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This is in light of Autoglass replacing my screen 4 years ago, and Auto Windscreens fitting another a few days ago.

(Caveat is this may be sucking eggs to many / all of you, however its not a job which occurs every day and so may help future owners avoid a few pitfalls.)

1. Don't try to reuse the rubber.
 This is common enough knowledge, however Autoglass did and it unpeeled itself at 70mph a week later, slapping the side screens, the shock potentially causing a fatal accident.

2. There are two ways to skin a cat / fit a screen
 The first is the Autoglass way, turns out gobbo-ing glue inside the lower, horizontal rubber trim is not the way. If glued in this way when you remove it it has to be peeled, distorted and nearly ripped. This lower portion is left dry...

3. Rubber goes on first
 The plastic 'channels' fit to the glass, once on, so too do the rubber trims. These are not fitted once the screen is on, they won't fit right or stay on.

4. ...sortof
 Because mine removed itself on the A180, I sourced a good used one, removed with massive skill, and was fitted and clipped in right nearly all the way. It can be put in last, but wont ever sit quite right.

5. The glass companies can get the rubber trims
 Yes, they can. Autoglass said they would. Then didn't. Auto Windscreens said they would. And did.  :y If its part of the job, then they will should supply it, end of. Just ask and get them to confirm it, as I did.

6. It's a two man job because the screen dives under the front wing
 I have been told by Autoglass the standard is a 1-man job, the rain sensor is 2-man, because of the extra weight ( :o ) Auto Windscreens say - For a proper job, without fouled paint, 2-man.

7. Lazy vs Better
 Finally, expanding on point 1. the Autoglass version sounds like the rubber trim was left attached to the scuttle plastic, a squidge of glue pushed in, then the screen rested in there, then levered in place. The correct way is as above, all trims and rubber on first, 'hover' it nearly parallel with the car, bring in the lower edge first, tuck just under the wings, then seat the rest in with light fistbumping and pressure. Again the horizontal rubber clips into the channel, not glued...a la Autoglass.

8. Don't let them heat gun it
 The rubber trims will be a bit wobbly from storage. Don't let them or anyone else (eg: if you're doing the job yourself) think theyre doing a good job by getting a heat gun on the rubber to smooth it out. Just leave it once in the car, a length of masking tape and a warm day is enough to let it smooth out over a few hours. Heat gun + windscreen = cracked screen.

Very happy with the Auto Windscreen service, and would recommend them to anyone. At least one thing I had after all the faff and lies from Autoglass 4 years ago, was they at least fitted the screen right. Now it turns out they didn't!

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: newbie MV6 owner
« on: 24 April 2019, 23:01:50 »
Welcome to OOF!

I have a pair of cylinder heads from one of the Vectra V6 Challenge cars (apparently) was that a bit of a one off or are/were you involved regularly in Vauxhall Motorsport/888/Swindon?

General Discussion Area / Re: Is anyone watching Notre Dame....
« on: 15 April 2019, 22:42:55 »
I think even people without the remotest interest in 'old stuff' are still dumbfounded and saddened. As someone with a strong interest in historical buildings, heritage, and the like, I'm mortified.

That Hawker Hunter crash was the last time I felt like this.

General Car Chat / Re: ULEZ
« on: 12 April 2019, 14:10:22 »
I think next time I'll go for something less polarising, like Brexit, is there a God, or start a 0-60 thread  :D

Omega General Help / Re: Xenon level sensor. Expensive
« on: 10 April 2019, 09:57:37 »
The HB Viva club have recently got some brake shield plates re-manufactured. That went out of production in 1970. The Omega went out in 2003, so at that rate we should see the ABS getting re-manufactured back plates in a mere 40 ish years!

Saw a pair sell on ebay for a tenner, once, I forgot to bid  :o :'( :'(

However, it would appear the 'family friendly' regime is returning.
We are in an age of millennial parenting, so they can only go if little snot goes and screams and runs riot.

As predicted by yours truly back in the late 80s (where my comments were along the lines of 'these kids will become parents themselves in a few years, then we're oppsed')


I'm not going to make a blanket statement like "my parents were the last generation of good parents" because clearly there are still decent people in the world being born, but at the same time thats not far from the truth, as I was brought up with 'speak when youre spoken to', 'look dont touch', 'eat what you take & take what you eat'; 'respect your elders', 'if you want something you have to earn it'.

