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Cars for Sale & wanted / 1999 2.5 CDX Manual Estate
« on: 12 July 2011, 23:12:18 »
Polar Sea blue / grey velour.
79,000 miles. Fitted 3.0 cams and HID headlamps with alloy adjusters.
Just fitted a Gates cambelt kit, front disks and pads, rear disks, pads and handbrake shoes. New full exhaust with twin tailpipe back box.
Towbar fitted and fully wired 12S +12N sockets with fridge feed and battery charge feed.
Stereo is the CCRT700 with GSM phone and new 6-disc CD changer.
Front tyres have 6mm tread, rears have 4mm. Full geometry checked around January this year.
Interior is in excellent condition, bodywork is very good, first signs of rust appearing on driverside passenger door top (see photo) all others are clear.

Comes complete with genuine VX roof bars, dog / load net and VX rigid boot liner.
Everything works as it should, including the a/c.

Price: 850.

Photos to follow.

General Car Chat / Snow this evening
« on: 15 December 2009, 13:22:45 »
Snow is forcast for Nottingham tonight or at least cold, wet sleet.
So why does my coilpack decide to die on the way to work this morning? Its not the easiest of jobs on a warm evening but tonight? :(

General Discussion Area / Interesting item on e-bay
« on: 26 October 2010, 14:09:13 »

Its a bit big for my garden though. Sellers other items are also unusual but I think the garden pond is too small for one of them,

General Discussion Area / I spent most of today....
« on: 23 May 2010, 21:40:20 »
cleaning raw egg off our bedroom windows, curtains (the windows were open last night), bedroom walls and floor.
Thanks to the IQ zeros who think egg throwing is a fun idea. Seems there was an 18th birthday party further up the street which got out of hand and ended up with the parents throwing the 'guests' out.
Tried to report it to local plod but there is just an answer machine saying they dont work weekends, or Monday afternoons, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. But they are available after six and before seven on Friday.
Went to move the car ready for work tomorrow and realised that the car was done as well....but it has had all day to bake in the sun.
 >:( >:( >:( >:(

General Discussion Area / Shocking News
« on: 17 March 2010, 13:09:41 »
Marks DTM calib is an ex-member!

When did this happen and why?

Is it something to do with TB's car being on his drive for at least 4 days and not fixed yet?

General Discussion Area / Towing, Drifting or Traffic Light GP?
« on: 21 April 2009, 19:24:22 »
I have a 4.22 diff going spare if anyone wants one, 55k miles, no whines but could do with a new pinion seal.
This is the std diff for a V6 auto (3.7 or 3.9 on manual) so anyone wanting to drop the gearing slightly on a manual?
I used it when towing 1.5tonne and it allowed me to hold 5th on all but the steepest bits over M6 shap. Starting off in first hardly needed any clutch slip. Fuel economy will drop slightly when solo but you gain when towing.
Alternatively fit it to win the traffic light GP, guaranteed to light up the rear tyres on a good V6.
Takes about 1.5 hours to change diff and grease all the rear brake pipes while you are underneath.
I would suggest the OOF internal mail system for this, its heavy.

General Discussion Area / Wheel Alignment in Midlands
« on: 21 April 2009, 19:14:18 »
Anyone looking for a good wheel alignment place a bit further north of WIM could try Fleet Fit of Loughborough.

I had my estate set-up yesterday after changing various bits and the handling is back to excellent, no wandering or tramlining.
All it needed was rear toe, front camber x2 and front toe (I changed lots of bits).  ::)

Anyway, I throughly recommend them for wheel alignment and tyres at sensible prices.

General Discussion Area / Heater Bypass valve failures
« on: 23 August 2007, 12:56:00 »
Who has fitted a new HBV only to have it fail after a week or two?
Where did you get them from?

General Discussion Area / Poor performance
« on: 22 June 2007, 23:06:24 »
Anyone suffering from poor performance from a V6 following a cambelt tensioner failure or after finding that the cam timing was 2 teeth out?
I think i have got to the bottom of why my project car is so slow, and its not just because the previous car was a 3.0.
If this has been seen by others I will write up a diagnostic how-to but its a bit long winded as its a case of eliminate every possibility and what you are left with means an oily weekend.

