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Omega General Help / Re: Sunroof problem
« on: 16 November 2020, 15:59:17 »
Doing the "reset" thing with the rotary switch (in the various positions) usually gets it going and once operational a spot of white grease on the mechanical parts will keep it healthy.

It's a bit like the aircon. You need to use it regularly to keep it functioning.

General Car Chat / Re: Engine crane bought
« on: 14 November 2020, 18:50:13 »
Best investment I ever made. Mines a Machine Mart effort bought many years ago using a VAT free voucher.

I have used it to remove various Mini, Metro and Maestro engines over the years and also gear boxes.

It also makes lifting engines into and out of the back of delivery vehicles a breeze.

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 14 November 2020, 18:42:01 »
Repaired damage to the near side front bumper upper mount.

Damage caused to the car when it fell into a very large pothole.  :(

General Discussion Area / Re: Corona virus Europe
« on: 16 March 2020, 17:45:39 »
Boris been on the radio. It looks like there are going to be a round of "social isolation". No more going to the pub and I guess my local beer festival will be cancelled!!!!!!

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 16 March 2020, 17:41:31 »
Gave my new toy (a 1990 Rover 216Gsi) a good clean inside and out.

General Car Chat / Re: Droplinks. What a silly design.
« on: 02 February 2020, 17:28:38 »
Love the photo! Sums up owning an older car perfectly.

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Re: electrical problem
« on: 02 February 2020, 17:23:01 »
That's a great result and well spotted.

Chasing electrical faults can be a minefield but it always pays to check the basics first and so satisfying when you can identify a simple and obvious defect. Well done.

Ooo Terry. That looks nasty.

I know that I only have to look at a car and I get bruises and (my favourite) a gash to the head!!

General Car Chat / Re: Waxoyl underseal
« on: 20 January 2020, 17:32:23 »
Took a punt on a 5Litre tin of black Waxoyl.

Arrived today. Packaging was minimal but all ok.

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 17 January 2020, 20:14:41 »
Got my 20 year old Renault clit 1.2 thru it's annual MOT.

Passed with no advisories. Well chuffed.

General Car Chat / Re: Another year.....
« on: 08 December 2019, 18:56:58 »
Well done and no pesky advisories. Brill

Omega General Help / Re: brake pad sensor
« on: 08 December 2019, 18:46:28 »
On my pre-facelift 2.5 litre I have a front wear sensor on each caliper. (attached to one of the pads)

I think I remember that that this was changed to just one on the face-lift models?

I am sure someone can confirm this.

You can "fool" the pad warning system by bridging the terminals on the connector under the wheel arch. Useful if you damage the sensor on the pad during the pad change and you don't have a preplacement sensor handy.

Omega General Help / Re: New long term Mig
« on: 12 November 2019, 19:12:37 »
Hi Graham.

Enjoy driving it. I have two pre-facelift 2.5 Elites and both are still going. I have done all the mechanics and welding myself over the years.

Removing the sill covers is a definite as well as a careful examination of the front chassis legs as suggested. Also take out the spare wheel and have a look at the bottom of the wheel well for rust.

I would take the car to a "friendly" garage and ask them to get it up on a car lift so that you can have a good look underneath.

Checking out the exhaust system from catalysts to the back.


General Car Chat / Re: Another year's ticket on the ex plod
« on: 05 October 2019, 10:54:16 »
Well done. Another Omega back on the road.

Reminds me that I must get one of my Omegas ready for it's forthcoming MOT.

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 16 September 2019, 20:33:31 »
Finally plucked up courage and looked at the small patch of rust in the bottom of the spare wheel well (Omega saloon).

A power file doesn't half eats the corrosion away. A small rust spot has now resulted in a 10cm X 10cm square hole.

Will pluck up courage and get the MIG welder out soon.

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