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mechanic looking at car tomorrow….   suspect the alternator bearings……    asking here in case anyone has a v6 alternator handy ????   just in case….. 

i'm furking livid……   >:( :-[ :-X :'(

(i had decided to buy it……  without photos……    spent this morning emptying the back of the sofa for a deposit…..   )


i better find bloody push bike then

(seriously,   the mv6 is not long for this world)

interested…..  …..  PM sent

Omega General Help / Re: nasty, LOUD whining/whirring sound
« on: 05 August 2014, 19:36:36 »
Aux belt tensioner was replaced about a year ago…..   (with a decent new one…..   one of the recommended kits)

i was thinking alternator (if it's where i think it is…..  lower left of engine as viewed from standing in front of the car…. )

Omega General Help / nasty, LOUD whining/whirring sound
« on: 05 August 2014, 15:01:56 »
got back from north wales sunday night,   as we came in to the village, with window open, realised the mv6 was making a fair bit of noise…

if i had to make an educated guess, i'd say it sounded bearing related.., and i think it's on the left side (as viewed from the front)

so any bets as to what it is ?   it's loud, varies directly with engine speed,   irrespective of what the gearbox is doing….  (whether stationary in neutral, in reverse, or going forwards in drive)  almost sounds like a big turbo on it;s last legs (that whistley whining sound they make  )

Meetings, gatherings, parties etc / Re: Oxford meet
« on: 20 July 2014, 13:56:42 »
If any competent clever bastards want to stop by for a brew on their way home and sort this out , I'd be deeply grateful ...... I'm in Berinsfield , just off the a4074 ....

Meetings, gatherings, parties etc / Re: Oxford meet
« on: 20 July 2014, 13:53:41 »
Not going to make it :( , can't get the damn aux pump off , between the restricted space , and the lack of a locking spring clip tool , and lack of the "knack" of getting the thing out of the rubber mounting ..... And the lack of space to access the lower hose connection  , it's already sent my neck in to spasm. , and my hands in to cramp .

5 minute job my arse

Meetings, gatherings, parties etc / Re: Oxford meet
« on: 19 July 2014, 23:03:40 »
I might make it,  IF i get this coolant leak sorted in the morning ……    picked up all the relevant gubbins from Joff today…..      (and wheels,  and changed fronts,   the front N/S tyre i was worried about due to obvious outside shoulder wear,   was actually in better nick than the one on the driver side…. inside edge had wires thru…….     hadn't spotted it…..  :(   )

mind you,   i'm willing to bet the old barge is filthier than any of yours…….   :(  also on my to do list…..  inside and out…..     

General Car Chat / Re: MV6 scrapped
« on: 05 July 2014, 17:07:25 »
Which yard was it in, and was it saloon or estate :-\

SW Vauxhall Spares, Cheney Manor, Saloon. They have 4 Omegas in, including one Estate.  Considering what Al said above, it should then be possible to buy it. But it was quoted as either C or D, and I was told that their 'license' precluded them from selling it. I am wondering if they don't want to sell it as it is worth more in parts? :-\ :-\ :-\

the guy that runs it used to be an OOF member…..   think his name was Dave…..   can't recall the member ID though…..      originally he was based out past cirencester at a services just off the A417 .  then  he moved to a location the other side of cirencester….      (from whence i collected a bunch of Seats for Josh once….  )      now he's in Swindon….

operates more like a shop front,  you go ask for the parts,  if not already dismantled and on the shelf and checked over, then they do so to order….

generally pretty good record keeping and stock knowledge….    and no… you get nowhere near the cars…… 

their disassembly process is (or was when observed)   careful and knowledgeable as well…..   i've watched them strip an Elite to bare shell……   not a scratch on anything….. 


Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Re: 3.2 MV6 for parts
« on: 04 July 2014, 01:55:15 »
Battery side aux pump , and all coolant hoses on that side of the front of the engine bay ???

what state are the headlamp lenses ? (i know i could polish mine,  but if those are better, it might be worth it )

errr,  so how do these things work ?

surely if i just swap them over,  the leak will just move from one side of the car to the other ?

Cheers….. best get one.,…


and indeed all relevant hoses for a a job lot ?

Could be , trying to find it this morning while cold , no joy , but base of aux pump suspiciously darker and more corroded

You'd think so , but Oof members are usually quicker than bellenders our local vx stealer

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