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General Discussion Area / Re: Trump Shows Maturity!
« on: 24 June 2019, 17:44:33 »
Trump was told that escalating events in Iran, possibly leading to war, by his 2020 reelection polling & focus group teams would cost him getting reelected, so he pulled it.

US has been ramping up for 2020 since the mid-term elections, so like Boris, Trump is on his best behaviour. All 1st term US presidents tend to do very little in the last two years of their presidency while they concentrate on getting reelected.

Too early to tell how Trump will fare until the primaries end & we know who he is up against.

General Discussion Area / Re: Import duty from U.S. ?
« on: 24 June 2019, 17:27:13 »
There will also be the shippers additional fees for the privilege of being charged duty & VAT. Two items I recently bought ~150, one from the US & the other from Hong Kong I paid about 45 on one where final charges were through the Royal Mail and 56 on the other through FedEx. The FedEx charges were almost double the Royal Mail ones.

Neither parts were available in the UK so I had no choice but to buy abroad & import. Sourcing & buying stuff abroad is so much easier now than when I first started importing stuff into the UK in my teens.

General Discussion Area / Re: Wheel of misfortune
« on: 15 June 2019, 13:33:45 »
Good luck to all of you that feel lucky that your unchecked wheel nuts are tight and for those not so cool unlucky cats trying to use their tenth life:

I was standing at the pearly gate to learn my fate,

I told St Peter I was going at a rate as I was late.

As he pointed down at the fire,

I told him it wasn't my fault I lost the wheel and tyre.

He point down again and said I don't care,

I said, it was the tyre fitters fault and that's not fair.

A frown on his face and a take him down yell,

It no longer matters, that this didn't end well.

General Discussion Area / Re: Net Zero
« on: 15 June 2019, 11:12:14 »
The absolute stupidity of virtually all humans & the triumph of political control & propaganda. Except for one or two on here it fascinating to watch the sheeple at work taking in every 1984-est climate change, emergency or what ever this week's in propaganda word is, using the easiest to brainwash, which are children, as their frontline troops and also as Stalin's told us "They will believe every lie if you repeat it often enough" and virtually all of you on here certainly do.

The quickest way to exterminate life on Earth is carry on with the decline of CO2 until the most welcome current correction is snuffed out. CO2 is not a pollutant but a clear, odourless gas and absolutely essential for all multicellular life. Insufficient amounts of it <120ppm and C3 plants can't grow.

This is why:

140 million years a go CO2 was 3000 ppm and multicellular life had been exploding in variety & quantity during the 4000ppm CO2 preceding Jurassic period. The earth was warmer with no ice poles and sea levels were higher. Two key parts of this are our complete dependence on plants: All multi-cellular life depend on them directly or indirectly for energy & nutrients. Without them Earth's multicellular life is over.

The explosion of plants included the evolution of trees and at that time there was no bacteria or fungus that could breakdown wood so as they died they ended up buried in the ground covered by new layers of sedimentary rock and heat & pressure turned them into seams of coal locking in their carbon.

Sea creatures as part of their defences created hard shells which contains carbon as they died locking in further carbon which over time, heat and pressure created calcium carbonate or chalk. The carbon based creatures as they decomposed produced methane (natural gas) and hydrocarbon residues (oil) which were locked into the earth by further layers of sedimentary rock. Please note: That coal, natural gas & oil are all produced through natural processes and are a natural resource.

The sea acts as a massive CO2 sink. During cold periods if contains more compared to warm periods, so the atmosphere contains more CO2 as it warms up and is released from the sea. This is a lagging process, so doomsday thermal runaway predictions, should never be viewed with anymore creditibily that children's bedtime fables.

We are still in an interglacial period with temperatures about 2oC below the last billion year average as we continue to recover from the last ice age. Part of this has been a constant 1mm rise per year in sea levels and this has not changed. Areas like Scandinavia are still rising from the loss of glacial weight, which had pressed down on them during the last ice age, the same applies to Scotland.

What we get from the climate cycles are also carbon cycles and a double whammy during cold periods of less heat and CO2 where plants need both for photosynthesis, along with water which means that grow much more slowly, if at all. This hit an all time low of 150ppm during the last ice age, just above 120 ppm at which C3 plants start getting into trouble surviving.

If this decrease in CO2 continues then the earth is barren within 2 million years, with multicellular life extinct. Then the heroes arrived, humans and started burning wood & later coal, oil & gas, releasing the carbon as CO2 so life won't end after all, until the current 20th-21st century stupid people & politicians did as well and they are backing the extinction route. >:( >:( >:(

PS: Politicians don't want you to know this as they can't have absolute control over your lifestyles, punitive tax rates & their personal enrichment. So please keep believing suckers, but don't expect history to treat you well. :P ;) ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Oil Tankers Bombed - Iran vs USA
« on: 15 June 2019, 08:39:38 »
This Statfor article well worth reading where they are one of two US companies (the other Geopolitical Futures. Both founded by George Friedman, who lives & breaths geopolitics) focusing on why Iran has attacked the tankers to boost popularity at home. I'm aware there has been significant unrest reported over the last 6 months due to sanctions & workers not getting paid. How they have brutally rebuffed Japanese PM Abe where his diplomatic mission was to try & reduce tensions between US & Iran & why such a brazen move makes very dangerous but strategic sense for the Iranian leadership. :o :(

Iran is backed by the usual anti-west suspects of China, DPRK with missile & nuclear technology and Russia with nuclear material and missile technology. Russia has also supplied S300/S400 SAM systems to Iran. These are formidable A2D systems, especially the S400 which has anti-stealth capabilities.

