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General Discussion Area / Mr Gav
« on: 05 January 2017, 15:21:26 »
Can you change your avatar please, I can't browse forum at work on either my mac or phone as it appears I'm on an inappropriate website ::)

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / 3.2 Multiram Setup
« on: 28 December 2016, 10:41:42 »
I've broken the vac pipe that splits off back of the plenum, the section that runs off brake servo and runs into a joiner. When I changed HBV the little vac that runs off top of this split off.  :(

So need a whole new rear section I think, don't can it be easily replaced on its own?

General Car Chat / Not seen this before, oil filter...
« on: 19 December 2016, 15:19:19 »
Oil change on the 3.2 today, noticed the oil filter element had come off it's plastic base thing. It's a genuine GM filter, the one that went on had been in the garage a while.

But first time I've seen it.  :-\

General Car Chat / Something for Lagondanet
« on: 05 December 2016, 11:35:59 »
Spotted this near work, a classic car place has opened near us. Packed full of Classic Ferrari's, Jags, Lambo's, American cars, all sorts. Other day spotted a mint WW2 Jeep thing, looked like it came out of the factory! But one evening on one of my many walks between our sites, came across this American spec Wedge? .

General Car Chat / Can't fault VW Online Help...
« on: 15 November 2016, 11:29:52 »
So when you get a second hand car, you often don't know what extra's had been added. Options list these days are huge, what options were ticked when you buy as a second owner?

I was getting confused on mine as it has a Heated Front Screen, but the button for this not on the climate dash. Instead it had a 'Rest' button, after browsing about 50 VW CC's via AutoTrader, I could see loads of different combinations of dash buttons. Some had Auto, some had 'Rear', 99% had an 'OFF' button where mine said 'Rest'

After getting VIN code, I tried various VIN decoders with varying degrees in results. So I thought why not try VW? Went on their website, went to live chat. Requested if the factory order spec could be obtained? I gave them the Reg and 30 seconds after arriving on the website, I was given full factory order spec  :D

Turn's out my VW has had a rather expensive option ticked (over 1k!), which I'm yet to see in another CC. Although I've seen it in the VW Tourag and Campers, it's a "Parking Heater".  The idea is you:

Park up.
Switch Off
Tap this "Rest" button
An electric pump will circulate engine coolant for up to 30 mins, along with interior fans on, to keep the car warm.
So if you either Park up waiting for the Wife to do the 5 minute 45 minute shopping, you can stay warm with engine off. Or indeed if you head into the shops yourself, come back to a warm car.

This made the Heated Screen automatic, with no button. So solved that problem.

Also have to say this 2.0 TDi comes with Aux Heater, as I think most do after 2010 ish. Meaning within seconds heat is blasting out of the vents, it's way, way faster than the 3.2 at putting out heat from the vents.

So bring on winter  :y

I've got discount codes again, I can source you SkyQ for 12 months with:

Full Sky Cinema (Sky Movies) - All channels and on-demand
All Sky Sports channels
Full Entertainment back with Box Sets and so on.

Normally 80/m - But can get it for 35/m fixed for 12 months.

New customers only.

If you are a customer already I can get you 50% off Cinema & Sports for 12 months. Works out at 18/m - They must be taken together.

Drop me a PM with an email address if interested  :y

General Discussion Area / Question for the builders...
« on: 09 October 2016, 18:10:06 »
Do you need planning permission for an extended fence, same height as current one (6ft) if:

1) It marks no boundary to a property, other than mine. Side this fence is, it's only to a road, no other house.
2) It's only boundary is to a private road, not council funded (and there for not a highway?  :-\)
    - Council has not adapoted the road, with no plans for it either. (no street lighting etc)
3) The fence is within my land as indicated on council sourced mapping and maps provided with deeds of the property.
4) It has no impact of light/sight or any other kind of impact to any other house in the close.
5) Agreed with Management Company of the Private estate.

I'm not sure, as here:

It suggests it's only needed if it's next to a 'highway' - As it's private land and private road, I'm not sure if that counts?  :-\ :-\

- Stand by for posts on how to build a fence  :D  ;D

General Discussion Area / Best ever dispatch email?
« on: 29 September 2016, 16:20:48 »
Ordered something from an indie automotive company today, already on it's way, this was the dispatch email:

Hi tunnie,

Your product has been gently taken from our shelves with soft cotton gloves and placed on a cushion for its journey to the packing area.

A team of 4 packers thoroughly inspected your item and polished it to ensure it is in the best possible condition before beginning the packing process.

Our packing specialist from Sweden lit a scented candle and demanded silence from everyone in the office. A perfect ambiance is required to allow him to achieve packaging perfection.

Once completed, we all had a wonderful celebration and the team marched to the delivery company, waving and spreading good cheer as we journeyed through Swansea. Everyone applauded, shouted Bon Voyage! and hugged one another as the van left.

Your parcel is being cared for by DPD Carrier Service. It should be with you within 1 working day.

