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General Car Chat / About as much use...
« on: 31 May 2015, 10:08:19 »
Whilst tidying up, I found 3 OOF tax disc holders that I'd bought ages ago. Doh!

They are now as much use as a used johnny smeared in dogshit.

Oh well, it helped OOF's coffers :y

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Wtd: NCDC UK map disk
« on: 31 May 2015, 09:13:55 »
Need a genuine UK map disk for NCDC/NCDR.

General Car Chat / Bless her little cotton socks
« on: 26 May 2015, 16:20:32 »
She's been painting the numbers on my new tool trays from my 200pc halfords set

General Car Chat / So close...
« on: 23 May 2015, 20:53:37 »
...but no cigar.

Nearly got a ton out of the bus. I tried my best, but its a heap ;D

General Discussion Area / Yesterday's poor performance
« on: 15 May 2015, 20:12:29 »
Apologies for the poor performance of OOF yesterday, caused by the length of time the Windows updates this month took, giving rise to a contention issue as multiple servers were fighting for disk access.

Virtual leg slap given to TB for only allowing 1hr for each server to apply its updates and reboot.

General Car Chat / Left hand, right hand.
« on: 15 May 2015, 19:35:41 »
Here in deepest Northamptonshire, we have 2 main roads around Brackley - the A43 dual carriageway linking the M1 and M40, and the A422 linking Buckingham to Banbury.

For a couple of weeks, there had been signs about the A422 being closed last weekend, and the diversion was via the A43.

So what did the Highways agency do last weekend? Yup, closed the A43, and put up a diversion via the A422.

Surely, and please accept that I am the stupid kid from the local comprehensive, the highways and councils talk to each other? And even more surely, when McPaddy was putting out the diversion signs pointing traffic towards a set of cones blocking a road, he would raise this up as a potential problem...

...or is common sense now yesterday's big idea?

I needed a set of droplinks for TBE, so opted for a set of Meyle HD from All German Parts (remember, if you call them, OOFers get a discount :D), which arrived the next day.

So jack up the car, have a bit of an issue getting the one ones off, offer up the new ones, bugger, AGP had sent wrong ones. Frustrating, especially when I can't put one of the old ones back on, but I accept mistakes happen. So a quick email to AGP describing what has happened, and what day I can be in for a courier.  The correct droplinks arrived as promised, and job jobbed.

Any company can make a mistake, but its how well their customer services can resolve problems that makes a company stand out.

General Discussion Area / Newent 2015
« on: 30 March 2015, 17:50:24 »
As we're nearly in April, Newent needs sorting out.  Traditionally, we go in the weekend between the August Bank Holiday and the Onion Fayre (although that's later this year), which this year would put us Fri 4th and Sat 5th.

It takes a fair bit of organising, and frankly, if there isn't sufficient interest, I won't bother.  Numbers have been dropping over the past few years, for reasons of a dislike of camping/caravanning, age, cost or simply CBA.

So, if you're genuinely interested in coming, please vote. If not, don't vote. If you are only planning on day visiting, or will share a pitch with someone else, don't vote.  This is purely to get an idea on number of pitches required, and to see if its worthwhile. Thanks.

If there is sufficient interest, I'll be looking at taking 50% deposits next month, with full balance by end of July.  Until we know numbers, I cannot negotiate a price, but imagine it will be in the region of 20 per night.

General Car Chat / I saw..
« on: 27 March 2015, 21:13:46 »
...a Chevvy Orlando in Brakkers today.

So either STEMO is stalking me, or there is somebody else as daft as him :P

General Car Chat / I may not be a fan...
« on: 27 March 2015, 20:59:21 »
...of shitbox Zafiras, but the Battlebus has taken us up to the Lakes for the last week, and brought us back safely, without missing a beat, or complaining (too much) about going up and down all the passes. Used over 2 full tanks of diesel, and averaged just under 37mpg.

Needs a wash now.  Though that'll be a job for next year (unless I sell it this year).

General Car Chat / Mrs TB's tagline of the day
« on: 21 March 2015, 19:43:39 »
After seeing another stupid MAMIL riding at dusk in dark clothing and no lights

If you have no light, you have no right to grumble when a car kills you.

Heartless bitch  ;D

General Discussion Area / Another outage, Thurs am
« on: 18 March 2015, 22:29:42 »
Secondary database server has died. To bring this back up, the primary database server needs to come down for an hour or so in the morning.

General Discussion Area / Country Bumpkin
« on: 16 March 2015, 17:09:09 »
Last week, I was sat bored senseless in traffic trying to get into Croydon at rush hour. So I rang Mrs TB, and amongst other things, said I couldn't live there as the traffic would do my nut.

The cheeky mare said I'd turned into a Country Bumpkin :o.

Me, the confirmed townie from Aylesbury, a Country Bumpkin?

After the call ended, and whilst rebuilding some PoS redirector server, I pondered on her words. And decided, after living 14yrs on Mount Brackley, part of a small, quiet market town on the Bucks, Oxon and Northants border, she was right  :-[

General Discussion Area / Yet another outage
« on: 09 March 2015, 19:17:00 »
Some extra memory that I've been waiting ages for (too tight to buy direct from HP ;D) has at last arrived, so will need an outage to fit it at some point over the next few days.

Obviously, it needs a full power down, so the outage is in the order of a couple of hours. 3 if I decide to blow the dust out of the bloody thing as well ;D

A big landslide at Leamington a few weeks back. Every time I've used it for the past few weeks, I've got a seat, and it's been mostly on time.

Downside is that every mongrel queues up at ticket desk asking stupid questions about buses etc, so I miss the fast train, and am now desperately late :(

Chiltern have the most unreliable ticket machines so I was forced to queue for about 20 mins to get ticket

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