General Discussion Area / Why do little jobs....
« on: 05 June 2007, 23:18:49 »
...grow into bigger ones?

Thought I would fit some +50 bulbs to the project estate tonight, just pushing the connectors back onto the drivers side bulb and CRACK went the horizontal adjuster.

Pause for some Anglo Saxon words.

Move onto the passenger side but being much wiser now I made sure that I had a good grip of the bulb holder assy when pushing on the connectors. It saved the horizontal adjuster but the vertical one is already broken.

Time to order-in some fresh cyano.  :(

General Discussion Area / CD Changer
« on: 17 May 2007, 14:15:51 »
Just been playing, trying to get a CDC-2 working in the project car.
The original unit has had too many attempts at entering the code so is locked. Laidback gave me another unit but this has a dead micro controller.
Does anyone know if there is a way of recovering from the CD 0 state?, It would likely need access to the micro board or a secret-squirrel combination of button pushes to put it in a service mode.

Alternatively does anyone have a unit with a player fault that they dont want? ie it still talks to headunit and has code but perhaps has a faulty laser?

General Discussion Area / So near and yet so far..
« on: 11 May 2007, 14:14:09 »
 :'( :'(

Project 2 now has an MoT so Im all ready to tax it and try it out but there's a snag....
It is registered as disabled so I was faced with a last minuite dash across Nottingham to the LVO tonight to get it re-registered as PLG then taxed, cant do it at the Post Office, have to do it in person. Sodding beaurocrats!

But the Post Office cant manage to deliver a First Class letter containing my insurance  >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( so I am stuck until Monday at least, the LRO only works Mon-Fri 9 - 5 so I have to take holiday to tax a bloody car >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

General Discussion Area / Matchless Project 2 - almost there
« on: 09 May 2007, 09:14:25 »
Over the w/e I fitted re-bushed wishbones, new droplinks and anti-roll bar bushes then stripped and re-built the front brakes.
At the rear, the handbrake operating arms were past the 90 deg position and a quick check underneath showed a lazy mechanic had used the trick of tightening the cable adjuster, rather than adjusting the shoes.
Rear disk/drum still had the splodge of white paint over the fixing screw from when it left the factory so I wasnt too hopeful on what was waiting inside.......which was lots of dust and rust but some usable shoes.
Having fettled the rear brakes it was time to change the very murky-looking brake fluid and now its ready for the MoT.

As it has had wishbones removed it will need tracking but looking at the old tyres I will take it for a full geometry check, I managed to free off both front track rods and one rear one but the other rear one wont budge so it will have to come off and go in the vice for some heat therapy and persusion.

With a bit of luck it should be on the road on Saturday, only 8 months after I got it   :-[ , but another Omega escapes the scrappers.

General Discussion Area / Matchless Project 2 - Update
« on: 04 May 2007, 13:20:02 »
Making progress again.
Ive had this car since September but keep finding other jobs to do which are more urgent.
Got it running in Dec and moved it from Marks drive to mine.
Used the Vax to clean the interior over Easter...most of the interior was tacky to touch, yeuch!!, the Vax had 2" of sludge in it just from the front seats. It has come up well and with a bit more work will look like new except the drivers seatbelt which is so dirty that its probably easier to change it.
Started on the wishbones, droplinks and front brakes last night, should get that done tonight then its on to the rear brakes and change the brown muck thats in the brake reservoir.
Hope to get some tyres fitted next week then its MoT time and test drive to see what else needs doing. The Elite estate is up for sale so I have to get the project finished soon or dust off the bicycle.

General Discussion Area / Drax Swap Shop
« on: 05 April 2007, 15:18:07 »
Just occurred to me that we have forum members from different parts of the country decending on Drax Power Station very soon and that gives us a ideal opportunity to move bits and pieces around the country.

Anybody need anything big or heavy shifting? (Omega related obviously)

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