This 2008 paper on both the Iranian & US options is well worth reading but keep in mind that this was before the Russian update of Iranian air defense systems & the US has been massively updating their anti-mine & mine planting systems in contested airspace including the use of standoff weapons & drones.

What also needs to be remembered is that Russia under Putin has been updating and preparing their armed forces for fighting a war tomorrow, whereas the West after 1991 has got very complacent, concentrated on low-level wars against terrorists with many deficiencies when it come to fighting major adversities. Europe is largely unprepared to be able to fight any major war against major adversities with the UK and France best placed for bit parts.

If Iran decides to block the Strait of Hormuz then expect it to be closed for 1 to 3 months with a massive oil price spike & fuel shortages at best.

Weak defences encourage adversaries to try their luck & test the resolve of those they want to subdue or conquer. Western complacency, since 1991, against the Chines, Russian, Iranian & DPRK military expansion & modernization is indeed making this a very dangerous world, which is probably going to end very badly where we have empowered our enemies with their plying & European dependency on Russian oil & gas (which could / can be largely avoided by fracking known European reserves, hence lots of Russian money & agents backing for anti-fracking treehugger green groups) and our addiction to cheap Chinese tat.

General Discussion Area / Re: Wheel of misfortune
« on: 14 June 2019, 02:29:44 »
I'm sure that when Varche is struggling in the pissing rain to tighten his nuts with a pair of tweezers on the side of a Spanish motorway somewhere near San Sebastian tomorrow, he'll remember your wife's cut finger and will wonder what the message was!  :P  ;D

Good that Varche's wife in the future can have a cut finger & talk about it. I can create a very, very long list of those that have died far too young, especially in my teens as a biker, to not appreciate and be very happy that Brian & his wife have thankfully got away with it. :y :y :y :y :y

Now is not a good time to lecture me on accidents or death as a 80yo BA retired ground crew neighbour died last week over tripping over a Hoover lead. As a widower he used to go for his daily two pints, at our local social club but didn't turn up for several days. The bar steward went round to his house, reluctantly went into the house through his unlocked backdoor out of concern and found him with a congealed bloodied head where he had hit it followed by multiple strokes, where he was too paralysed on one side to get up and as he tried had wrapped himself more and more around the lead. Where he had laid for a few days on his side he had a black no-circulation  arm which was not pretty. Frimley Park hospital said he would not last the weekend & he didn't. :'( :'( :'( There is no good way to go but this was pretty horrendous & as is along with too many RTA bits of friends in cars or stroon down the road from bikes, not to mention the severely brain damaged, wheel chair bound crippled survivors that I've also known. :'( :'( :'(

General Discussion Area / Re: Wheel of misfortune
« on: 14 June 2019, 00:09:01 »
Great to see that it is nothing worse than replacement parts as it could have been so much worse. :y :y :y

I generally after assembling anything that involves precise alignment, vibration or heat cycling re-torque the bolts after a week of use as it is not unusual for them to need retightening. Likewise, I check tyre pressures regularly & also increase pressures if I know I will be carrying heavy loads. I know somebody that survived an underinflated disintegrating front tyre at 70mph on a motorway & they described it as being a passenger of fate as they had no control over the outcome, but they fortunately got away with it.

I was discussing safely earlier on Twitter, where as a 16yo, the first week of my electronics apprenticeship at RAE Farnborough was all safety lectures & films about keeping yourself safe & also those around you. Having this dinned it at a young age has made me always instinctively & often unconsciously think about safety as part of planning anything. Using a bench grinder, when sharpening tools, drills etc was an immediate sacking offence if you were caught not wearing safety glasses, where you had your own pair & there was always a pair also hanging from the grinder. The habit still survives as my garage bench grinder always has a pair hung on them, which being next to my pillar drill I always use them with that as well.

A good tip is that if you are working with anything sharp keep you hands behind the sharp end. I can't use kitchen knives without a chopping board, so my hands & fingers are always behind the blade,  :y :y :y unlike my first wife who I would forewarn that I had sharpened the blunt kitchen knives but I could also guarantee she would later be making a dash for our first-aid cupboard for the plasters. :-[ :-[ :-[

General Discussion Area / Re: Oil Tankers Bombed - Iran vs USA
« on: 13 June 2019, 23:14:54 »
Plenty of external actors that would like to see an Iran v USA war, so best to keep an open mind on who did this until more is known. If the UK government deems that it is not in the public interest to know then a D-notice will be issued.

