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General Discussion Area / Hurray! I can retire now
« on: 15 December 2006, 10:28:19 »
Just noticed....Im a Senior member.

Does that mean I can call on the young whippersnappers to fettle my fleet for me while I stand there and sip tea ?

General Discussion Area / Project 2 back from the dead
« on: 25 November 2006, 22:46:10 »
Those with good memories may remember me buying a 2.5 estate off ebay in September, complete with "bad engine noises". This turned out to be a disintegrated cambelt tensioner and slipped valve timing so it was towed home.
A good secondhand set of rollers and tensioner were fitted temporarily and the engine ran cleanly so no major damage had been done but the camcovers were leaking worse than the Torre Canyon and there seemed to be rather too much corrosion in the valley for the age and milage.
I have been busy all summer building walls and laying a patio so the car had to wait for attention on Marks new drive where it sullenly dripped coal-back lubricant and polluted Nottinghamshire with cigarette fumes vented from the interior.
Then last week we sprang into action and promptly stripped the threads on the oil cooler  :-[  So a new oil cooler had to be fitted and the thermostat re-sealed to fix the coolant leak in the valley. With the camcovers off we could see how filthy the engine was inside, the cams were to be replaced with 3.0 items so the followers were cleaned out and re-filled, at least two were jammed shut and were changed. Before refitting the cams we removed the T vents to flush fresh oil through the head oilways and found one of the T vents was blocked.
So now the engine is running again but a quick test drive revealed :

1) You need to fit wipers before test driving if its raining.
2) The engine is lacking oomph and wont go above 5k (pet theory is fuel filter)
3) It handles like a whale on an ice rink.
4) It has the OAP gearbox option fitted.

It is far from ready to take to the road but it is safe from the scrappers. Its quite shocking how badly maintained some cars are, this is a '99 with 50k but has only had the first two services (to keep the warranty?) and the steering is so bad it should not be on the road yet it has a recent MoT.

Many thanks to Marks DTM for his help in getting it running and also for allowing me to store it on his drive for so long. Im sure the stains will fade in time. ;)

General Discussion Area / Matchless Project 2 arrives
« on: 14 September 2006, 09:42:02 »
Project 1 was a N reg Elite Estate, 63000 miles, full main dealer 'care', original cambelt etc but minus teeth on cambelt and 16 bent valves. Has been in use now since February and just needs some minor cosmetics to finish it...if I had the time.

Project 2 was seen on ebay, Dec '98 CDX estate, 54000 miles, looked perfect but had 'diesel like noises' from engine. No Bids????
Did a deal and collected it last night, it is one owner and looks immaculate.
Came with CCRT700, Vx roof rack, Vx boot liner, Vx steering wheel lock (it did live in Liverpool), 5 alloys and a Haynes book of lies. I need to have a better look at it but cant believe my luck, and I got there before McB.

Downside? drivers seat is stuck (or cant cope with MarkDTM's weight  ;D) one door check strap is detached and the noises sound like a failed cambelt tensioner.

Only problem is that its 3rd in line behind Allenm's heads, and an over-ambitious patio design, but im sure a new cambelt kit can be snook onto it without 'er_in_doors finding out, reconnect the propshaft then see how it goes.

General Discussion Area / M-Tek performance chips on offer
« on: 10 August 2006, 11:44:47 »
Anybody else want a chip at a reduced price? Ive decided to go for one based on the reported improvement in low down torque which should help when towing and (hopefully) an improvement in mpg on the daily commute. Top-end performance is usually limited by unpleasant noises from area of the passenger seat but any improvement here would be interesting
Got to act quickly, the offer runs out about now.

General Discussion Area / Laidback not getting any sleep?
« on: 15 July 2006, 00:53:06 »
You been spending too much time on here Dave?

You have aquired two very red eyes and seem to struggle to keep them open.

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