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OK. I did it the obvious way on my Omega and it works nicely.

Here's the guide to recap:

One of the things I want to add to the Westfield is an intermittent wipe - it doesn't have one at all, let alone variable!

Anyway, I've been rersearching ways to do this and came across a VW part which implements variable intermittent wipe in quite a neat way.

This wiper delay timer "learns" the wiper interval in the following way:

It starts drizzling, so you flick the wipers once. It keeps drizzling so, when the screen is in need of another wipe, you flick it onto intermittent. The wiper delay timer sets itself to the time interval between your initial "flick" of the wipers and when you switched it to intermittent, and carries on using that interval thereafter.

So.. No need for a stalk with a variable setting and, the best part, this relay is pin compatible with the non-variable timer module already fitted in Omegas without variable intermittent!

The upgrade simply involves lifting the bonnet, pulling out the old timer module and plugging in the new one.

I should stress that I haven't tried this in an Omega as I've already changed the stalk on mine however I have obtained a timer module, tested it on the bench and I can't see any reason why this wouldn't work on an Omega. It behaves exactly as my old non-variable timer module except that you can set the time interval. 8-)

If anyone wants to try this, you will need the timer module which is VW part number 357 955 531. Also referred to on the net as the "99" relay as it often has a large number 99 printed on the case. This site suggests that there are some equivalent parts but I can't vouch for its' accuracy.

I ordered one from ebay seller stevens_vw_dismantlers mid-afternoon yesterday and it was on the mat waiting this morning when i got up (OK, I had a lie-in). :y

I stress that I haven't tried this on an Omega but if someone would like to volunteer to try it out I will agree to buy back their relay if it doesn't work, such is my confidence that it will. Once it has been verified I will add the info to the guide.


Omega Electrical and Audio Help /
« on: 13 January 2010, 15:39:12 »

Closed due to staff illness.  :(

Hope everything is OK, Dave.  :y


Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Central locking motor
« on: 18 January 2008, 09:55:21 »
My driver's side central locking motor plays up occasionally. It seems to go through a phase of being lazy for a week or so at a time. It moves the button up but not quite far enough to unlock the door, so I have to nudge it round with the key to open the door.  

As I say, it'll d!ck me around for a week then work faultlessly for several months before playing up again.

I have to remove the door card at some point to change the speaker and I'm wondering whether to lube everything up or just change the C.L. motor.  :-/

Anyone know how much a motor is, what the normal failure mode is, and what my likelihood of success will be on just lubricating it?

Also, what's the best lubricant? White grease? Silicone? Something waterproof that doesn't go too thick in the cold, presumably?



Hi there,

Just a quick one. Does anyone happen to know the location of the trailer bulb failure sensor (p39) on a facelift and which pins need to be bridged to enable the brake light output on the trailer pre-wiring connector in the boot?

Just fitted a tow bar and everything bar the brake lights is sorted.



Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Alarm problems - post mortem
« on: 02 August 2007, 11:28:37 »
Rewind a couple of months and I had problems with my alarm going off. Normally about 15 minutes after parking and the trouble code pointed to the power sounder.

Anyway, it has been behaving itself of late but I had the scuttle cover off yesterday, saw the power sounder sitting there and wondered if it would be a good idea to investigate.  :-/

Decided to bite the bullet. Removed it and cut it open. Glad I did because both of the little rechargeable batteries in there had oozed acid all over the circuit board and it was a bit of a mess. Batteries were still working OK but it's clearly not well, and would have played up again, no doubt.

Not sure whether it can be salvaged. May just buy a new one as the chances of sealing it up properly are slim.

I may take some pics tonight if anyone's interested.


Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Climate trouble code
« on: 30 July 2007, 19:04:35 »
Whilst checking for trouble codes related to my crank sensor failure I thought I'd have a look at the other systems. I found a trouble code 32 in the climate control.

Does anyone know what this means?

It was read with a cheapo Tech2 so I'm taking it with a pinch of salt, however, my air con is not performing that well despite apparently being charged and free of leaks. Just wondered if this is something I should investigate.

Any ideas?


Hi All,

Still having hassles with my alarm. I'm thinking it would be good to know what sensor is setting it off. Bought a cheapo tech II cable but haven't got round to finding a PC that it'll run on reliably. Just wondering if it is worth trying to get it running to read the codes from the alarm?

Anyone tried this?

Also, does anyone know where the alarm horn and power sounder are on a facelift?



Well, my CCR2006 is currently sitting on my desk playing CDs through a hi-fi amp using a proper line level output - and it doesn't sound bad.

Got bored tonight so I thought I'd investigate an alternative to driving my amp from speaker level outputs. Pulled the CCR2006 out, opened up the cover and the first chip I saw was a very popular volume and tone control chip. A quick google got me a data sheet which revealed on which pins the 4 outputs to the power amps emerged. A bit of soldering and I've got a pair of front outputs at line level emerging from the back of the box.

It hasn't been tested on the car yet but it looks good so far.

I took plenty of photos so I'll post up a step-by-step guide in due course if anyone's interested. It requires some delicate soldering but isn't that difficult.

I have a feeling line inputs might be on the cards too but that's for another evening.


Made some progress on my amp install yesterday but had forgotten to get any supply cable.

Took a wasted journey to Halfords where they wanted 6.99 a metre for suitable cable  :o

They had amp wiring kits for 30 quid but only with a 5 metre cable length. Not enough to get from the battery to the opposite side of the boot, methinks.

Then I remembered this place, who I've used in the past:

6mm thinwall at 89p / metre should do the job nicely.


Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Which 4 channel amp?
« on: 05 March 2007, 23:35:56 »
Hi All,

Thinking about getting a 4 channel amp to use with my CDR2006. Basically I don't mind the sound quality or the features of the CDR2006, the factory speakers seem adequate and I don't really want to change the head unit and draw attention to a tasty ICE install. My only complaint is that the CDR2006 gets a bit ragged at high volume levels so I'm looking to fit a 4 channel amp to drive, initially at least, the standard speakers.

40 or 50 watts RMS is probably adequate, and all the standard speakers will likely take. Seems like the Alpine MRP-F242, JVC KS-AX3500, FLI Audio Loaded 800s and similar would do the job.

Anybody got any experiences of amps around this level (just sub 100 quid for the above, although I could go higher if worth it)?

I guess I'm going to have to use speaker level inputs although I might have a poke around in the CDR2006 and see if I can bring out some line level signals.

Also, I remember some discussion about the switching signal from the CDR2006 being a bit tricky to interface to an amp. Something about loading this line causing problems with the MID / steering wheel control illumination. Any experiences here? I'm an electronics engineer so I can always fabricate something to link the two, just wondered what the issues are?

Thanks In Advance


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Omega General Help / Re: Funny Engine Noise????
« on: 24 June 2011, 09:35:18 »
It's not just the two large radiator fans slowing down, is it? They run when the air con is active.

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