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General Discussion Area / Re: Sudden return
« on: 23 July 2019, 01:15:36 »
A while ago some of my posts were appearing with parts crossed out although I didn't mean them to have[and I didn't know how to deliberately do this]then all on its own it stopped happening and my posts appeared as I'd typed them.Now suddenly the crossings out have returned to some of my posts and once again they're not deliberate and I still don't know how you're supposed to make it happen.Nearest the pointer thingy on the computer screen gets to the top of the screen is to choose a smiley and there's nothing anywhere near the post/preview part for me to accidentally hit.So I'm no wiser now as I was when it first used to happen as to the cause of this.

FTFY ::) ::) ::) ;D ;D ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Iranian tensions
« on: 23 July 2019, 01:00:13 »
A country I've been following for sometime is Iran, not only for their global terrorism but also their instability & unrest where most of the money from the economy is taken by the leaders to fund their lifestyles & terror operations. There are many shortages in Iran with drinking water being a particular problem & the other typical perennial problem caused in all dictatorships as the leadership plundering means many don't get paid not only government employees, with delays of 10 months & growing reported in the article below, but it is also common in private industry.

Not getting paid is a common problem in all dictatorships, so you are forewarned on what to expect if Corbyn & his cabal ever get hold of the levers of power.

According to the DT Miscalculation May parting gift & legacy to us is her last micalculation of turning down US help in protecting our shipping interests in the Gulf, showing again how clueless she is where she prefers the worst of all worlds by sitting on the fence by not turning down the US request for us upholding sanctions by holding an Iranian tanker, but then siding with the EU who want business as usual with Iran. Thank god today is the last day for this most useless PM of our generation & probably ever in the UK.

General Discussion Area / Re: Chernobyl
« on: 17 July 2019, 00:04:26 »
Area my wife comes from is about 200 miles from Chernobyl but was affected by the radiation, especially their local town which is dominated by its granite quarry. Where the town is a designated area, they got a bit of extra funding, earlier retirement at 55 & a slightly higher pension but still around the average pension of £15pm. The real heavy pollution was confined to the exclusion zone & over the border in Belarus with further a field affected mainly by Caesium 137 which has a half life of 30 years. Radio active Iodine only has a half life of 8 days, but because no precautions were taken to stop milk production, some children did get Thyroid cancer. Harvesting wild mushrooms in the autumn which can have higher levels of radiation has carried on as normal with no statistically significant increases of cancer in those not directly involved in the near accident area or directly involved in controlling it.

Ukrainians are thousands more likely to die from industrial & car accidents or drinking themselves to death with Vodka with a average age span of 66 years, whereas for women it is the high 70's. A litre of village distilled vodka of up to 90% alcohol cost 3p & my MIL's  neighbour drinks at least one of those everyday & during the summer takes their milk cow to the local communal pasture, bottle of vodka in hand as he goes to spend the day 'looking after it' as he swigs the bottle. Village unemployment is high & even if there was any work a significant minority could not do normal work where the daily bottle always wins. Where in the UK male v female parity is reached at about 35 due to higher male mortality rate where it's reached at 18 in Ukraine with the number of women massively exceed the number of men by the time the women get into their 30s. Russian statistics are much worse than this & they also have a high incidence of AIDS so the average male only lives to 60. Ruaaian women has been voted the most beautiful & they certainly have more than average number of real beautiful ones.

Interviews I've read on Ukrainians who were directly involved in the disaster & have watched these programs is that the series in very different to what it was actually like there at the time, as it is a story & dramatisation based on what happened.

Background radiation varies considerably around the world & granite rock is naturally high where volcanoes have spewed it out from the highly radioactive earth's core. Some of the Black Sea black sand beaches in Ukraine are alarmingly so from natural radiation. In the UK Cornwall is high with radioactive Radon gas a hazard, so houses have to have ventilation systems to keep it at safe levels. We & other animals have to cope with background radiation & cosmic events so we do have a natural built-in amount of radiation hardness which also means that wildlife in the exclusion zone has risen massively where they don't have to compete against humans & have shown few affects to the much higher than natural radiation.

General Discussion Area / Re: AI facial recognition
« on: 14 July 2019, 23:37:31 »
If your picture is on Arsebook, where the facial recognition features are process by a Macau based corporation with links to Russian & Chinese intelligence agencies your mug shot will be in their facial recognition databases, so don't look at the camera Pike. ::) ::) ::)

My daughter went there for the weekend with her 3 kids, where the middle one, whose 10th birthday is tomorrow, is mad on F1 & that was his birthday treat. Callum in years to come will be able to say, I was there when history was being made. :y :y :y

Vettel after his number 1 driver track position advantage where Leclerc has to yield is now only 3 points ahead of him in the drivers standings. Not sure Vettel will cope with the pressure here on in. :-[ :-X ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Updates
« on: 14 July 2019, 03:08:33 »
Yesterday, when the update menu came up with the restart now or delay the restart, I choose the latter to find my laptop had restarted this morning & requiring my password, thus confirming the manual update is nothing of the sort & if you have critical things running like long term reliability tests or things like a 3DMax render farm then you need to turn the updates totally off.