Christ, when did I get old? And now people don't respect their elders, so I don't even get any respect!  ;D :D

General Car Chat / Re: ULEZ
« on: 10 April 2019, 09:42:54 »
Would add I'm back at Uni studying... Automotive Design; so of course I have to be in the 'make the world a better place' camp, and that I am. At the same time adore classic and 'proper' cars (why run a 23 yr old 6cyl car if I don't?) and think its a two sided coin.

a charge/tarriff/tax/encouragement against using higher polluting vehicles, thus reducing local emissions - AGREE
a charge based around the false assumption that any vehicle under a certain age pollutes less than any vehicle above a certain age - AGAINST


Hope you have a good weekend, and brings in plenty for yourself and the club's coffers, old bean  :y

PS Glad to hear the Autojumble's on.

General Car Chat / Re: ULEZ
« on: 08 April 2019, 14:25:04 »
Raising the price of fags.

result - same amount of people smoking - but it looks like we're doing something to help health!

General Car Chat / Re: ULEZ
« on: 08 April 2019, 12:32:28 »
Which raises something of a 2-dimensional thinking on the part of government (surely not)

A VXR8 at 324 g/km gets in free, as its 'young enough'
versus a 2.5 CDX at 263.0 g/km pays, as its a 'dirty old' car

Why not base any charge on the vehicles emissions, rather than simply its age, and the 'dirty' assumption made therein. Itís patently obvious that a Polo 1.0 thatís just outside the Ďfreeí age category will pump out less carbons than a Aston Vanquish just under.

You could put in your vehicle reg into a website, app, or post-pay using an ANPR-derived system, same as used in some car parks. That would tell you whether your vehicle is eligible, and more fairly, introducing a gradient system would in reality help. Maybe...

0-100g/km FREE
101-200 g/km £3
201-300 g/km £6
301-400 g/km £9
Or thereabouts.

Thatís before we actually take into account the real in practice reality of the situation. I give you 2 scenarios...
1984 Senator that kicks out a chunk of coal every mile drives in and out of the ULEZ covering 20miles.
2018 Hybrid spends all day in there, doing errands, visiting coffee houses, and vegan clothes shops, covers 200miles.

Itís clear that the latter is physically doing more Ďharmí to Danny Dyerís lungs than the former. However the Hybrid gets in free. Surely the physical amount of evil chucked out the tailpipe should be the issue.

A retired bloke who runs a classic Jensen, doing 3000m/yr is kicking out less harm to the planet than a Rep who does 80,000m/yr in a super efficient biturbo PHEV SUV thing.

General Car Chat / ULEZ
« on: 08 April 2019, 09:35:17 »
So it's begun, today the launch of London's ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone)

So the premise is to get rid of dirty polluting old cars in The Capital, to help improve air quality.

I throw open the floor... what do we think?

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Foam on oil filler
« on: 07 April 2019, 18:28:57 »

Sadly wont be attending, not only my work / Uni commitments; long story short (as poss!)...

-costs are up versus when it was in Harborough Show Ground
-LMF bankrolled the VBOA Rally when Billing gave the VBOA the finger - literally saved the VBOA National Rally
-VBOA then 'arranged' a new deal behind LMF's back for 2019.
-The list of 'what's on' at the new Sywell site rather bizarrely almost all the 'attractions' consist of nothing to do with cars.. family fun day, events, face painting type stuff etc.
-The LMF / Habrough regime offered less 'family' attractions, they hoped it would be more about the cars, the people, autojumble etc. meaning less kids drizzling molten ice cream over very rare precious automobiles. However, it would appear the 'family friendly' regime is returning.
-Autojumble not confirmed as far as I'm aware, I have checked, though I hope it will be on for those who go

I MUST stress...
these reasons have NOTHING to do with the people on this site, nor the people of ABS and the excellent way both are managed. It's literally nothing personal, I just can't justify the money for 'maybe' an autojumble, (last year all the bits I got off the autojumble were actually off Keith ABS, which I didn't actually need to do there and then, couldn't easily popped over to his warehouse of treasure any weekend of the year!  :D)

But again, my bestest wishes to those who go and hope all have a good time. I shall make my annual pilgrimage to the NEC Classic Motor Show and see the ABS stand and anyone else who's about.  :y

Measured the tool in question it is 100mm, one side note is that after I'd tapped the splined bit into a few of the bolts to ensure good purchase when undoing 20+ yr old botls, when I came to do the other flange plate the bearing/plate for the hub appeared to be further out form the flange/backing plate than the other wishbone! How could this be... it wasnt that at all, but the tool was shorter! After some head scratching I realised that the plined chaft actually had gone inside the chromed socked which held it, thanks to my tapping. a quick knock with a punch and normal service was resumed.  :y

General Car Chat / Re: Pricing Omega bits
« on: 06 April 2019, 15:49:43 »
sticking the P/N into GPS or autovaux often gives a good indication of what the 'going rate' is for said part/s. As said, then undercut and go from there.

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