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Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Taking the NCDC 2013 CDC apart
« on: 22 September 2017, 15:36:37 »
Is there a guide for this? It looks like the back plate can come off, once you remove the plate that joins the two units.

The CDC on mine is buggered, I'd like to solder on the hack for an aux input.

General Discussion Area / Free DVD/Buy & Keep for Sky Customers
« on: 14 September 2017, 11:43:14 »
Got Sky?

Sky Store are offering a free 'Buy & Keep' for The Amazing Spider Man film.

You can download it your Sky Box and keep it for free (unlimited downloads, if you delete) - They also pop a DVD version of it in the post for you.

Either order for free online above, or you can do it via the Sky box. Just navigate to Sky Store from the EPG and search for spider man, cost should show as 0.00  :y

Sorts a Christmas present for free at least  :D

General Car Chat / Was this an Omega?
« on: 01 September 2017, 19:18:39 »
BBC news on diesel scrap scheme....

General Car Chat / Car insurance time again...
« on: 31 August 2017, 16:10:34 »
Anyone had some good deals recently? Typically I always appear to get the best prices from comparison sites, this year it's 374 from the AA.

That's 10k per year, commuting into London, on drive way, protected NCB. Not bad, it's cheaper than last year.

Based on my 2013 CC, a rather optimistic 11k value that's auto-generated.

However i know most of you are old farts and as such can insure a 5.0 V8 for about 2.50  ;D

General Car Chat / Italian tune up works well on 3.2
« on: 28 August 2017, 20:43:58 »
Been disappointed of late with 3.2's fuel use, 260 miles to the fuel light. But it's only been on work runs into London and local runs. So end last week gave it a good ragging, generally drove it like I stole it. As fuel use was rubbish anyway  ;D

Today took Little MissT to Portsmouth for the day, so just an average days traffic. Not a fast run nor slow but some traffic about.

110 miles later getting home, 33.2 mpg. Happy with that as did red line it a few times joining motorways. Something must have fixed it self when in stolen mode last week, last year on runs to Wales I could not crack 28mpg out of it.  :-\

General Car Chat / VW Rear Shock Bolts - Are they stretch type?
« on: 23 August 2017, 17:34:39 »
I can see one rear shock is leaking a bit, so time to replace the pair for the MOT which is due soon.

The VW parts dept wanted 110 per shock, but looking under the car I can see a Sachs label on the shock itself, so just ordered a pair of Sachs from ECP for 110 delivered.  :)

But the VW dealer mentioned bolts, 2 for the top 1 for the bottom. Looks dead easy to swap these out looking at How2's, but none appear to mention if the bolts stretch or not, I asked dealer he could not confirm. If not damaged, can I reuse?

Only 10 for the set from VW, so will probably get them anyway, as I will get the fuel filter from them as well. (also assuming new bolts don't come with new shocks)

General Discussion Area / For those who have done extensions...
« on: 07 August 2017, 12:17:51 »
Thinking long term options here, can't exactly do it for a year or two. But what would be the costs in:

* Removing a conservatory.
* Converting a single garage into a kitchen (*note no feeds here for gas, so might have to go leccy only, as current kitchen is at other end of the house)
     - Garage is single brick, pitched roof, no insulation, attached to house but part way along house and extends past the house into the garden. (one side of current conservatory is the garage wall)
* Re-build single extension where conservatory was, with couple of roof windows. Approx 4 meters out from house (we are detached), so tad bigger than current conservatory and approx 8-10 meters wide. (width of town house)
     - I would want to knock through from new extension into the garage, to create open plan kitchen/dining area.
* Rip out old kitchen at the front of the house and make safe for second reception room.


Note that I could not do one single part of this myself, nor do I have contracts in the trade. So would be looking at full retail price for this.  :'(

Given costs some have paid for extensions in the area, I've heard costs ranging from 20-45k for a simple 3 meter extension.

So would I be looking at 75k+?  :-\

General Car Chat / Driving styles and fuel economy...
« on: 31 July 2017, 12:47:57 »
You can probably see where this is going  ;)

But at the weekend I was due to meet some mates, we arranged for a bit of lads weekend in Peterbough. So when leaving early Saturday morning, as I had huge chunks of average speed camera road works, I decided to see what I can really squeeze out of my VW. Add in the fact that I was in the car, climate set just so and tunes blasting through Spotify I was super comfy. No little MissT to worry about, no work.

So I really did not care if the drive took 2hrs or 2hrs30, such a rare chance to just sit and listen to music with no disturbances these days. Throw into this I was driving along the car parks known as M1 & M25.

This is what I got...


I remember thinking about Top Gear's challenge when they drove from south of France, Clarkson had Jag, Hammond the Polo may had a Subaru I think? 

I remember clips from inside car with Clarkson going on with trucks passing him in the background.

I was not that slow. Cruise control set dead on 60mph.

On the way back I did not bother with being careful, cruise set at 85mph instead. MPG? Forgot to take a photo but got 52mpg on the return run.

/Waits for abuse about driving too slowly  ::)

Omega General Help / 3.2 Aircon Low Pressure Valve Part No
« on: 20 June 2017, 11:39:50 »
Anyone know this? I know the HP is:


But as I'm at it...

55 3 years time, should be able to pick these up for what Lord Opti would refer to as "change behind the sofa"

Doubt many will be sold with the full at V6 though.

I'm giving serious thought to replacing the 3.2 at the end of the year with something newer, but I'm struggling to source options.


- Ideally no more than 3 years old
- Petrol
- Auto
- Large (Zafira Tourer/Mondeo Estate)

Budget probably around 10k or so.

If I include diesel the options explode in size from handful to thousands! But for petrol, I'm very, very limited   :(

Best I can find is 1.4T Zafira Tourers around 2013-16 plates, with sub 20k miles, bang on budget and fit all requirements. But they appear to be my only choice  :(

Everything else is 6/7 years old at least and triple the miles on the clock.

Any other suggestions?  :-\

General Discussion Area / General Election Poll
« on: 07 June 2017, 10:39:41 »
Time for a poll, I shall add it in a moment.

General Discussion Area / 50%+ Sky Discount again
« on: 31 May 2017, 14:47:59 »
Can get the 'Complete Bundle'

All 11 Sky Cinema channels
All 8 Sky Sports channels
65 entertainment channels
Over 350 Box Sets
Sky Q 1TB or 2TB box.

All for 35/m fixed for 18 months. (Normally 80/m)

Can also get fibre for 20/m but not part of my discount code. As per normal stuff, new customers only. (not had Sky in last 12 months)

PM me for a code if you want it.

General Car Chat / Sand/Dust on the car
« on: 26 April 2017, 16:35:43 »
Anyone getting this? Washed my pair at the weekend, popped out today and covered in dust.  >:(

Looking closer, really does look like sand. No building work going on near by either.

Just got the hose out to wash it off, as cars are clean under the sand.  ;D

Need a working park pilot parking sensor  :y

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