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General Car Chat / Re: Part number or at least a name
« on: 09 July 2018, 23:17:45 »
I refer the Honorable Gentleman to my earlier answer "You can safely peel each off from the rear arch, clean it up and re-stick it."  :y

Mine had rust on them too. Alcohol, white spirit, surgical spirits (what I used) will dissolve the glue, and bring off the rust with it. It was painstaking, took time, but given it's something I expect I'll be doing only once every 22 years or so, a couple of hours seemed a fair investment  :D

I think I used an old credit card as a scraper, washing up sponge, the usual stuff you'd use to get glue off something. If new stickers are not available, then it can be done  :)

Omega General Help / Re: Rattle can spraying
« on: 06 July 2018, 23:02:02 »
Just done my rear badge, got mine off the bay of e

I'm a right picky bugger when it comes to replicating original factory stuff on my car and I have to say, I think this stuff was 100% spot on.

I'll admit to making a template of the badges, tracing it onto masking tape, applying this on the foam tape, then carefully cutting round the lines using a scalpel. In reality (and someone with less tie on their hands  :D) making thin strips you stick on the easy letters (ie: ones made from straight lines) would be 10times quicker and 90% as effective.

As a Cleethorpes lad (ie: the town next door/clumped next to/glued together with Grimsby/one side of one street is in Grimsby, the other in Cleethorpes, that's how dolloped together the two towns are) yes, you can get cod, Haddock, and a couple of places will do you skate, shark etc. We've only the one thing to be proud of, really, and that's fish n chips done well. If she can't find cod, she's not looking hard enough!  ;)

Omega General Help / Re: Rattle can spraying
« on: 05 July 2018, 23:12:59 »
Remove the trims with a decent paint scraper. You can use it like a chisel, going upwards in short 'steps', however that's a lonnng process. Much better to go left to right, scraping through a few mm of the adhesive as you go. Ten times easier in warm weather, too. Each strip (one at the top one at the bottom) is something like 8 - 12mm deep, so it wont take long to do.

Also don't be tempted to peel if off from one end, you'll permanently distort the trim, bending it into a gentle arc. Go gently,  :y

General Car Chat / Re: Part number or at least a name
« on: 05 July 2018, 00:17:02 »
Yes indeed - that one isnt able to be realistically re-installed, so I'll be using fablon/stickybacked plastic for it. Managed to save enough to make a template for it, soon as I have will let you know how I got on, and will post up here if you like  :).

General Car Chat / Re: Part number or at least a name
« on: 04 July 2018, 22:23:29 »
You can safely peel each off from the rear arch, clean it up and re-stick it. (same for all vauxhalls when the rear arches end up being replaced, it's often a pain to try and find them)

I can say you can becaise I did it, literally a couple of weeks ago! So if you can, seriously get to the bodyshop, peel them off (carefully) and stick them back on in your own time when the metal/paintwork is finished.

however, if you can find them part numbers are....


NLS, so use



General Discussion Area / Re: Humber Bridge -Tigers gonads
« on: 03 July 2018, 10:35:39 »
Always been fond of that bridge, grown up with it just up the road. Weirdly often sort of useful when introducing myself to foreigners and you have to describe where you're from... when they've only heard of London and Glasgow that doesn't really narrow it down very much. having once the longest single span suspension bridge in the world a few miles away makes them think I'm from some great cultural engineering metropolis!

Certainly an odd decision.... but not your decision, as you say, Keith!  :y

I think anniversaries can be overdone, for sure, but that could surely be alleviated by simply only going for the ones ending in a '0', not that most on here need telling, but significant ones then would be

years ending in 0 - Lotus Carlton/Omega
years ending in 4 - Omega B and Monaro
years ending in 6 - Carlton/Omega A
years ending in 7 - Senny B
years ending in 8 - V-cars

As we are nowhere near getting the Royale legal (yet) I'm glad it not being at this year's VBOA, that we aren't missing out on a special party, or anything!

General Car Chat / ABS Significant anniversary year...or not?
« on: 29 June 2018, 22:47:26 »
More, perhaps a specific question for anyone involved in Club business for the Autobahnstormers, really... just been looking on the Harborough VBOA this year an we have, being celebrated....

50th anniversary of the Viva GT
40th anniversary of the Chevette HS
35th anniversary of the Vauxhall Nova
30th anniversary of the Cavalier Mk3
25th anniversary of the Corsa
20th anniversary of the Astra G
20th anniversary of the Vectra GSi
10th anniversary of the Insignia

Surely something will be on the ABS stand for the rather important anniversary of 40th anniversary of the 'V-Cars' Carlton / Viceroy / Royale / Commodore / Rekord / Senator / Monza?
I been sort of looking forward to a big play to be made of this in 2018; and let's be honest its effectively the founding vehicles of the club, so pretty important, really! Can anyone answer this? Bit surprised I've not seen anything yet, is all.  :)

General Car Chat / Re: Another huge thanks to Daz!
« on: 25 June 2018, 00:08:18 »
ruddy good amount done in one day, there! Nice one!

Omega General Help / Re: Hand brake woes ... :(
« on: 24 June 2018, 16:19:39 »
Kicking around in the dust of OOF there's a thread where I replaced my rusted heat shield threads. It never made it as a How To, but in a nutshell I drilled out the old threads and replaced them with stainless steel machine screws and nuts. Had to lift the carpets to do the job properly, and it was judged as a waste of time by onlooking family when I did it(!), but a year or so later when I needed to get them off double quick for the impending MoT, what could have been several hours buggering about was a much quicker, pleasurable job.

I'd say well worth it if you intend on keeping the car, as I do.  :y

all will become clear when you take the whole strut out, but they're about 10cm in diameter, and sit at the very top, and look rather a lot like this....

Omega General Help / Re: Hand brake woes ... :(
« on: 21 June 2018, 23:13:27 »
Certainly you don't need to remove the exhaust!

Also, I believe you don't need to remove the heatshields for handbrake adjustment (though it does make life easier - it depends on the state of your aforementioned screws.) long extension on your ratchet is all you need to adjust it, as I recall. You have to do it by 'feel' to a certain extent. Oh, if the heatshields need to come off you don't need the propshaft/exhaust off, that I can guarantee!

Does sound like something's come adrift - I'd be tempted to get a new cable ordered and at your door to save your time stripping it all down again, to discover the cable's no good. Very cheap and readily available.

General Discussion Area / Re: Old name revival
« on: 21 June 2018, 08:12:00 »
maybe LNER should use this mythbusters clip in their ad campaigns?

General Car Chat / Re: Tech 2 at VBOA?
« on: 21 June 2018, 08:08:37 »
good to know  :y

well, there's always a kettle on here if you're ever passing  :y (wine rack full of ale, also)  :D

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