General Discussion Area / Re: Openreach part 2
« on: 13 July 2019, 19:26:02 »
Yes, from the description i'd say there's a UG cable / joint that's sitting in a flooded chamber or duct probably on the D side (ie. between the pole feeder and the street cab (PCP)).... Well that's my guess!

I had this problem for some time. They eventually after a cloud burst thunderstorm, had to rewire the complete joint where every cable was cross taking to everyone else in a flooded manhole. This was okay for a bit until a sustained period of rain where there was lots of noise on the line again, so they renewed the manhole & presumably replaced the table from the telegraph pole 30m away from the manhole to the cabinet on the main road, about 10m & around the corner from the manhole.

Putin is good at playing a weak hand & good at taking advantage of any situation that comes his way that helps his objectives of weakening the West, sowing discord & ideally breaking up NATO & the EU & reestablishing Russian regional Hegemony* & Turkey is a gift that pushes all of these buttons which as usual Putin is playing very well, so it keeps on giving.

Turkish President Erdogan as Europe's newest Poundland dictator also has a weak hand, which he is playing generally very badly, with the exception of Trump where he has sussed flattery gets you everywhere with him. The economy being Turkey's achilles heel, after all what is the point of installing yourself as a dictator if you & your ruling cabal can't enrich themselves at the expense of the hardworking people, by helping yourself to any wealth you fancy?

The end result is that their currency has been in freefall & Erdogan has just sacked the caperable, but can't produce miracles head of their state bank which has made things worse, so the economy is one to watch. As an aside Erdogan recently lost the local Istanbul elections & taking a leaf out of the EU's election playbook of keep voting until you vote the right way, so the second election meant he lost by even bigger margins. ;D ;D Best of 3,5,7... in UK EURef2 anybody. :-[ :o

Coming back to the F35 v S400, where the US is cancelling delivery of the F35s to Turkey. This is the correct decision where Russian technicians 'training' Turkish operators would have full access to the F35's radar, IR & electromagnetic emissions profiles, why gift this when they will have to work of getting them through 'provocative' combat training missions, the same way as everybody else does against everybody else. This is particularly important with the S400 system with its multiple band radars and IR spectrum sensors where they try to detect & defeat stealth aircraft.

Turkey as a major F35 partner makes over 900 parts, with these now having to be sourced from new suppliers is adding $$$m to the overall production costs, plus a 100 aircraft shorter production run will also do the same. How hardball Trump plays with Turkey in terms of sanctions who knows, including I suspect Trump himself? If this hots up with severe sanctions, including cutting them off from the SWIFT banking system, good luck to all those Tourists in Turkey caught up in this in trying to get home & your value as a Western hostage.

Personally, I would risk booking a holiday there until we see what happens.

*Putin's Master Plan by US political strategists Douglas E. Schoen & Evan Roth Smith

General Discussion Area / Re: Thank God for Trump
« on: 12 July 2019, 19:42:38 »
Former Conservative MP Louise Mensch who now lives & works as an investigative journalist in the US & has links to UK intelligence services has this to say about Trump & Trump Models.

General Car Chat / Re: Bimbo Brains
« on: 12 July 2019, 19:33:50 »
Having retrieved the Battlebus this morning, I parked it on the road outside my house.  Now our road might not be very busy, but its also not very wide.

So Bimbo Brains, the daughter of the woman who lives nearly opposite, has just arrived home, and parked outside her house, essentially blocking the road.

What goes through the minds of Gen Z people?  FFS

Its our fault, this is the society with bred and cultured  >:(

How incoderate...

..that she didn't put her hazard 'I know I'm inconsiderately parked & have blocked the road, but I'm far too important to worry about trifles like that' lights on. ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: Updates
« on: 12 July 2019, 00:57:18 »
Switching from automatic to manual updates on previous versions of Windows used to just prompt you that updates were available. In Windows 10 it brings up a prompt box & timeout which restarts your PC anyway if you are not at the PC to stop it. >:( This is a really useful feature if you are doing any long tasks that you want to run overnight not, to find that they have been aborted. >:( >:( >:( The only solution for this seems to be turning off updates completely, whether this prompts like the old versions I don't know as I only found this out today where my main PC & laptop are both in manual update mode, but it restarted my main PC overnight, but I got the prompt box with the countdown on my laptop during the day & aborted the restart as it wasn't convenient at this time.

I have serous objections to not at all time being in control of my computer equipment & where Microsh*t have no awareness of realworld customer needs so they don't do the obvious, like not asking if it is convenient to do that 2 hour update on shutdown as you are turning off your laptop to catch a flight you are running late for before they start it automatically. >:( >:( >:(

If you look on the tank I bet it will say somewhere 60ltrs. Thatís why there is 47 or 48ltr fill capacity recommended as that is 80% if the total space which is considered safe.
Its more than that. If you increase the pressure, it will become more liquid, and some liquids can be compressed more (by additional pressure).

