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General Discussion Area / Re: LGBTQIA+
« on: 30 June 2019, 23:54:25 »
The Sexual Offences Act was made law in July 1967. It decriminalised homosexual acts in private between two men, both of whom had to have attained the age of 21. Although the comments of Roy Jenkins, the Home Secretary at the time, captured the government’s attitude: ‘those who suffer from this disability carry a great weight of shame all their lives.’ Lord Arran, one of the original proposers of the bill, tried to minimise criticisms by making the qualification to what he called an ‘historic’ milestone: ‘I ask those [homosexuals] to show their thanks by comporting themselves quietly and with dignity … any form of ostentatious behaviour now or in the future or any form of public flaunting would be utterly distasteful …’

They didn't keep their part of the deal, did they?


General Discussion Area / Re: LGBTQIA+
« on: 30 June 2019, 20:55:21 »
The trouble is, BG, that these b*ggers want you to join their club and put chocolate on their biscuits!


A nice set of Maserati air horns will sort that, Jason - real granny scarers!


General Discussion Area / Re: LGBTQIA+
« on: 30 June 2019, 19:22:00 »
Has anyone noticed that a disproportionately large amount of media airtime seems to be spent on these minority groups?

A large survey in the UK showed about 92% heterosexual. I suspect in the Western liberal world that would be about right.

Not making a comment about the rights and wrongs or even against articles, just seems to be a lot

One reason Varche is that this week is was the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in New York against American police, who were so bigoted and reflected such a violent approach to the homsexual community, that something had to give. ;)

That is what is happening and I think, why not? :)

Why not, Lizzie? Here's why not: it has little to do with religion and a lot to do with being against nature.
What is nature's prime directive for ALL species? To create more of that species. This is obviously impossible with either two males or two females; hence homosexualuty is against nature. QED!


General Discussion Area / Re: Boris Row
« on: 24 June 2019, 22:07:14 »
I'm not: he is actually a very clever man - despite what Lizzie thinks!


Happy birthday Lizzie - have a good one! :y :-*
Regarding stereotypes, if they weren't strongly founded on truth rhey wouldn't be at all funny and therefore no point.


General Discussion Area / Re: Top Gear
« on: 17 June 2019, 20:50:46 »
I have always believed in “equal but different”, which is where I disagree with many feminists who want total equality – nature hasn’t planned it that way and we should celebrate the differences.
However, it's amazing how many fish need bicycles!  :o


General Discussion Area / Re: Net Zero
« on: 15 June 2019, 13:02:34 »
Rods2, I have been saying much the same for decades, having learned all that at school, but like you, I am amazed how politicians manage to spin their lies and idiots are gullible enough to believe them.
As you say, it is in order to make us compliant and "willing" to pay for our sins in higher taxation.


General Discussion Area / Re: Wheel of misfortune
« on: 14 June 2019, 12:43:53 »
Some time ago when I was foolish enough to go to Kqikshit for a tyre (good price at the time), I had to insist that they did NOT use a winmdy gun to tighten the wheelnuts, but use a torque spanner. Having found one, they were at a loss to know which setting to use; I had to tell them that needed to be 110nm! ::)


General Discussion Area / Re: Net Zero
« on: 14 June 2019, 12:33:32 »

Knocked three noughts off for accuracy  ;D

Hmmm yes.  :-\

It's a bit ambiguous as to what constitutes a trillion.  ::)

A thousand billion, a million billion, or a billion billion.....  :-\

And that's not to mention zillions and gadzillions!  ;D

You were correct in your original poat, your Sirship -  a proper English trillion = 10 exp 18, just as our billion = 10 exp 12 and not as rhe septics would have it.


General Discussion Area / Re: Wheel of misfortune
« on: 13 June 2019, 00:00:12 »
I've never been told by any tyre company to check my wheel nuts after X miles - not even kwikshit, who will deny responsibility for anything. However, there is a tyre-cum-breakers near Wareham (Trents) who display large signs with big red letters advising tyre customers to bring the vehicle back after 50 miles to have the wheelnuts checked. This puts the onus on them and not the customer for the safety of the vehicle - which is exactly where it should lie.


General Discussion Area / Re: What's happened??
« on: 11 June 2019, 21:52:15 »
i doubt whether it has anything to do with the football, Lizzie! But then, I wouldn't want to watch football in any circumstances, even if the women were gorgeous: it's a pathetic game played by overpaid morons!


General Discussion Area / Re: Lyme Regis
« on: 11 June 2019, 13:54:32 »
TD, that second link was supposed to be a StreetView image of the street with the stream; no idea what went wrong!


General Discussion Area / Re: Lyme Regis
« on: 11 June 2019, 08:44:14 »
That must mean that you were giving the suspension a testing? :-X


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