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i think Zirk is having it,  so please lock

well it's done….

my second X type……

despite the nightmares of ownership of my 2.5 4wd x type estate….   i've gone and bought a 2.2 diseasel x type estate …..   full service history, immaculate condition , outside, inside and underneath , drives beautifully ,  and every extra ever invented…. including a damn tv…  (although it's analogue , so no bloody use )

think zirk is having my Mv6…..   

i'll be sad to see the old barge go…. but it is time….   

General Car Chat / Re: can i have an opinion on this ???
« on: 16 August 2015, 17:51:19 »
further investigation has revealed a coolant leak on the sheffield based V6 CDTi ,  so i have walked away…..

seen something else i fancy, much nearer home….   am calling dealer in the morning first thing….  hopefully he'll still have it and take a cheeky offer….   

not saying what yet….   ;)

General Car Chat / Re: can i have an opinion on this ???
« on: 16 August 2015, 17:28:36 »
carrying 200kg of tools  ;)

General Car Chat / Re: can i have an opinion on this ???
« on: 16 August 2015, 17:22:49 »
trip on Mv6 shows it did av of 28.4 over the last 400 miles,  at 71 mph

General Car Chat / Re: can i have an opinion on this ???
« on: 16 August 2015, 12:36:55 »
 already know i don't really like vectras but it's a decent sized estate car,   has a tow bar,  is more economical than Mv6 ,  and has sat nav….   

worried by my total lack of knowledge about diseasels and the lack of service history …..   

  but i have the idea that i can also get a diseasel astra for the mrs….  (hopefully also with Cd70 etc )  she needs to learn to drive, and refuses to do so in cars the size of the omega or jag

General Car Chat / Re: can i have an opinion on this ???
« on: 16 August 2015, 12:33:17 »
at least it's v6….. 


My perfect solution would be a 2.2 sport diesel jag estate with sat nav….

but a 3.0 cdti vectra estate is also a definite possibility….. 

cars MUST have sat nav…..    and be relatively (compared to 3.2 Mv6 estate) economical

budget is up to 3k  but i'd rather spend less so i can get something small for the wife as well

current front runner is the one in sheffield..  but no service history and current owner hasn't had it long makes me nervous… and sheffield is bloody long way from oxford.

i'd value any input you may have

and it turns out to be the water pump…..  again…….   

being changed right now…..     

need it gone…..   :(   A) driveway space B) need to transfer insurance to whatever i replace with,   C)  dosh would be handy to allow more spending on replacement . 

James is on his way over to see what this bearing noise actually is. 

Well, it runs….. sort of….    (has suspect head gasket leak on pot 1,  although that hasn't stopped it running …  ,  and loud noise seeming to come from front of engine,  suspect bearing on something,   maybe water pump, maybe crank,  who knows )    it's got MOT….  till early 2016
Sat Nav (tempermental, but mostly working)
NCDC2013 pretty much fully functional
leather interior
Air con….  U/S ,  climate panel may need changing,  only blows cold ish, or partly warm air….    changed HBV ,  no effect….    tried reset….  no real effect…. 

basically it's a rolling project for someone…..

body is pretty solid,  good clean doors  (but boot lid has corroded scratch and usual beginnings under wiped )  one light crease on rear passenger side panel,  and small scrape on drivers rear bumper corner 

HID need polishing

3 years or so ago it had all new OE dampers (MV6 lowered chassis ones supplied by Andy )  and new rear springs,  wishbones (bushes now shot ) , drop links , roll bar bushes,  etc…. 
had new discs and pads earlier this year
and control arms
and water pump

still doesn't drive in a straight line….

about 175k miles and feels it…..   

currently got 2/3rds of a tank of unleaded on board….

(i'm not about to try and drain the tank ……)

2 new front tyres,    rears on legal limit….
comes with 2 full sets of MV6 alloys  (5 spoke slight dish ones)

assorted spare bits  (spare boot carpet,  couple of Dead colour screens ,  spare dead NCDC2013 , and assorted other bits. )

photos seem a bit pointless….  big shiny silver thing……

it's not changed since the following album was taken….

problem solved,  rather sneakier than fuel rail pressure….

Replacement crank sensor,  (pattern part…. I know….  don't bother lecturing me….  it was the quickest cheapest solution….  )   had a plastic spacer ring around it…behind the rubber seal ring…  .    In the half light last night,  didn't spot that it hadn't gone all the way home,  did the bolt up so tight it cracked the body around the brass insert, but couldn't see that it wasn't all the way in…..   removed it today,  having got the thing back up in the air to get under it….  and spotted the issue….

solution….  remove plastic ring,  replace with the now rather hard and inflexible O ring seal from old sensor….   only marginally shorter,  but will at least fit in the receiving hole ….    then refit nice new flexible seal in front of it,  then refit new sensor, and use a wider washer on the bolt to spread the pressure on the mount ….. 

cabling routed up to gearbox coolant ? pipe still in heat shield, and loosely tied,  then up to brake lines,  also loosely cable tied,  then across the top having rotated the connector plug around to face back towards the passenger side….   plenty of slack, and completely clear of exhaust etc….   

car now starts….

it's still breaked every other way from xmas… but it starts !!!

indeed, he is….  sadly the  despite getting the thing swapped out…. and plugged up….  it is determined not to work….     


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