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General Discussion Area / Outage, now
« on: 29 May 2017, 12:04:13 »
Stupid, poxy, wanky Netgear crap :@

Need a complete outage immediately for about 60-90 mins to reboot the switch :@

General Discussion Area / The heat
« on: 25 May 2017, 18:59:26 »
Of one of the servers.

It got a bit close for comfort to its thermal threshold today.  Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter.

Test Zone / test
« on: 09 May 2017, 18:57:17 »
testing 123

General Car Chat / A month with the big black pussy
« on: 06 May 2017, 19:16:46 »
Had it over a month, though obviously couldn't drive for part of that due to being unable to walk, let alone drive.

What I like:
Brilliant, effortless, superb mile cruncher
Heated/Cooled seats
Dual View screen (so she can watch TV or DVD, I see Nav/radio etc screen)
In car entertainment, both sound quality and connectivity options
Rear blind
Blind spot monitor
Jag Voice (it actually works)
Phone integration
Adjustable bolsters in front seats
Memories for passenger seat
Nav junction map comes up on dash, replacing fuel/temp gauges
Wiper sensitivity adjustable
Music streaming from phone via BT
Gracenote database (but doesn't look like its updatable)
Keyless entry/exit/start

What I dislike:
Poor visibility/high window line
Rear styling
Mediocre boot space
Its too long for small parking spaces!
Can't hear incoming text messages on paired phone
Doesn't remember seat heat/cool settings
Central rear view mirror not on the seat memory system
Nav junction map on dash doesn't show distance to manoeuvre, so still have to glance at central nav screen to check distance
10s to fully disable TC.  The moment has usually passed by then, so no more BP antics
Can't wake up gayPod when its gone into standby, so have to rummage for iPod and wake it manually
Rear seats can't fold down for through loads
I really miss the little cubby hole under light switch in Omega

What I think is gimmicky
Quad zone climate control. Why?
Proximity switches for glovebox and internal lights

I reckon it'll be staying, I quite like it :)

General Car Chat / Why tracking is a waste of time on an Omega
« on: 22 April 2017, 12:14:48 »
"4 wheel laser aligned" 6 months ago, following TRE change

Tread depth is 4.5mm all over, just shoulder wear.

General Discussion Area / Pussies
« on: 20 April 2017, 17:28:45 »
Or even a pussy in a pussy.

Sorry to disappoint Opti and Jimbob, who'll be like safari park chimps reading the title.

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Breaking 1998 MFL MV6 Z147
« on: 14 April 2017, 10:31:18 »
All parts available. Any parts that prevent the car from being driven, or make it look excessively untidy/unsafe (shared driveway, young children next door) may not be available for a few days.

Looking to have car collected by scrappy in just over a week  :'(

Doors 30 each, collection only.
From a FL, but in Z147 (more common Star Silver for non FL cars), with FL strips, including all door electrics and Bose speaker.  OSR unavailable due to a big dent ;D

MV6 Sports leather 75, collection only.
MFL black leather with working heaters all round, including loom/relay/switches for rear seats. Drivers seat has the usual wear on the side bolster through repeated getting in and out.

'Hard touch' switch set, 12 posted
MFL cars had the 'soft touch' coatings that weren't that durable.  I managed to upgrade mine to the 'hard touch' used on PFL, which don't wear, including the hard to source TC (as virtually all PFL had TC button to left of radio), not in the line above.  This is for the complete set except sunblind (which will be sold with blind) running across top of radio. The ECO backlight is intermittent, so probably best to just swap the top over with your existing soft touch one.

Rear sunblind and parcel shelf, 30 collection only
Dark grey (charcoal?), with Bose speaker grills

Climate panel, 20 posted
From experience, I won't guarantee the backlight bulbs - they have a habit of blowing after being in use for some time, then being chucked around by Mr Postie.  I'd always recommend replacing all 5 bulbs before refitment anyway.

General Discussion Area / Thats embarrassing...
« on: 12 April 2017, 17:22:31 »
Here I am, laying in bath, she's brought me up my cuppa and a Cadbury Mini Roll.

Just dropped a large chunk of mini roll in the bath. Looks like I've shat myself.


General Car Chat / Whats worth stripping...
« on: 06 April 2017, 18:39:37 »
3.0l auto MV6 LT MFL, before it goes to AndyB's workplace for containers?

I want the HID bulbs and headlight adjusters for TBE, gixer might want front end LPG kit, and I guess the CID and telematics have some value.  I might swap over tyres if worthwhile, need to measure them.

General Discussion Area / Have I ever mentioned?
« on: 02 April 2017, 14:26:11 »
Universally, all Netgear stuff is utter shite.  Useless, utter oppsing shite.

Expect a huge outage in next few days as I have to power down everything to reboot 2 of the switches I have here  >:(

Did I mention I oppsing hate Netgear.

I suppose tomorrow, when I call them about this reoccurring issue (across 4 of the tinkers I know of, 2 here, 2 at bro's (which he's educated, and used as hardcore for his building work), I suspect it'll be the usual same crap - reset to factory defaults and upgrade firmware  >:(

Not sure if I mentioned, I oppsing hate Netgear.

As regulars will know, the Battlebus has been somewhat challenged when it comes to power.  Well, with the help of that DTM fella, we had a little fettle with it on Tuesday evening, and think we've found the fault, or at least a big part of it - the intake manifold, like the 2.2DTi Omega, benefits from a bit of a clean occasionally.

MDTM, I believe, did take a couple of pics, so I'll see if he fancies posting them up.

Unfortunately, it wasn't playing ball on rebleeding afterwards, so had to leave it at a certain railway place, and get Mrs TB to come and get me.

Unfortunately, Mrs TB got about 20 miles, then came to a complete standstill, as the M1 was closed, and when she got off the motorways, the local roads were all at a standstill. So MDTM gave me a lift south, and Mrs TB creeped north.

MDTM then spend Thurs eve fitting a priming bulb, changing the leak-offs, and getting the car started.

Yesterday, Mrs TB dropped me off at MDTM's work, so he could take me back to Nottingham to collect the bus.

Performance? I need to run Tech2 over it, clearing out and resetting everything, but initial thoughts are its often still sluggish trying to accelerate medium/hard from lowish rpm (but responds much better with very light throttle, making cruising at 50mph much easier, as before I'd have to run through the gears).  However, whereas before it wouldn't rev beyond 3000rpm, it now pulls properly to 4k and beyond.

So, huge, huge thanks to Marks DTM Calib for everything.  Even if I did hear him mutter "I'm starting to bloody hate your car" ;D

General Discussion Area / Taxi firms
« on: 08 March 2017, 17:19:24 »
DTM Taxi Services. Highly recommended.  Matters not that it's unsociable hours, and a miserable, grim, wet, windy night.

Massive thanks to Marks DTM Calib, a bit above and beyond, and massively appreciated :y

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