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Test Zone / Test post
« on: 24 July 2018, 17:34:01 »

General Discussion Area / The British Public
« on: 14 July 2018, 10:14:37 »
I see there are no end of protests in Jockular land about Trump paying a private visit to one of his businesses for a quick break.

I also see that the Sir David Attenborough is hopefully being launched today, a boat made famous by the Boaty McBoatface voting saga.

I think we have to accept that the British public are incredibly thick and stupid, and getting orders of magnitude worse with each generation.

General Discussion Area / Happy Birthday OOF
« on: 08 July 2018, 09:45:14 »
12 today :o

General Car Chat / Must be the heat...
« on: 01 July 2018, 11:04:44 »
What kind of twonk would order a mirror glass for a Zafira-B when he owns a Zafira-A


General Discussion Area / Hot in TB Towers
« on: 27 June 2018, 18:19:51 »
Apologies for the intermittent nature of the site, particularly Monday PM.  The temps in TB Towers exceeded 46C, which is the critical ambient temp the physical server just shuts down.

The virtual servers should have then automatically boot up on another hypervisor, but for an unknown reason didn't this time  :-\

I was in the land of the webbed feet, and under the influence of applejuice, so took a while to reliably get everything running on an alternative physical server.

General Car Chat / I suppose that was inevitable
« on: 08 June 2018, 17:39:14 »
*Sigh*, more work...

General Discussion Area / Flexible Filament
« on: 25 May 2018, 18:31:19 »
I realise I'm quite a bit behind here, but I've just discovered flexible filament this week.  I'm fascinated and impressed by it.

I'm just randomly printing any old stuff with it, shame its double the cost of traditional filaments ;D

General Car Chat / A year with the big black pussy
« on: 22 May 2018, 17:57:49 »
Well, well over 13 months now.

It remains a comfortable mile cruncher, with a decent turn of speed.

I'd say on average, I get low 30s mpg. I've had the occasional high 30s from a tank, and the occasional high 20s as well.

Failures have included:
Both front CDL motors
Front lower front wishbone arm bushes, replaced with polys
A single bonnet strut
A touchscreen display (might have been my fault ;D)
A failed NSR wheel bearing...   ...twice
A failed headlight washer extender thing (probably the shit ECP screenwash that froze)

In addition, its had:
2 oil changes
Air filter change
Pollen filter change
2 front tyres
2 headlight bulbs
New number plate fixing tape ;D

I really love the seat coolers, the heated wheel, the rear blind, the sunroof, the memory seats both sides, the crappy massager (for my poor back), adaptive headlights and cornering leds, the phone and ipod integration, and the fact the DAB holds onto a signal bloody well. It seems I'm lucky in that the Jag Voice works perfectly for me in default (untrained) mode, because that is a joy to use.

The annoyances include the fact the interior mirror isn't on memory, the clock wont set itself, the touchscreen is shite. Its also a bit long/wide for city centre stuff, particularly city centre carparks.

Running costs most definitely higher than an LPG'd Omega, probably on par with a non LPG'd V6

General Discussion Area / The Midas touch. Again.
« on: 22 April 2018, 17:04:13 »
That's it. I'm not touching anything else this weekend. Every single "quick thing" I've done has either turned into an ordeal, or resulted in me having to order more bits...

...except topping up the Jag's screenwash, as I can't seem to get new bonnet struts from anywhere, so guess I'll be onto the dealer tomorrow...  ...after I've ripped ECP/CP4L a new arsehole  >:(

On the upside, the amount of shit I've ordered this weekend, at least I'll have the excitement and anticipation of Mr Postie knocking at the door ;D

Oh, does anyone know where I can get an M5 reverse thread flange nut?

General Car Chat / Breaking down in France
« on: 16 April 2018, 18:21:16 »
Andy H's breakdown on the M25 has reminded me of when I broke down in France in 2005.

We'd (Me, Mrs TB, our holiday buddies and 11yr old daughter, his bro and wife and little one, and a random child we'd borrowed) had enjoyed a fabulous, if somewhat bizarre/hectic/surreal/weird holiday in the south of France, and were now driving home in convoy.

Unusually, I was lead car (having the quickest car usually made me tail gunner, as easier to play catch up) with my beloved Silver Bullet.  I'd had a oil level warning around Montelimar, and had stopped and topped it up. As we approached Dijon, on the autoroutes, all of a sudden every warning light came on, including an Automatic Gearbox fault on the MID, and all power was lost. Being desperately near a services, and having been doing xxx KPH, I shoved it in N, and coasted all the way to the slip road, and nearly up the hill. Naughtily, we towed it to the services carpark, and unsurprisingly, it didn't start.  I wasn't entirely sure what the fault was.  It was getting towards 6ish by this time, and the kids were hungry, so we had a bite (spaghetti - strange I remember that). We walked back to the car, and it started.