 ;D ;D ;D ;D

General Car Chat / First service work on the VW
« on: 26 September 2016, 15:00:49 »
To say I was sh*tting myself was an understatement,  with the Omega's they are worth sod all and I was so used to them. So when working on the new car, I was very nervous. But it needed a service, as book says it was done about every 17k.

Also most modern cars look a bit of a nightmare to work on, one thing I liked about the VW is everything appeared easy access, at least for basic service work. I've previously unclipped the washer jets, from the bonnet to check and clean them as one had weak flow. Nice and easy, all unclipped very simply, for straight forward removal.

Got bits from ECP, air filter, pollen filter, oil filter and 5L of 5w30 Fully Synth for 49, went middle of the road "MANN Filters"

Bonnet lifted and feeling nervous...

Decided to start with nice easy air filter, about 8 torx screws, simply unscrew and whole airbox lifts up.

Old one did need replacing...

Now the pattern part debate!  :D - When I lived at home, with Vx just around the corner and Trade Club, it was a no-brainer. Now I've got my own place in Surrey, with ECP just down end of my road, so easy to get bits.

Here is the genuine filter, next to the pattern one. I can see no difference apart from an extra run of glue, I've previously serviced Omega's were the old filter was hugely different to the genuine, with much shorter elements. But this one is identical.

Next up the oil filter, I pulled off engine cover, initially it looked a nightmare....

But quickly discovered if I removed this...

Access was easy...

Next up was the pollen filter, these easily unscrew from underneath the glove box, to remove this foam.

Which allowed the cover to the filter to simply unclip...

Filter easily replaced, all in sub 5 minute job.

Being a diesel, the oil went black straight away  ;D

I forgot to take photos of the oil extraction process, only mistake I made was not getting the oil hot enough. I warmed it from cold, the temp gauge did rise. But next time I'll take it for a drive to get to full temp, then let it cool a bit so the oil is much thinner.

So compared to the Omega? Well it's about the same really, nothing hugely difficult at-all. I need to perfect the oil extraction method, but once that's done, should be nice and easy to do quicker oil changes.

General Discussion Area / Free Electric Rads x2
« on: 26 September 2016, 10:27:58 »
Taking up space in the garage, two electric rads, wall mounted so need a plug.

Not sure if they are 1200w or 1500w, both fully working when removed.

Free to a good home before I send them down the tip  :y

Located in Camberley, Surrey  :)

General Car Chat / Brembo Brake pads at ECP
« on: 26 September 2016, 09:51:35 »
Noticed recently EuroCarParts stocking "Brembo" brake pads, only a couple of quid more than Pagid and similar in price to Bosch.

Anyone tried them?

General Car Chat / VCDS - VAG Software
« on: 23 September 2016, 16:15:56 »
As VW forums are generally rubbish, I'm posting here for some advice on this software.

As my VW is 'modern' it has things like an electric handbrake, which I do actually really like using day to day. But as with all modern cars, this adds complexity. As such to change the rear pads, you must tell the car to wind the pistons back to change the rear pads. Like it or lump it most new cars have leccy handbrakes, so no point and laughing at my modern car  ::)   ;D ;D

So I'm looking at this VCDS software:

Which appears to be the "go to" software for VW/Audi etc, it's home brew of Tech2 basically, giving full access to do stuff.

Do I understand this correctly, for those who may know this software, that the install itself to Windows is free, it's the "genuine" cables which only speak to later cars?

Research suggests VCDS + cheap eBay adaptors work on old cars, but for modern ones I need a "chipped" cable, so it can talk fully to my 2013 VW?

Looks like powerful software, as I need to use it for things like fuel filter changes as well, to prime it after a change to remove air. It's an expensive investment as it looks to be around 200 for the cable, but so far I'm really liking VW and when the 3.2 goes, I will strongly consider a Passat Estate or the People carrier thing. So a good investment for the future.

General Car Chat / VAG 2.0 Diesel - How much oil?
« on: 21 September 2016, 09:10:39 »
When changing the oil on a VAG 2.0 TDi, how much oil should I expect to put back in? Yes the book can tell me on paper how much the engine holds, but this tends to differ from what comes out on an oil change.

I've bought a 5L bottle of 5w30, just wanted to check this would be enough.  :-\

General Discussion Area / Calling our resident Gatwick expert....
« on: 15 September 2016, 19:54:19 »
What's the best car park to use, if parking there for a week.

The airport itself or off site? I've used Purple Parking before, but it's been a few years.

General Car Chat / Jack Pad Adaptors
« on: 12 September 2016, 12:14:39 »
On the VW and many new cars I noticed, there is no huge nice big area to jack the car up, unlike the Omega. They all have the rail, which the normal scissor jack slots into, not good for DIY jobs.

So after research found these:

You remove a gromit underneath the car, you assemble the two parts and essentially press them into the chassis. It's a one time fit, that then provides an easy place to jack the car.

YouTube: [Keep watching till at least 2 mins, shows them being fitted]

Further research has mixed views, some say all great, others say the car should not be lifted on a single side, that these should only be used on 4 post lifts.


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