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General Car Chat / D2S Hid bulbs at Halfords
« on: 06 November 2017, 14:00:15 »
Noticed em when I was in there earlier, 60 each, or 30 on trade!

Well worth remembering!

3 year guarantee too

A good free day out with lots to see!

General Car Chat / Air con compressor.....bugger
« on: 25 July 2017, 20:41:17 »
Was swapping out the clutch on the Zafira's air con compressor....

Not the easiest getting the old one off

almost finished putting the new one on and the bolt holding the plate on sheared just before it was done all the way up.

Bugger bugger bugger.

No idea how to get it out, suspect the compressor will have to come off now as access is crap,
or what to do once it is out.

Suspect Ill have to fit a no aircon belt to get me out the crap.

General Discussion Area / RIAT 2017 (pic heavy)
« on: 19 July 2017, 08:01:52 »
Mine & Mark's Family went down to the Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford again this year...

Heres a 'few' photos from the day...


General Car Chat / New car for dad, help
« on: 17 July 2017, 16:18:03 »
Been round a load of dealers looking at new cars with my dad today, to replace his dying Jazz.

He buys a car, uses it for the cars life, and changes it, Jazz is 12 years old with 120k on the clock and failed ABS so has decided the time has come.

He is an extremely sedate driver and is not keen on gadgets, so the simpler the better.

Looking for something similar again, and has ruled out everything we've seen except :

Hyundai i20,
This is current favourite
He has driven the 1.2 SE and likes it,
Back tomorrow for a drive in the better specced 1.0 Turbo which they are doing cheaper than a poorer specced 1.2
Im not sure which will be the better of the 2 for his needs and longevity.  Thoughts?

2nd choice is
Yaris, 1.5 Icon

All available as pre reg for about between 11-12k

Any thoughts and considerations?

Anyone local lend me a crank sensor for an hour or so?


General Discussion Area / Carpentry advice
« on: 18 June 2017, 18:02:57 »
My son currently has one of those high sleeper beds, with loads of space underneath.
3 issues are occuring, 1 he needs a new mattress (ideally thicker than the higher sleeper will take as he is getting bigger)
second, he keeps banging his head on the ceiling
the third, he has a drum kit underneath which size is getting a little tight for.

He is in the smallest room in the house, so this has worked well up to now, but I need to change things around.
In order to fit everything in, I need a bed on the 'short' wall  This is perfectly long enough for a mattress, but you wouldnt get a divan bed in.
We could also do with storage underneath.

So the plan is to make a bed, effectively using batterns screwed to the 3 (brick and solid plaster) walls, piece of board on the top, extra leg in the middle of the 1 unsupported side.
This will maximise his floor space leaving room for chest of drawers, drum kit etc, and bed will be high enough to slide storage boxes underneath, couple of shelves on walls etc, Job Done!

Where I am stuck, is basically what materials to use.
was thinking 3x2's on the 3 sides, held on by something like these I guess :
4x2 on the open side in order to have overlap to hide the board
3 x 3x2 batterns between the long sides (parallel to short sides), with a 'table leg' style support on the centre one (room end)
then for the base board, was thinking 3/4 ply? screwed down to all the below wood.

Does this sound appropriate, if you can visualise what I mean?

Can then paint the 1 visible side to match the woodwork, chuck a mattress on, and all done and dusted.

General Car Chat / Brake lights in exhaust pipe
« on: 10 June 2017, 21:18:43 »
I was driving to work behind a Range Rover this evening, thought I was going mad initially....

This thing had extra brake lights in the exhaust pipes (1 either side)

Never seen the likes of this before in my life and am amazed its not too hot for them to work.

Anyone anymore info / seen anything like it, had a quick google but found nothing.

Wish I had a passenger for a photo, but unfortunately not.

General Car Chat / Zafira eml and poor running
« on: 11 May 2017, 17:10:39 »
Zafira has a P2279-5B code, it comes on normally when coasting, not accellerating then stays on.
Ive no power low down, until about 1800 rpm when it acts normally.

Ive had this once before a few years ago, and replacing a worn swirl flap actuator rod was the fix (from memory).

As it happens a service was scheduled in for this week anyway, which consisted of new air and oil filter, new oil, (9000 miles old) along with cleaning out the boost sensor and cleaning the egr.
I also remembered similar symptoms when the DPF sensor pipe was holed, so checked it, wasnt convinced on its health so replaced the old run of mixed hard plastic with various repairs with a single run of fuel hose.
Also visually checked as much as I can see, and nothing poking me in the eye as wrong.

Ive used the com of op to operate the swirl flaps - externally appears fine, a good sharp movement, and also can hear the egr valve move if I actuate that.

None of this has helped and the symptoms persist, clear the light / codes and its back after a few miles.

Any ideas where to look next?

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