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Looking at the angle of the back box with respect to the bumper, has it not just rotated a little so that the bends further up have ended up closer to the ground?

That certainly looks much too low. Something's not right, and I'm not surprised it scraped with a full load.


Sounds like fun, but we also need to set a minimum speed to avoid everyone arriving mid-morning on Sunday ;-)

Damn! Just remembered I'm planning on going for a Thursday night B&B and blat around Snowdonia on the way up. That's me out of the running.  ;D


General Discussion Area / Re: Lucky Escape !!!!
« on: 31 May 2007, 22:41:32 »
...dunno what is wrong with it...

It's got no wings and no tailplane, that's what's wrong with it!


General Discussion Area / Re: ignore this post
« on: 31 May 2007, 11:12:51 »
So, Ronnie 2 should be deleted VERY soon and I should be back to normal.

With a post count of 0  ;D ;) :'(


General Discussion Area / Re: Doing my head in..
« on: 31 May 2007, 11:11:04 »
Just another thought. If no.1 is a fair way away from you is there any mileage in getting a forum member who's close to it to pop over and have a look?


General Discussion Area / Re: Doing my head in..
« on: 31 May 2007, 11:08:50 »
I'd go for the first one. The history might be less than ideal but I'd be less concerned about that than an extra 52,000 miles. Maybe one or two toys missing but they can be retro-fitted in most cases. Give it new fluids and filters all round and a cam belt change and it'll be fine.

Mine looks to have been laid up for about 18 months before I purchased it (wasn't taxed and tested) and it doesn't seem to have faired badly. Handbrake is a bit rubbish, so I suspect that may need some TLC, and I guess air con systems can be iffy if not used regularly.


General Discussion Area / Re: Im up early because ...
« on: 31 May 2007, 09:02:16 »
AMG merc, M5, warrior jep

Far too conspicuous... What did they expect? Should have got an Omega...


General Discussion Area / Re: Question for Senator owners...
« on: 31 May 2007, 09:17:40 »
Yes, but the rear subframe has to be modified.

Mmm. That's a bit too much like major surgery...

Innards are exactly the same!!!

That's useful to know. I guess you'd need to set the backlash and such like when rebuilding it but it would be nice to have a LSD on the Omega.


General Discussion Area / Re: Question for Senator owners...
« on: 30 May 2007, 19:07:23 »
BTW, I have a spare LSD off a Senator if anyone wants to give me 100 for it.

Hmm. Will that fit on an Omega?

I'm picking up a fairly moth eaten GSE tomorrow night.

I used to lust after one of them. I passed it on my way to school every day.

Then, one day, I saw it arriving home on a low loader, about 2 feet too short.  :'(


General Discussion Area / Re: Question for Senator owners...
« on: 30 May 2007, 15:29:19 »
... Maybe it's the engines, then. Much as I love my Y32SE it's because it's smooth, quiet and powerful. I wouldn't, however, want to put a sports exhaust on it and bathe in the sound it generates.

I think the C30SE has a much nicer sound. Maybe it's a straight 6 thing.


Jag E type
Triumph TR5/6/GT6/Vitesse
Aston DB5
Healey 3000
TVR speed 6

Which of the above doesn't sound bloody gourgeous?

Could be on to something here?

.. or maybe it is a spiritual thing. I certainly shed a tear when my Dad sold his Senator. Then again he did replace it with a Renault Espace >:( Still 6 cylinders but that horrid PRV V6 lump from the De Lorean days!


General Discussion Area / Re: Question for Senator owners...
« on: 30 May 2007, 13:56:49 »
even the top spec' models are barely distinguishable from the poverty spec' ones. Senators are instantly recogniseable as flagships.

This is the key, IMO. Park a 2.0 Select Omega next to an Elite with all the toys, take 20 paces back and you have to know your Omegas to tell the difference.

Park a Senator next to a base model Carlton and try the same test... You know the Senator is the daddy!

VX did just enough to set it apart as a different car, and whilst it had the same underpinnings the Senator was different enough, and rare enough, to stand out as something a little special.

My father drove one in the early 90's and I would have had one instead of an Omega but percieved that they were all getting a little long in the tooth these days. Having seen Tunnie's example I'm not so sure I was right.


General Discussion Area / Re: What would you do if........
« on: 30 May 2007, 11:06:51 »
I hope it's a wind-up! The only way he could have more comprehensively knackered it is by driving it into a bollard - before he destroyed the engine!


General Discussion Area / Re: Keswick - Springs?
« on: 30 May 2007, 09:09:12 »
not enought car work / car repair being talked about at this meet

I'll bring my alarm along. We can have a game of footie and use it as the ball  >:(


Indeed - I did not go into it in detail because very few servers seem to be using SPF..

I'm not really aware of how widespread it is, was just aware of it as a possibility. My domain doesn't have SPF and I have no problems at present, so clearly not many destinations require it, but I do wonder how many mail servers are configured to use it if it's present on a domain.

I have opened a few of them and looked at the headers but at the moment nothing is consistent on where they originated from

The problem is, if someone's spamming using your address as an alias, you will get bounces from all over the place as systems reject the mail. It's a real pain.

Are the mails only going to one or two addresses within the domain? You could change your active e-mail address slightly and set up your mail client to bin / move to spam folder anything that comes in on the old address?

If you're recieving all mail for the domain you will get loads of spam on the easily guessable addresses like sales@..., etc.


One thing that MIGHT help is to have a word with whoever is hosting the domain on your behalf and ask if they have SPF records enabled.

SPF allows a receiving mail server to lookup your domain and find out if the sender is authorised to send mail on behalf of that domain. You set up the records to show that your ISPs mail servers are OK, and anything else is not, so a receiving server should reject the mail without a bounce if the SPF doesn't authenticate the sender.

You still rely on the server at the receiving end which has to check this, so it won't stop it 100% but it ought to stop bounces from reputable organisations and ISPs.


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