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General Car Chat / Re: Driving in sea/salt water
« on: 06 September 2019, 22:37:44 »
I get mid-30s on a run out of the 3.6 TDV8 in my L320 IIRC .. been a while since I did a run, to remember properly. My engine of choice would have been the Supercharged petrol 5.0 V8 .. if they didn't command a 5-8k premium in price.

This one is gorgeous .. right up until you see the interior: ;D ;D

My eyes! God, that's hideous! Fresh from a golf club car park somewhere in Cheshire. :-X

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 06 September 2019, 22:30:49 »

                 How much do you get from the Westfield? I got 6.3 mpg on Donnington  in the Evo it came as a bit of a shock!!

IIRC about 30 MPG average hooning around locally and commuting and it'll do high 30's on a motorway run. A light car doesn't suffer too badly from being heavy-footed. ;D

Not sure I could get it that low. Wouldn't get more than a couple of laps out of a tank. ;D

Omega General Help / Re: Trade Club does deliver
« on: 05 September 2019, 22:53:50 »
or plenty of other sellers
I also put oil chip papers down in case of spills
(because chip papers have chip oil on and are not recyclable )
I save the empty 20L tubs and put waste oil in to take for recycling
Yeah, I bought a 3 pack of them, they are really shit.  No, I mean really, really shit.

Buy decent ones, or pour.  I do the latter, as I'm bored buying them.

Indeed. I bought myself a nice old half gallon steel oil pouring can from a 2nd hand shop for buttons and it's large enough target to just fire the big 20L tub into it without too much spillage. Gets easier once the first couple of litres have gone, ;D

General Car Chat / Re: Project anyone?
« on: 05 September 2019, 22:43:15 »
Those wheels though!  :-*
"...have had the car running on easy start cave-dweller's diagnostic fluid  ! fuel pump engine has therefore now failed..."  ::)  ;D


General Car Chat / Re: My Omega got rammed ,Hit n run
« on: 05 September 2019, 22:40:33 »
That's it?  ???   That's just a bit of French style parking!  ::)  :P

I'm sure that Monsieur Albs will confirm that this is perfectly normal behaviour.................. in France!  :D

Aaah hold on!  ;D
the video does not show the 2 hours i spent removing and adjusting the bumper, or the several hours to sort the paint or getting a new number plate made up   ::)
I left the EU in march ,so french parking is not acceptable here

Fair does!  :y

I held on in March, but I'm leaving on 31st October do or die!  :y

I guess that means I'll have to give up French parking though?  ???  :-\  ::)  ;D
Don't forget the French letters. No more Marina mischief for you. ::)

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 05 September 2019, 22:39:28 »
First few tankfuls in the little blue pussy have returned between 36 and 37 MPG.

It can certainly chew through some fuel when driven at full chat but is pleasantly economical when stuck behind some plodder taking it easy.

Gauge reads perhaps 0.5 - 1MPG more than actual.

General Car Chat / Re: Driving in sea/salt water
« on: 05 September 2019, 22:33:40 »

P38 and the early L322 (pre 2005 FL) are BMW era, running BMW electrics and systems, mostly from the 7 series of the time, and aren't great reliability wise. Later L322 are a huge improvement in that area, and the 2nd FL around 2009 improves it still further.

True, hence the wheezy arthritic 2.5 diseasal lump. Although LR were also kind enough to liberally sprinkle bits of Lucas electronics about the place. Because, y'know, that's always a sure fire route to reliability

The thing is, I say all of this in the full.knowledge I am going to buy one. Some day. Because it's an itch I'll have to scratch.  ::)

Heavy. You missed out heavy. Ask me how I know. :-X

General Car Chat / Re: Rain Sensors
« on: 04 September 2019, 21:56:32 »

Years ago a woman that worked in the canteen was confused about this 'new' blue light that had recently appeared on the dash of her car and couldn't work out why people were flashing at her!!!!  ;D ;D ;D ;D

Yet, if she'd been dawdling along a fast A road at 45, you can bet the blue light would be nowhere to be seen. ::)

