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General Discussion Area / Re: Sunday night Driving quiz mk1
« on: 09 July 2007, 12:46:38 »
As I used to live in South africa I must say I am surprised to hear that.

Well, it was pointed out by a local tour guide so maybe a bit of poetic licence there?

There were certainly quite a few sliproads from the outside lane that just stopped after 100 yds or so.


General Discussion Area / Re: Sunday night Driving quiz mk1
« on: 09 July 2007, 09:37:54 »
The M8 in glasgow does indeed have a right turn from the fast lane, no it isn't onto another motorway.

Interesting. Cape Town has these all over the motorways that run through the city. Many of them are simply blanked off and don't go anywhere. Rumour has it the construction company who designed the network of flyovers, raised motorway sections, etc. was drafted in from the US and they failed to notice that South Africans drive on the Left (correct!) side of the road until after they'd poured the concrete so most of the exits are from the wrong side of the motorway!


General Discussion Area / Re: Coil packs from scrappies....
« on: 08 July 2007, 23:54:39 »
Think yourself lucky it's not a Mazda  >:( 208 from main stealer  :o

Did think about going to a scrappy for that but it's one part that, previous mileage aside, isn't going to appreciate sitting in a field getting damp.


General Discussion Area / Re: V6 Cylinder heads sold for 3.75!!
« on: 06 July 2007, 21:17:41 »
Tho im undecided what Marks making...hes been buying glue...batteries...a toilet cistern....and a bunny clock.....who reckons he's a secret bomb maker?  Grin

Best to avoid his place if you get caught short in the Nottingham area then, by the sound of it  ;D


General Discussion Area / Re: Cam swop
« on: 07 July 2007, 00:03:38 »
I doubt plugs will gain you anything. My theory is that they're either giving a good enough spark to light the mixture, and the engine runs, or they're not, and it misfires ;)

Platinum plugs and the like are really just to extend service intervals as they last longer.

The standard Vauxhall plugs are good quality 2 electrode (or 4 in later ones) and not too dear.

Induction kits aren't reckoned to do much other than increase noise and there's a real risk of increasing the intake air temperature if you ditch the airbox. A a K&N panel in the airbox might be worth a try but go easy on the filter oil because if oil mist gets into the MAF sensor it'll get the hump. Induction isn't the main restriction in these engines. The exhaust manifold design is pretty pants and this is probably the first thing to address. Not too many options to change that unfortunately.



General Discussion Area / Re: Cam swop
« on: 06 July 2007, 22:22:34 »
Okay to drop  cams straight onto old lifters?

The consensus is that this is Ok provided they are both in good condition.

If you have any lifters which are a little noisy or take a while to quieten after startup this is a good opportunity to get them out and clean them. There's a howto for this on this site.

Expect the lifters to be noisy on initial startup after the cam change as they pump up and adjust to the new cam profile. Drive it gently until they quieten, which can take a while.


General Discussion Area / Re: Cam swop
« on: 06 July 2007, 21:14:51 »
Bear in mind you will need to change the cam cover gaskets and will need some sealant for those, It's advisable to change the camshaft oil seals and the cam belt will have to come off so if it's anywhere due a change it may as well be done, including the tensioner pulleys. Ditto the aux. belt and water pump. It's a good time to do the spark plugs too, if they are ready for a change!

You'll need a cam belt locking kit.

It's not a difficult job but you need to set aside planty of time and be fairly methodical about how you work in terms of getting the cams timed correctly, not mixing up the cam bearing caps and avoiding valve to piston contact while you're assembling it again.


General Discussion Area / Re: RONNIE IN HOSPITAL
« on: 05 July 2007, 19:58:26 »
BUILD A rather CAR PARK!!!!!

... Then charge so much for it that nobody can 'kin well afford to park there so they park in the local housing estate, like where my brother lives.  >:(

Anyway, parking trivia aside I hope you're OK.


General Discussion Area / Re: VXR Track Day - Report
« on: 06 July 2007, 23:55:13 »
No. I'm not "VXR enough"  ;D

Actually, my Linux box has the wrong version of flash on it and I can't be @rsed to upgrade it!

