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I couldn't see any cracks, so hopefully OK. Thanks for telling me, will keep an eye on the manifold, where is the main problem area for them?

Well after ages, trying to undo the bolts using heat, they didn't undo they snapped, so took the manifold off. Drilled out old studs left. Just got to put it all back together, then hopefully it will go through emissions. Put two new back metal brake pipes on as the tester tried to clean them, but said they need changing. Then hopefully will have a years mot on it.

Thank you for all the suggestions, and offers of help. It is much appreciated.

Found my set of sockets that bite into the nut or bolt if rounded, but will also look for the "flat" drive type six sided socket set. Always handy to have in tool chest.

It is, we are between Junction 60 and junction 61. Thank you for the offer it is a very nice gesture. If you are Ok with it can I call on your help if I cannot undo them?. The extensions should be here tomorrow.

Thank you so much once again for the offer.

Got the wobble bar set ordered, just waiting for them.  They are bolts that have 6 sided heads, that thread into the manifold. I think they are original, most parts on the car are. Once I have got the bolts out, will stick a nut and bolt setup on instead.

Thanks everyone for the advice. Glad to know that I'm not the only one who has had problems with this bolt  :y


Yep tried all sorts of extension, flexible joint setups. I just cannot seem to get a socket straight onto the head of the bolt. I did undo manifold for headgasket. Didn't really want to disturb manifold and secondary air pipework, knowing my luck it would start to leak. Thinking now, my give the MOT garage the head ache of removing it.  ;D  Whoever designed it that way, obviously wasn't thinking about removing it, just like other parts on these.

Given up for today. To cold to be lying under a car. LOL

Thanks for the suggestion.

Omega General Help / Help needed how to undo manifold to downpipe.
« on: 29 October 2019, 13:13:43 »
Car is 1995 2lt X20XEV engine Omega. Does anyone know how to take the bolt from the manifold, that is by the bend where the two pipes cross each other on the down pipe? Cann't get from the top because of Pipe work from Manifold, cann't seem to get a socket from underneath because of the angle. Driving me mad, one bolt has snapped, the one nearest engine, threads have stripped so is spinning, so far only one has come out complete, spent two hours on this one bolt so far. Catalyst has to come off as it needs replacing for MOT.

Thanks in advance for any help. It is driving me mad, crazy place to put a bolt.


You do indeed remember correct about code reader  ;D

The last reading got for the O2 Sensor, it was dropping into open loop every now and then. Probably did it just as high idle, was being done knowing my luck.

Thanks Dave the Builder.

Yes it did have the Headgasket go. The number for the part you gave is different to the one given to me, by Vauxhall dealership 90411977. I have been looking for their number, but if genuine is not needed that is great.

Got a new Catalyst coming this week, as I ordered a full exhaust because the one on car, was rotten.

Car is off road now, as the MOT said two tyres are below minimum, so cannot be driven until changed. Can only get live data on the drive.

The thanks is for all the help. Even if it doesn't go through, all the suggestions have given me somewhere to start.

Got intouch with Genuine parts. They said the sensor was a genuine one, so ordered one. Just had a email to tell me that they don't have it in stock as it is no longer available, but they can supply a aftermarket one.

Rang Genuine parts, to check if genuine or OEM. They said it is genuine Vauxhall Sensor, so purchased one. Cost 15.87 including postage.

Thanks for thelp. Much apprecited.

Rang Vauxhall dealer who said the Temp sender for the ECU, Part NO. 90411977 is no longer available. just to find out how much it would cost, incase it is the problem :'( 

The one on the engine is blue, and I understand that there is also a black one.

So will have to look else where. Will it be a Bosch or Siemens make? If unable to find one in which ever it is, what make would be the next best?

sorry it failed CO emissions of .530 on both Fast idle tests.

I would have thought it would of been the other way, fail on normal idle test and pass on fast idle, as the engine is working faster so burning fuel quicker at higher revs, or am I thinking wrong?

I changed spark plugs and airfilter before going.  The old spark plugs looked OK, no contaminates normal colour.  According to charts online the plugs are fine and engine in good condition.

Got the results in front of me. It failed on First and the second high idle test, but not idle.

Natural idle
CO .376  PASS

First fast idle
CO .530

Second fast idle
CO .530 FAIL

I thought the LAMBDA reading was supposed to be 1?  Do these readings point towards bad O2 sensor and/or Cat? I notice on live data, before it went for test, that the Sensor would go to Open Loop every now and then, at idle even with engine warm. Have cleaned the MAF with the proper cleaner.

Took the wifes car for MOT today, the CO emissions are just slightly higher than the recommended MOT one.  What could be causing it?

The tester said the Lambda is in range.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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