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Omega General Help / 3.2 Battery size
« on: 16 January 2013, 10:39:07 »
Quick question: Anybody know what size battery fits a 3.2? Hellfrauds site suggests it's an 065, not that I'm prepared to pay their prices. :o

Need one quickly so it'll have to be the motor factors. Just want to double check the fit.

General Car Chat / Halfrauds oil on special
« on: 05 January 2013, 12:07:40 »
Popped into Halfords the other day and they have almost all their oil on special offer.

This includes their Vauxhall / BMW spec. fully synthetic 5w30, for 10 for 4 litres. :y


General Car Chat / MOVED: Aston Villa
« on: 24 December 2012, 15:20:01 »

Omega General Help / Horn button problem in facelift steering wheel?
« on: 14 December 2012, 13:18:02 »
As if it wasn't inconvenient enough having my MOT falling on 2nd January, Went to use the horn today and discovered that one of the buttons in the steering wheel has failed. >:(

Horn still works reliably with the button on the other side. I'm wondering if this constitutes a fail?

Nevertheless, it needs fixing, so I wonder if anyone has had trouble with these before? I can't remember what the horn switches are like, TBH. :-\

General Car Chat / Tragedy!
« on: 09 October 2012, 17:09:16 »
.. or is it?

Bummer. Only 36 of them made by Ferrari. Worth millions apiece. Except Ferrari never made one with a V8 under the bonnet. Should be a Columbo V12. ;D

Count the intake trumpets on the Weber carbs, and observe the nice modern alternator in the front of the Vee. This is a more convincing underbonnet shot:

Still, what's wrong with a dollop of journalistic licence if it sells a few papers? ::)

Kinda ran out of leccy on the way to work this morning, as described elsewhere :-[, but the OOF network sprang into action and by home time I had a spare alternator at very reasonable cost, and someone to follow me home in case it all went wrong. Elected not to do an alternator change in the rain, and chance it on getting 20 miles home on the battery. Just made it, but it was good to have a few backup plans in case it went wrong, so thanks, guys. :y

General Discussion Area / Bluebird Restoration
« on: 01 October 2012, 16:47:20 »
Talk of XH558's sortie this weekend, and the recent post on the Bloodhound ground speed record attempt reminded me of another project to preserve the relics of what we used to be able to achieve.

An interesting project, and one to watch.

General Car Chat / Last week I 'are mostly been...
« on: 09 September 2012, 21:41:22 »
.. blatting round Scotland with some friends.. old and new, in cars mostly "Inspired by the Lotus 7".

Met up on Monday morning outside the riverside transport museum in Glasgow.

.. to find one of the clan has a new toy... LS1 engined RX-7  :-*

He kept that quiet.

.. saw some nice places ...

Stayed at some nice hotels.. Notice the magnetic effect of that RX7's underbonnet porn.

Drove on some lovely roads, sadly too busy shuffling the steering from lock to lock to take any pictures of that. ::)

2,000 miles covered (500 of them yesterday afternoon on the way home). Car didn't miss a beat. Found the rev limiter.. er.. once or twice.  :-[ I wonder if the bottom end will take more than the current 7400?

The entire distance was achieved without the use of the (not very waterproof) soft top, too. :y

General Car Chat / MOVED: MAF Fitted
« on: 31 August 2012, 13:58:45 »

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