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result…..    Symes is coming down to H cafe for hot rod night,  and will loan me a T-socket set …..    i just have to walk over there and get it

if only…..  ;)   sadly,   all my existing "normal" sockets are single hex, and i don't have a ring spanner set, …..  :( not really fully equipped with car mechanic-y tools….  just the basics, if that…        now then….  if you need to rout out a piece of timber,  or,  build a house,  / recording studio/ garage    , or fix a guitar….  or a computer…..  then i'm yer man…..   

(i also seem to be missing one of my smaller "normal" socket sets…. but have another so could get by ……   )

need to fit new crank sensor……   and my spline/torx socket set seems to be missing in action in it's entirety……    turned out both sheds and both cars , no sign of it…..    :(

clearly, minus a working crank sensor i can't just pop out and get one……  Argghhhhh 

if anyone can pop down to berinsfield and rescue me i'd be eternally grateful….

(there's Guinness or tea/coffee  available to hand…..    )

my mobile…. 
Oh seven five ate two 567 six five 9

Omega General Help / Argggh ..... Water pump failure in a big way ???
« on: 26 February 2015, 13:12:16 »
So it's bad if the thing throws off the aux drive belt and you can wobble that pulley above the crank and all the coolant pisses out right ???

Think I might have done it , but god it's been rough

I'm in Berinsfield by the way ....

after market rad from the place recommended here to someone else…..   

already struggling to work out how to remove bagpipes from front to give more space….

had to drill out corroded retaining bolts on plastic top cover….

i really am not very good at this crap

arse about the o rings….   wasn't aware so not got them…..

any one in oxford region able to help out ???   pick up some o rings for me , and come and have a brew and laugh watching me try and do this ?

Can't find any guides at all to make sure i don't cock this up……

need to get it done today……  so…..    into the wild blue yonder with guess work and a pair of pliers i must venture…. 

Driving me nuts , eBay has every door latch EXCEPT drivers .  The assorted used parts quote sites have all failed to generate a single quote ... WTF ? It seems I asked for a unicorn in mint condition

oh, and asap would be nice……     i have to drive to north wales on wednesday……    and would rather it didn't pop open on me every 10 miles or so

My door keeps popping open while driving,  inspection reveals the coating on the latch rotor piece has failed and become shredded ,  making the latch unreliable….    so a replacement is required.

anyone ?

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Re: Speedo and Rev counter fail
« on: 20 October 2014, 21:24:42 »
been here a long time ago….

if it's driven the same way as the mini facelift,   (and i believe it is )  then it's a component failure in instrument cluster…..   i forget what precisely…..   (it was some years ago)  think offhand it's basically a signal amplifier to drive the needles…  takes incoming sensor feed and ramps it up and smooths it out,  .  i found  it  impossible to find enough spec on it to make an informed replacement choice,  so ,  only practical solution was to replace the cluster…..      either  a used one (which screws with your mileage evidence )  OR,    which might still be possible,     do it properly ,  with a new one, ask your dealers….    and they weren't that eye watering ,  i think offhand they were about £150 …..     

note that not "ANY" cluster will do,   it needs to be from the right model/engine as the speedos  are different….   

(the ticking needle is a give away…..   its the sensor feed breaking through and triggering the needle…  )

General Car Chat / Re: flippin eck
« on: 29 August 2014, 15:23:29 »
yes mate, alternator bearings were fubarred…..       truly and completely……..     stethoscope to the pulley bearing mount sounded like ginger baker on acid. 

General Car Chat / flippin eck
« on: 29 August 2014, 00:07:29 »
changed alternator……   now getting ,  consistently,   about 5mpg more out of the beast…..

seriously…..  wales,  the week before last,  pre alternator…     M6-A55 stuff…  ,   23.8 mpg round trip average. only light load on board…   (wife daughter and a suitcase)

Brighton,  this bank holiday weekend   (for work :(  )  ,  29.1 round trip MPG

less than £50 to brighton and back…..    with a full load on board, (couple hundred kg of tools and ladders and stuff) and not driving like miss daisy.

Flippin nora…..  and given the fuel economy over the last year…..  wondering how long the alternator has been dragging it down…..   

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