat section would need to come off. But can a new bracket thing be added to the end of the old cat? I really, really don't want to go new cat route. May take a while to source a second hand replacement.  :-\ - Then I bet the flexi on that would be stuffed! (as Flexi is in good shape on mine)

Thoughts?  :-\  :(

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / NCDC 2013 + GID
« on: 12 May 2016, 22:36:52 »
Are these paired? I can't remember.  :-[

Can I just slot in another NCDC 2013 from another 3.2?

General Discussion Area / Shameless Plug for NowTV...
« on: 04 May 2016, 15:18:06 »
As I know number of you have taken my NowTV offers in the past...

Coming 21st June  :y

Quite proud to see my team's work the focus point of the advertisements for launch.  :)

(We do the iPhone/iPad App)

General Discussion Area / Another one gone...
« on: 20 April 2016, 15:23:53 »
Victoria Wood  :o  :(

Omega General Help / Should shocks do this?
« on: 10 April 2016, 23:32:49 »
The MacTrac shocks I fitted late last year, I've never been 100% happy with. Felt ride was too stiff, but more so recently more rattles from the shock area. Jacking everything up, could not find any play in anything. So this evening I popped off the shocks and compared them to the 50k old GM ones they replaced.

Quite a difference, first show in video is MacTrac vs GM. I can't remember the GM ones going on, if just over time they have seized around this point.  :-\

But a clear difference between the two, I've stuck my old GM ones back on to see if it cures what I've been hearing past few days.

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