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General Car Chat / Re: Prins LPG system...
« on: 29 October 2010, 16:36:43 »
My 2.5 V6 has a Prinz system and I can't fault it.  It's my first LPG car and I bought it already fitted.  It was fitted at around 50000 and I bought it 4 years ago at around 140000 and its about to tip 200000. 

 I had it serviced by the local Prinz dealer a year or so ago, but have had no trouble with it.  I've disconnected it a couple of times to do the cam cover gaskets and the thermostat and it seems to take a few start ups after to work normally again but then no trouble.

In short highly recommended!! :y

General Car Chat / Re: BBA -reman
« on: 09 May 2010, 21:32:42 »
Enlightenment is a wonderful thing (sarcasm)  :D :D :D

Anyway, BBA did the trick for me and I'd certainly recommend them :y :y :y

Incidently, that was how I came across OOF as my local garage were clueless about the TC/ABS/Speedo problem, so lots of googling Omega electrical problems later and here I was!!  8-) 8-) 8-)

General Car Chat / Re: BBA -reman
« on: 09 May 2010, 21:18:46 »
The presence of an empty space with several disconnected brake pipes suggested to me that it would be off the road............. Was I wrong?? :o :o :o

General Car Chat / Re: BBA -reman
« on: 09 May 2010, 20:42:10 »
I sent mine to BBA a couple of years ago, and they did a quick turn around and it solved the problem!! :y

The only problem is that it takes the car off the road for a while............

General Car Chat / Re: LPG conversion.
« on: 05 May 2010, 23:35:27 »
I saw a Prins system on Fleabay the other day for £200!  Which if its in good working order would seem to be a bargain to me, as I believe that Prins are expensive systems.

Trouble is you'd have to take the sellers word that it was OK and be prepared to do alot of tinkering to get it going.... ::)

General Car Chat / Re: Insurance renewal time
« on: 26 April 2010, 00:07:05 »

General Car Chat / Re: Best Breakdown cover?
« on: 19 April 2010, 21:18:05 »
Just found another cheapie at:-

How bad could it be................ ::) ::) ::)

General Car Chat / Re: Best Breakdown cover?
« on: 19 April 2010, 20:10:01 »
These are interesting, found them on

The service is probably reflected in the price, but I'm abit price sensitive these days!!  ;D ;D ;D

General Car Chat / Re: Best Breakdown cover?
« on: 19 April 2010, 18:52:26 »
Yes, thats interesting Tunnie, how'd you do that? Do you have a Deutchland address Mine Herr?? ;D ;D ;D

General Car Chat / Best Breakdown cover?
« on: 19 April 2010, 13:25:21 »
Hi All,

I'm considering getting breakdown cover and have had a quote from Greenflag for £75 for Recovery, and The AA is £69 for Relay....

I'm leaning toward Greenflag as they use local garages and refuse to use the RAC as they were rubbish when I was a member a few years ago...

I was just wondering what other peoples experiences are and if anyone has any advice?

Cheers  :y :y :y

Hey Coastie,

Do they still do the Caribbean night on the last night of the Sidmouth Folk Festival??

That used to be a great night!!! Aaah the memories of yooof!! ;D ;D ;D

Count me in!! :) :) :)

General Discussion Area / Re: sad day
« on: 23 September 2011, 00:46:29 »
Cancer is a curse that affects us all in some way.  Cam your friend is now in peace, be strong and remember the good times.  ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: Snow next month
« on: 22 September 2011, 00:46:38 »
Funny that! I was just thinking about getting some snow chains from ebay today......  ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: Finally famous
« on: 22 September 2011, 00:28:18 »
Nice looking chick Richie! Is that your daughter?  :)

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