Obviously, the more you put in above somewhere in the region of 80-90%, the pressure will increase dramatically.

Assuming I've remembered my O Lovel Physics properly - it was an awful long time ago ;D

Not sure you did when you repeated the Physics lab experiment of filling a tin with gas from the unlit bunsen burner, put the lid back on which has a small hole in it & ignite, but you were only meant to blow the bloody lid off, not the doors, roof & walls. :-[ :-[ :-[ :-X :-X :-X

General Discussion Area / Re: The 0.2%
« on: 10 July 2019, 19:28:38 »
0.2% voting is still 0.2% more than voted in the new appointed Brussels' dictatorship leaders. >:( On Twitter it is strange that all those that have pointed out that only a small percentage of Tory party members vote for our next PM, you would think that if they were so concerned about democracy the EU appointments would have raised more than their deafening silence. :(

Civilizations are usually destroyed through invasion, getting elected & pulling up the democracy drawbridge to create your dictatorship (Germany, Venezuela, Russia & Turkey are examples) or political paralysis & destruction by a combination of vested interests & suversion from within. It looks like the latter two will destroy all Western civilization over the next decade, when we will all become much, much poorer & have little freedom as the new authoritarian dictators steal the majority of the countries wealth as they have in Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, China, Ukraine & other countries.

You will still get meaningless elections where it gives dictators a thin veil of legitimacy in their own minds as they steal, plunder & kill.

General Discussion Area / Re: Diplomacy
« on: 10 July 2019, 19:01:27 »
Personally, I think all have behaved correctly, except the despicable leaker. Was their motive to weaken the UK government further or to try & cause a rift between Boris & Donald & the pending US-UK trade deal? Knowing that a diplomat's job is to bluntly advise their government, in confidence, which is what he did is fine, the problem is that being leaked & the damage that this has caused to US-UK relations, which made his position untennerable & he has quite rightly resigned. Boris saying nothing as our PM in waiting is also correct as to back the diplomat or Trump would have damaged his authority as PM with either the diplomatic corp or US-UK & Boris-Donald relationship.

When Boris becomes PM, his first task must be to restore government & party discipline. He should make it quite clear that the Tory party were all elected in the 2017 GE on a manifesto of implementing Brexit and no deal is better than a bad deal. He should make it clear that anybody that breaks this commitment & tries to undermine the government, from this point onwards, can consider their political career over as they will be deselected as a Tory party candidate at the next GE. Where May has set aside the deselections so far by local Tory party associations including my local turncoat MP, this needs to be reinstated for the next GE, where they are remainers in leave areas, if the Tories want to have a chance in retaining that seat.

Wanting to continue to keep your snout is the Westminster trough will have a powerful effect on those that continually undermine their own party, government & the UK's interests. Polling suggests that Boris will defeat Corbyn if they force a GE  with a 40 seat majority & reduce the Brexit party success in the south. Labour now being the official party of remain & holding a second loser's referendum (when they lose again & again, will this then become the bast of 5,7,9,11,13,15....?) will really hit them hard in the north with their leave electorate majority with the Brexit Party being the new party of choice, where they would never have & never will vote Tory since the miner's strike.

Remain, left & MSM are all slagging off Boris as they know he will see Brexit over the line. MSM make no effort anymore to either report the facts reasonably impartially, so the viewer, listener or reader can make their own minds up, but just spew out a torrent of verbal diarrhea light in facts, but heavy in partisan propaganda, opinions & comments, mixed with speculation & innuendo. The end result is that newspaper circulation, radio listening & tv viewing figures (C4 down 8%) are all falling, where people either turn off from this or use alternative web based sources for news & information. More & more alternative sources are using YouTube & other video platforms to bypass the MSM & where they have done their best to ignore the Brexit Party they have now setup BrexitBox on YouTube.

General Discussion Area / Re: A strange breed
« on: 09 July 2019, 00:00:42 »
Probably due to not wanting the death of an animal but replicating what we all enjoy. The flavour and texture of meat. I have always said that anyone wanting to eat meat ought to take a life at least once. Poultry or a pig. It isn't that easy. Most people don't identify meat with an actual animal. It is just something you buy from a supermarket in a packet.

Tomas Schaffernaker the weather man was 35 before he found out that Lamb and Sheep were the same animal.

Normal village life in Ukraine where the majority of the cockerels raised from chicks are destined for the pot. BIL is the families pig dispatcher & then a family job to bleed for black pudding, burn off the bristles, render & make the sausages. Used to regularly get a brace of pheasants from a friend who goes shooting. Used to hang them for a few days in the cold garage to mature, then me & the wife would gut & pluck them. The old birds (you can tell from the legs) went in the stewing pot, while the younger ones in the roasting tin.

When it comes to killing for meat I look at it that the animal would not have a good but short life but for the fact we breed & raise them to eat.

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