General Discussion Area / Re: Canadian F1 GP (Spoiler)
« on: 11 June 2019, 23:05:59 »
The top three European state owned propaganda channels are:

1. BBC.
2. RT.
3. Sputnik.

Russia owns numbers 2 & 3 & make no pretense that they are anything other than state run propaganda channels to further the Kremlin's aims. Most Eastern European reporting on the BBC comes from their Moscow news centre. In the words of Sarah Rashford, one of their senior journalists: "We just repeat what the Kremlin press agents send us, that way it ensures we don't get into trouble and are forced to leave Russia." Where I followed in detail what has happened in Ukraine since 2008 you can clearly see that BBC items on Ukraine are clearly based on furthering the Kremlin's agenda. >:( >:( >:(

The BBC's climate fraud and environmental fake news is an international embarrassment. Fortunately, the IPCC 'climate emergency' is a step too far and a massive backlash on the whole agenda is now in progress where there has been no global warming since 1998 and a sharp temperature drop over the last 3 years as we are approaching the end of solar cycle 24. Higher CO2 levels with our current CO2 correction, are our & all living things on this planet's friend, where CO2 has been dropping steadily for the last 140m years from about 3000ppm. Last ice age it dropped to about 150ppm with C3 plants getting into trouble below 120ppm & by 50-60ppm are all dead, which means all animal are as well. Sweet spot for CO2 with C3 plants is 600-1500ppm and C4 plants evolved once the Earth dropped below 800ppm & can survive at much lower CO2 levels but with the price of needing much more energy, which limits them to equatorial plants like maize, millet & the only fruit which is pineapple. Our burning of fossil fuels has massively benefitted all of the global ecosystem & with the downward trend we will have to look at other technologies in the future to keep boosting it once we have used all of the economically extractable fuels.

Personally, I don't care that all free lunches automatically attract the hard left like moths round a lamp. The BBC for their monopoly on live broadcasters & The Guardian for their 18-19 century trust for 'everlasting subsidies' but they have now managed to burn through all of it due to massive continued losses. I've never read The Guardian where it is not my sort of newspaper, but to watch any live TV you have to fund the BBC Marxists and their vile political agenda, which I'm not prepared to do & it is wrong, wrong, wrong that anybody should have to pay such a political levy in such circumstances. It is the sort of forced propaganda you would expect from Hitler or Stalin & has no place in a Western democracy.

The good news is that the TV tax is not sustainable due to non-live TV on demand like netflix & Amazon and others on the way from Apple, Google & Microsoft. Over 800,000 stopped paying for a TV licence in 2018 & I expect that to be much higher this year where it is continuing to gain momentum. For many older viewers due to their political agenda & endless repeats & for younger viewers that they prefer Netflix on the basic price of ~80pa & Amazon at about the same. When Nigel Farage becomes PM he will abolish it. :y :y :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Brackley carnival
« on: 10 June 2019, 05:50:27 »
I'm sure at some point TB will build a float in his garage & most of Brackley will inherit some of the float's pyrotechnics. ::) ::) ::)

I need to get out to Normandy in the next 12 months or so & sort out my very overgrown house, near La Haye du Puits, where I haven't been driving or visiting due to my eyesight. :( :( :(

General Discussion Area / Re: Canadian F1 GP (Spoiler)
« on: 10 June 2019, 05:40:04 »
Where I no longer do live TV where I totally refuse, totally refuse, to pay a bunch of Marxists providing me with a daily indoctrination through the TV tax. I just legally use the BBC website text & R5 commentary. As per usually, BBC don't realise being very anti-English Hamilton against their massive multi-million EU grants & support of zee German 4th reich EU empire, goes against their minority rules, ;) :D :-[ hypocrites. But money (& EU grants) always, but always talks the loudest when you are being sold your news. ::) ::) ::)

I don't ever forget it & nor should you. :y :y :y

Vettal is expected to announce that his is consulting with the FIFA, in F1 FIA rules disgust, about playing football instead. If he makes a mistake in the penalty area by going in with a last grasp studs up flying tackle mistake, it is up to the striker to get out of the way & take on the chin any advantage he has lost, where he can't control his studs up flying mistake. :-X :P :-[

General Discussion Area / Re: The Runners and Riders!
« on: 09 June 2019, 21:51:25 »
Gove will be along shortly to take part in Sir Tigs poll, where there are 12 lines to score on. ::) ::) ::)

General Discussion Area / Canadian F1 GP (Spoiler)
« on: 09 June 2019, 21:35:27 »
Same old, same old.

Pressure, crack with mistake, unsafe driving penalty, throw toys out pram again.  ;D ;D ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Red Arrows
« on: 07 June 2019, 13:11:15 »
I think if the USN were commenting with a flypass on the b*lle*d it would look like this. ;D

Yes, I've been following this and the action should hot up over the next 5 to 6 weeks. I have bunged his fighting fund with a 50 contribution where it certainly could really put Larry the cat amongst PM Mays pigeons. :y :y :y

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