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Excellent  :y :y ;D ;D ;D

I'm afraid I agree with the scrapping of the minimum wage as it is a major cause of the large increase in youth unemployment. Do you take on an experienced worker at 6.20p/h or an inexperienced 19 year old who you have to train at 6.20p/h? I know who I would take on.

It is also contributor to 10 pubs shutting a week and many high street shops going, not to mention other low skilled jobs going abroad. People with families that have these low paid job will get what they live on topped up by working and child tax credits. Young people will have the chance of a job, real world skills and from this base hopefully higher wages.

The alternative is continued high and growing unemployment.

What the west has to face up to is that we have to compete with the Eastern European, Asian, South American and African economies, by dramatically reducing our cost base of property prices, energy costs, wages and very high taxes. It is going to be a very painful adjustment, but without it we will be another Greece and 3rd world country. We all have to start living within our means, governments and individuals. The west is going to have to reinvent itself, if it doesn't than the prediction is that in 20 years time the emerging economies will control 70% of global turnover and the west 30% a reverse of where we are now.

Software development is now very much a global business. I have lost work to South African and Indian companies in the last 12 months and cannot compete with my current cost base, hence, this is one of the reasons for my pending move to the Ukraine.

General Discussion Area / Re: He's gone!
« on: 14 October 2011, 23:01:29 »
Almost November 5th, bring back Guy Fawkes is what I say and let him succeed.  :y ;D ;D ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: RIP Steve Jobs
« on: 13 October 2011, 11:59:49 »
Yes, indeed :( I wonder how many lines of C have been written worldwide?

No idea, but I've written a few 100,000 of them. I remember using the Kernighan and Richie reference book on C programming to learn the language.

Apple Mac is about 5% of PC market, but they reckon that with the iPad this will increase to 12% this year. Microsoft's market share is being steadily eroded where tablet computers and smart phones are gaining market share.

To go public in this way to me suggests Iran is increasing their support for terrorism in an area of American interest and this is a warning shot across their bows and to prepare the public if further action (including military) is required to sort it out.

Iran has been providing major support with training, arms, explosives and mercenaries to the Taliban in Afghanistan since the west have had troops there. My thoughts are that there has been either an escalation of support here or they are getting involved in another middle-Eastern country where America has strategic interests, Egypt, Libya and Yemen spring to mind or they are near to completing their first nuclear device.

When Iran joins the nuclear club, it is very bad news for Israel as they are a small country with concentrated centres of population, it will not take many devices to wipe them out, while Iran is the reverse, a big country with a much more spread out population.

With the worlds economic problems and political instability in the middle-east these are scary times. In the 1930's we had depression, currency wars, where everybody was trying to outdo everybody else with devaluation to make their countries more competitive (stage we are at, at the moment with low interest rates, QE and high inflation in USA and UK), trade barriers and trade wars, through selective import duties, followed finally by the Second World War. With both Germany and Japan WWII was about perceived injustices by the allies and natural resources. Germany wanted more living space, strategic natural resources, particularly oil and Japan wanted to secure all the natural resources they could as their country has very few.

Iran, North Korea and China are the worries here as history shows that dictators generally start major wars and democracies fight and win them. China is going through a major military buildup at the moment, have a number of territorial disputes with their neighbours, especially when natural resources are involved and an aggressive foreign policy. But, although they have a very large population, it is also an aging one and old people don't make very good soldiers.

General Discussion Area / Re: if i phones crashed now
« on: 13 October 2011, 10:24:58 »
Ronnie Corbett and Harry Enfield have been there...  ;D ;D ;D

I can't believe it is just a switch problem, or they are amazingly incompetent as they should have backup switches and spare hardware for crucial parts of their server system. I would expect an outage of minutes to maybe an hour for such a problem, if all redundant switches had failed, while they changed the hardware. This to me sounds like a repeat of the Sony fiasco where they were very slow to provide information until they knew the extent of the problem and they were very heavily criticized for it. With RIM already struggling against Apple and Android smart phones, could this be the final nail in their coffin as they will have lost their customers trust.  :o :D

Omega General Help / Re: MV6 1998 3.0 Coolant Leak
« on: 12 October 2011, 21:58:50 »
I thought my head gaskets were quite bad when I changed them, but these are 10 times worse!  ::)

Well I'm going to have to buy a new mattress. This one's full.

Full of paper notes, you can burn when they are useless, to keep you warm during the winter.  ;D ;D ;D

UK 'official' inflation is debasing our currency at 5% per year at the moment, real world inflation is more like 7-10%. Things like the falling price of DVDs and LCD TV's that keep the official rate down, I've found I can't eat!!!  ::) ::) ::)

That's why gold is so expensive. It is seen as a save haven in economic and currency storms.

Forget about gold or other tangible financial instruments - in my experience when things go teats-up the most useful things to have to hand are food and firearms.

Agree, that's one of the reasons I'm keen to emigrate to the Ukraine as soon as possible, so I have my smallholding and food security.  :y :y

Politicians are the only people that I know that make estate agents and bankers look respectable!  ::) ::) ::)

Well I'm going to have to buy a new mattress. This one's full.

