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General Discussion Area / Re: sealed lead acid batteries
« on: 22 February 2020, 08:39:00 »
If the batteries are 5 years old they are likely not worth trying to salvage.

Sometimes you can wake them up by applying a higher voltage with a current limit until they start taking charge - i.e. by putting a bench PSU across them set to maybe 30V at a 0.5A current limit and just leaving it until they start drawing current. As said, they'll never be dependable so only worth doing just to test the rest of the scooter IMHO.

General Discussion Area / Re: End of new build petrol cars...
« on: 19 February 2020, 23:08:42 »
Zero emission aircraft? What have they been smoking. ;D

Oh, wait!.. :-[

General Car Chat / Re: Raising jaguar XFR headlights.
« on: 19 February 2020, 13:03:03 »
I had thought of applying,as Im certainly a weirdo. He seems an arrogant little nob though, so I might get fired in the first week for giving him a slap.

You reckon you'd make it to the front of the queue that soon?

General Car Chat / Re: Raising jaguar XFR headlights.
« on: 18 February 2020, 20:25:37 »
Oh, and drive with fogs on all the time.

.. and try to drive your L200 like it's a sports car everywhere. Which begs the question of why you didn't, in the first place, buy a f****** sports car.

.. and relax. ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: Flood defences
« on: 17 February 2020, 22:12:54 »
Government says it is going to spend nearly 5 billion in next six years on flood  measures in England.  I think Dominic is reading OOF.

Lets hope he gets the Spanish in the frame for a bidding war to build HS2.

They've found Labour's money tree!  ;D

Certainly have round here. They sent a bloke with a stick to prod at the gullies that they should have cleaned out before it started pi$$ing down. ::)

Sounds like the battery is either not fully charged or in poor condition.

Could be that the car expects to see an AGM battery and doesn't like the characteristics of the EFB one.

General Discussion Area / Re: Flood defences
« on: 15 February 2020, 21:07:46 »
Just a thought, why isn't the government spending money on permanent measures.

The initial cost would be far less than the misery and clear up costs and insurance claims.
Because there are no permanent measures. The more you try to contain water, the higher it rises, just like in your bath. And, just as in your bath, once it gets high enough to top your defences, you need an overflow to take it where? Somewhere where it will flood someone else.

There's a chap near here who has a small stream running behind his house and business premises, and he used to get flooded out regularly.  As he is a builder, he dug out the stream and converted it to a wide concrete culvert, but it just backed up further downstream and filled up his culvert.  He's gradually widening the stream further down stream to where it joins the bigger river.  I drove by today and saw him out in the rain in the stream no doubt clearing a blockage or something.  :y

I don't think he has bothered to try and get permission or funding from the authorities or anything, just got on and done it!  Not only does his property not flood any more, but neither do the tennis courts or the cricket pitch flood, so he has done a proper service to the community!  :y
.                   Good on him he should get rewarded, doubt if anyone will bother though :(

Yes, it's more likely that he gets prosecuted by some quango or other.  Environment Agency, Natural England, etc  ::)  >:(

Yep, the hi-vis jacket types from the council will be down on him like a ton of bricks when they find out.  ::)

General Car Chat / Re: Any views on the Volvo V70 estate?
« on: 15 February 2020, 11:44:31 »
If I were looking for a bargain load lugger I wouldn't look beyond a V70.

As said, not the most inspiring drive with FWD but that does mean loads of space in the back. Like an Omega, the drivetrains go on forever with a bit of TLC. Unlike an Omega, they don't rust!

General Car Chat / Re: Jaguar I-Pace Test Drive
« on: 14 February 2020, 17:55:54 »
Is it quiet?

Breathless over 70 ? Not a problem unless you have a private test track.!  The motoring press world will have to come up with new phrases. E.g. weak current flow rather than breathless referring to carburation. Maybe electro heads will have words like linear, compound, direct, stepper, brushless peppered in reviews

I thought we were talking about miles per hour, not parsecs per nanosecond. ;)

I doubt you'd lose much by just using an O ring. The main issue is sealing the plenum from the outside air, which an O ring would do just as well. You'd get a little more leakage between the two halves of the plenum but probably not enough to be noticeable.

General Car Chat / Re: What Do You Drive Now in 2020...?
« on: 13 February 2020, 22:35:50 »
Moved my Omega on back at the beginning of August last year at nearly 240,000 miles, almost 200,000 with tours truly at the wheel and about 170,000 on LPG!

This is its replacement:

Absolutely delighted with it so far. :)

General Discussion Area / Re: Free, buyer collects
« on: 12 February 2020, 23:16:31 »
The reason why it is being given away or scrapped is interesting.

The Valiant V Bomber, one of the famous three sisters in service in the 1950's as Britain Nuclear deterrent force (which I loved seeing flying around Fleet in Hampshire, and on the ground at the Farnborough Air Show in 1958) was actually grounded in 1964 due to severe metal fatigue as a result, I believe, of a miscalculation by the designers using the then advanced alloy metals used to build these aircraft.

The Vulcan's and Victors of course went on to fly in much later years as, apparently, they did not suffer from the same flaws as the Valiant did.  But with this Gate Mascot Victor now being found to have major structural flaws, I wonder if finally the ignorance of using advanced materials that were not fully understood in the late 1940 / early 50's have now become apparent. 

It does not matter now as all the V Bombers are well and truly grounded, but it is still interesting to understand if the trouble with the Gate Victor is due to metal fatigue, or simply corrosion due to sitting around so long without maintenance.

Anyone, like Shackeng, LC0112G, Entwood, or other aviation experts have any observations on this? ??? ??? ;)

I thought the issue with the Valiant and, a lesser extent, the other V bombers, was that they were designed as high altitude aircraft but, by the time they entered service, the requirement had changed towards low altitude flight and the accelerated airframe fatigue was due to the more turbulent air at low level. 

General Discussion Area / Re: Lock down , how does it work?
« on: 02 February 2020, 17:17:42 »
Whole cities in China are locked down.

How does that work apart from people just stay home.


In China? I would imagine it's something along the lines of "Stay at home or get mown down by a tank."  ;)

General Car Chat / Re: Aaron's Cobra build blog
« on: 02 February 2020, 17:12:58 »
Or did DG mean for standing on street corners? ;D The only problem with going the Car S.O.S. route is it would mean having to put up with that useless waste of space Tim Shaw turning up and I'm not sure the trade off would be worth it :D

That would be just the motivation I'd need to get off my @rse, out in the garage and finish the bugger off.

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