Maybe on Monday when I'm back in the land of Micro$oft...


General Discussion Area / Re: VXR Track Day - Report
« on: 06 July 2007, 20:20:33 »
Is this an annual event and how do you participate?

Shame they've sold out. I'd have signed up for the Thruxton one by now   :'(


General Discussion Area / Re: VXR Track Day - Report
« on: 06 July 2007, 10:43:22 »
.. and another

Just to echo what Allan has said, it was a good well organized day, with no
pushy marketing, just a bag of goodies at the end.

Astra and Corsa, superb fun, one of the Astra's was very laggy, but the
other was lively and very responsive. I drove both Astra and Corsa twice

Vectra/Vectra estate - no difference, very quick in a straight line and very
good around the corners, upto a point, at about 95% if all felt very
understeery and imprecise, just as the ESP cut in.

Meriva/Zafira - yes both VXR models, Meriva is a def Q car, nearly as quick
as the Corsa. The Zafira was as quick as the Astra, bit less agile but the
extra weight showed as the brakes were on the edge after two laps, very

VXR8 - noise, noise noise...acceleration, great brakes, nice
steering....crap clunky gearchange not what you expect on a rear
driver....superb fun though.

The off track entertainment. Food, remote control cars, video games was all
first rate.

As for the autotesting........

Yes I did break an Astra, but it was just the gear linkage < I think> and
Allan beat me by 4 hundredths of a sec.....but his handbrake parking was
hilarious, not only did he miss the gap, but he parked his car on top of the
inflatable car, pulling the air hose out which led to a total deflation of
said car...his second attempt was nearly as bad :-)

General Discussion Area / VXR Track Day - Report
« on: 06 July 2007, 10:33:28 »
Thought someone might be interested in the following report from a mate of mine who went...


Mike James, Gav and myself attended the VXR day today at Donington Park and it
was a blast.

We were in a group of about 30 and there were about the same number of cars
available so as you completed one session you just strolled over to another
car and jumped in.

The Corsa, Astra & Vectra were stunning but personnally I did not like the V8
particularly. In all we had 1 1/2 hours on the track and did about 15-20 laps
in total. The VXR package IMHO is very good. Oh we also had a lap with one of
their competition drivers hjust to see what they could really do!!

We then moved on to the "Driving Excitement" arena to do a short agility
section and a handbrake turn in a gap between an inflatable car and some

Pleased to say the Se7ners held their end up with Mike & I coming runners up
on the agility and Gav managing to totally knacker the gearbox on one of the

In all it was very well organised and well worth the money so many thanks to
whoever put us on to it.

General Discussion Area / Re: Ebay auction, am I MAD?
« on: 05 July 2007, 19:42:02 »
So if I offer TD the money, it could be mine

Are you looking for another head-off project car?  ;)


General Discussion Area / Re: Ruddy MX-5 coil pack
« on: 06 July 2007, 13:23:18 »
Sorry! It must have been the shock. Most posts I sign.

At least once.

Kevin ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: Ruddy MX-5 coil pack
« on: 06 July 2007, 11:48:33 »
Or new for an equaly stupid amount..... mZ150138975711QQihZ005QQcategoryZ52640QQrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD1VQQcmdZViewItem

That looks right, but mine has 3 pins and they're 4 pin.

God knows why there so pricey.....

Well, I was surprised when testing with an AVO that the lowest resistance I saw was about 30 ohms - duff one was completely open circuit. That was "one-way too" so there's clearly some semiconductor device in there. Maybe an integrated coil driver because the actual coil primary I'd expect to be an ohm or two DC resistance?

Anyway, got a new one coming next working day for less now. Still expensive though.

Guess I'll be driving the Westie in the rain while SWMBO gets the MV6 'til then!

heres hoping there at least easier to access for you...

Easier, true, but still on the back of the head up against the bulkhead. There was one b'stard bolt that took some doing...  >:(


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