Deciding I should be lead car still, in case it happens again, off we set, but after about 5 mins, it all cut out again, but managed to restart almost immediately, so off we went again, only for it to die again. Managed to coast into a small emergency area....   ....though 3 cars in it were a bit of a squeeze ;D

Called the breakdown insurance, but due to being on a motorway, they said I had to call the local Gendarmerie to be towed off, which I did fro the roadside phone.  Now whilst I can order a loaf of bread and 2 coffee's, my CSE French lessons did nt extend beyond the intricacies of mon Voiture kaput Monsieur, but we muddled through, and a transit turned up. It wouldn't start for him either, so he called a tow truck, told the rest of our party they were not allowed to wait, and buggered off.  I sent the rest of our party off towards our prebooked hotel in Troyes, saying I would keep in touch.

Proper dark by the time the tow truck turns up. He spoke less English than I can speak Mongolian, but I think he was trying to tell me the cats were shot.  Anyway, get car up on truck, and we jump in the cab with the driver, and he starts driving us into the middle of nowhere. And its now proper, proper dark o'clock. After way seems like hours, we end up at a garage in a village called Sacquenay.  So I call the breakdown people, as the guy wants his 144 tow fee. Breakdown people speak to driver, and arrange all the payments, and the lady speaks to me again, saying to go with driver as he knows of a git to rent in the village, and that she'd called ahead (as it was getting proper late now).

The git owners spoke as much English as the truck driver, but did their best to take us to our git, and explain how stuff worked.

Mrs TB was getting read for bed when the breakdown people texted me with some questions, so I called the lady back up, but I had to go outside to get a cellular signal usable enough.  I remember it was absolutely pitch black except when a security light popped on if I moved...  ...which I didn't as I was trying to maintain a poor signal. I was also mostly undressed as well ;D. I thought I felt something on my (bare) foot, and flinched, which caused the security light to come on, allowing me to glimpse what must have been a snake.

I also called the rest of our convoy, only to find they'd had to pay a taxi driver to help them find the Formula 1 hotel (a particularly cheap chain in Europe, think along the lines of 15 per room, and they are receptionless - credit card in the door to get in, only if you've booked), and then because I'd booked 2 of the 3 rooms, and I had my credit card with me, all 7 were in a room together ;D. And my lovely git must be far more luxurious ;D

Walked back in git, wedged a towel at the bottom of the door, went to sleep, not mentioning the snake to Mrs TB in the morning, as she would have freaked.

The next morning, after a continental breakkie at the owners house, we were told to get any necessities from the car, as we were getting a taxi to Dijon to pick up a hire car. The taxi was due at 2pm, but turned up after 3pm. Took an hour to get to the hire car place, and a bit of faff sorting out hire car - and even longer for them to come back out and accept there was a massive dent/scrape down one side. They then marked on the paperwork that every panel was damaged...  ...something that would work into our favour later.

So get out of Dijon, on the motorway, and thrashing the nads of this 1.7cdti Opel Astra-H. Mrs TB called our holiday buddies, now back home, to see what the last crossing time was for the Seacat.  At this point we were well over 200kph, basically flat out, as fast as this thing would go, when all of a sudden we hit a crow/raven.  Fortunately the windscreen, whilst cracked everywhere, held together, and our buddy on the other end of the phone asked WTF was that ;D.  Mrs TB wasn't in a great frame of mind at this point.  We kept going like that for another hour or so, but decided it was unlikely we'd get the ferry, and we hadn't eaten or drunk since breakfast, so stopped at a services for a meal, and inspected the damage to the carr - entrails everywhere, grill smashed, bonnet badly creased, screen damaged, roof dented where it meets screen.  After the break, we then carried on at a far more sensible pace to Calais...   ...only to see on arrival the Seacat just leaving  >:(

Managed to find a hotel after several attempts, and boarded as a foot passenger in the morning, and picked up another hire car in Dover.

The Silver Bullet arrived back about 10 days later, with a very flat battery that would never recover, and MDTM (on an earlier forum) suggested crank sensor, which cured it :y

I cannot fault EuroAssist and my handler there.

General Discussion Area / Well, do I win a prize?
« on: 10 April 2018, 21:01:41 »
A prize for being prize prat ;D

As many know, I'm into radio controlled models, and for the last couple of years, that's been quadcopters (drones, for the uninformed).

Well, I built up a new little racer 2 or 3 weeks ago, despite having the bits, bar the FPV camera, since last spring/summer time, but have been really fighting to get the telemetry to work.  I check, double checked, and triple checked all the wiring, the flight controller settings and the transmitter settings.  And then checked them again, and again, as the damn thing wasn't giving any telemetry data back from the flight controller, just from the receiver itself (which is pretty much naff all).

So, imagine the lightbulb moment, when it dawned on my that because I mounted the receiver upside down, I'd done the schoolboy error of connecting the wrong pin.

Quick bit of resoldering to the right pin, and issue resolved. What a first class pillock  :-[

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