One saving grace is that the Jag has excellent main beams, so I can give them a proper blinding in return. ;D

General Car Chat / Re: Pistonheads
« on: 04 September 2019, 20:14:39 »
There was a hole cut in the bonnet when a supercharger was added, although removing the sound panelling and zone fine tuning might just have done the job* of clearing the throttle body :y

* The hump and vent fitted to cover the hole actually helps get some of the heat shifted, so all good 8)

That engine bay is a beautiful work of art 8) :-* :y

IIRC the seats needed cleaning, though. Well, they did after he let Gixer drive. ;D

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 04 September 2019, 20:09:17 »

Just to depress me slightly further, I filled it up with diesel yesterday and worked out the real mpg since I filled it up a few weeks ago. I achieved 54.1mpg. According to the lying little dashboard though, I achieved 60.5. Must be Welsh that Welsh gallons are slightly different ?

.. or it's French and there's a hole in the tank. :-X

General Discussion Area / Re: No milk float this
« on: 02 September 2019, 22:58:26 »
Point is, how is this sort of trip ever going to be possible with battery powered cars? It's going to need at least one, probably 2 full charges en-route. For some reason the RAF/USAF haven't yet fitted fast chargers around the perimeter fences of their airfields, so I'd have to hunt down the nearest one, possibly wait 20-30 minutes for it to become free, then 20-30 minutes to 'fill up'.

Hybrids I can see working. Don't have to be Petrol or Diesel - LPG or at a push Hydrogen is entirely possible although there is virtually zero public distribution currently. Pure battery is pure fantasy except for sub 100 mile round trip commuting.

Yep, this is what I keep saying. In a couple of weeks I've got a similar trip to do - with a 1500 kg glider trailer on the back.

Have they made a leccy car that's even capable of towing yet? None of the hybrids I considered are (people who tow buy chelsea tractors these days, apparently. Not me!). ::)

General Car Chat / Re: Driving in sea/salt water
« on: 02 September 2019, 22:24:02 »
No Mercs in the shame list, e-class was the most reliable luxury saloon in 2018.
Excellent.  I'll see if I can get a link for bro ;D

Do they still rust away before they break down, then? ;D

Omega General Help / Re: Starting issue
« on: 01 September 2019, 22:46:49 »
I think it'll turn over regardless of the state of the immobiliser.

Bar the starter solenoid itself, the other thing in the circuit is the interlock built into the gearbox selector switch. It's worth cleaning that out every so often anyway, so worth checking it.

Could just be the starter solenoid sticking slightly when hot. I think mine went through a phase of doing it once, then stopped after a while so I never investigated further.

General Car Chat / Re: Driving in sea/salt water
« on: 01 September 2019, 22:40:42 »

Salt water and metal do not mix !!!

No they don't. But using a 4x4 to tow trailers on slippery surfaces like beaches and launch ramps is one of the better reasons to own one!

If only most of them weren't designed for nothing more arduous than posing on the school run. ;D

Ours are designed for way way more, seeing the new Evoque on the off road course was quite eye opening, sadly they rarely get used to the full potential
But off road courses are generally inland far away from salt water. My ML is apparently capable of driving through a couple of feet of water (off road pack & Airmatic) but I wouldn't let if paddle in the sea.

I remember the day years ago when we tried driving the old company G-Wagen on the beach. It was so heavy it just sank to its axles if you weren't careful. Or maybe it was the weight of all the tractor juice it needed to actually move? ;D

Omega General Help / Re: Trade Club does deliver
« on: 01 September 2019, 14:09:05 »
I get mine in 20L tubs from these guys nowadays :

Worth checking their Ebay shop as sometimes it's a little cheaper.
Smith & Allan Momentum C3 5w-30 - Fully Synthetic Passenger Car Motor Oil 48 with vat and delivery
C3 5w-30 - Fully Synthetic 44.75 with vat and delivery
saving 3.25 ,which is a pint of beer up in these parts  :P

Those were the days... ;)

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