Full of paper notes, you can burn when they are useless, to keep you warm during the winter.  ;D ;D ;D

UK 'official' inflation is debasing our currency at 5% per year at the moment, real world inflation is more like 7-10%. Things like the falling price of DVDs and LCD TV's that keep the official rate down, I've found I can't eat!!!  ::) ::) ::)

That's why gold is so expensive. It is seen as a save haven in economic and currency storms.

The German do not not want to bail out the Euro as they have more experience than any other country on creating a currency and political union from the re-unification of Germany. This caused real pain, a special reunification tax, which employees saw on the wage slip every month, high unemployment and falling real living standards. Who can blame them.

Without a common fiscal and political system, run from Brussels I can't see how the Euro can survive in its current form.

Greece has just got its next ECB / IMP 8billion, rescue loan even though it has met NONE of the criterion to receive it!!!!

This shows it is a political not economic project.

When it all falls apart and ALL EU citizens, see the tax liabilities their Governments have run up, with Country and Bank rescue funds. It will be too late, the citizens will be left holding the baby and will see the impoverished state they have been left in as tax slaves, like the Republic of Ireland is now but on a much bigger scale. It is all truly frightening.

Far from turning the screw, US Federal Reserve are supporting European banks from today with unlimited $ support loans!!! 

Is this the same Norman Lamont that took us, with John Major into the ERM as a pre-cursor to joining the Euro, who caused Black Wednesday, when we dropped out with a base rate of 15%?  >:( (With the economy, after our escape,  not looking back until another chancellor wreaked it, Gordon Brown).

The same Norman Lamont who with John Major caused a recession with excessively high interest rates to keep us in the ERM, with John Major telling us the pain was worth it, that destroyed perfectly good businesses, people and families?  >:(

The same arrogant Chancellor who said afterwards he regretted nothing? >:( >:( >:(

That Norman Lamont is now lecturing us on how the Euro is / was a bad idea after doing everything he could to take us into it.  >:( >:( >:(

The front of some politicians beggars belief.  >:( >:( >:(

I really suffered during this period, with my business just surviving, I haven't forgotten and I'm definitely not forgiving him.

General Discussion Area / Re: Boring EU post
« on: 12 October 2011, 15:37:37 »
I think the free movement of goods and services in Europe through the EU common market has been of great benefit to the European countries.

The problem is all of the political baggage. Norway and Switzerland have done very well there they are associate members so benefit from the common market, without all of the political baggage and this is what the UK should have done.

Some of the major problems Euro, Common Agricultural Policy, Common Fisheries Policy, Brussels (or Strasbourg to keep the French happy, where EU parliament switches to here twice a year - Total madness  :o)  Incompatible legal systems. In UK everything is legal unless made illegal, In France everything is illegal unless there is a law to make it legal. The French influence means that all of the Common Market trading standards are micro managed. Socialist human rights and employment laws, which destroy jobs. Most EU countries have had much higher government spending than this country, high taxes, inflexible labour laws and high unemployment.

The UK used to be one of the exceptions to this and had much lower taxes and unemployment, but where Government spending has gone from 32% of GDP in early 1990's to 52% now. We now have very high taxes, much more restrictive employment legislation and a official unemployment rate of 8.1% and a real rate much higher than this.  >:( >:(

Personally, I think anti-democratic Brussels is the EUSSR. At some point when the whole of Western Europe has become very, very poor compared to most of the rest of the world, then it will all fall apart, like the USSR did (this took 80 years). I just hope it happens peacefully.

Used him several times through Ebay, good prices, very fast delivery and you get what it says on the tin.  :y :y :y

I like the web site and have bookmarked it, as knowing my miggy, I'm sure I will be back for more parts.  ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: Boring EU post
« on: 12 October 2011, 02:35:39 »
Interesting interview by Marta Andreasen MEP. UKIP; Former EU Chief Accountant on RT news channel.

She has gone from being a supporter of the EU to being anti-Europe. She was sacked by EU for going public of there being NO accountancy of grants given to individuals to see if it is actually spend on what is has been applied for and NO results are asked for, so fraud is probably rampant, they don't actually know. EU says it is up to individual countries to monitor the grants, countries say it is up to the EU as they give the grants. You couldn't make it up.  :o :o

EU want 4% increase in this budget for 2012, no austerity measures here!  >:( >:( >:(

In last 10 years Greece has received 60billion in aid, she asked the question where was it spent, what have they achieved with it?  ::)

When asked if the Euro crisis resulted in closer financial integration of countries, who would benefit the most. Her reply EU bureaucrats.  >:( >:( >:(

RT News channel anti-USA, West and Israel is not really to my taste, but it is interesting to get a Russian prospective on the world. There is a very well written article on Euro crisis here:

The best financial blog on the worlds financial crisis I have found in "Notayesmanineconomics". It is a non-political commentary and analysis by an economist who seems to be consistently ahead of events.  :y

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