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 on: Today at 14:13:44 
Started by STMO - Last post by Rods2
I was thinking current model V70/S80 rather than the 700/900/V90 family :y

Incidentally, the six pot Volvo tanks used Renault V6s well into the nineties...

Yes, the old Renault V6's had a reputation for eating the made of chocolate cams.

 on: Today at 14:07:43 
Started by Doctor Opti - Last post by Doctor Opti
I bought a 10p plastic fly swatter , very entertaining playing tennis with them  ;D
Any success?

 on: Today at 14:06:57 
Started by Andy A - Last post by Andy A
Is there a diagram any where so I can see how it all connects?

My friend said he used Dexron II ATF in his Omega manual gearbox with no apparent problems. Is this safe to use?

I have 5 Liters of Fuchs TITAN ATF 3000 Multipurpose Dexron II ATF. Is this safe to do a complete oil change on my manual gearbox?

Is this the same stuff to put into a Auto gearbox?


 on: Today at 13:39:43 
Started by Doctor Opti - Last post by EMD
I bought a 10p plastic fly swatter , very entertaining playing tennis with them  ;D

 on: Today at 13:39:19 
Started by joff - Last post by mka306
Don't'll soon be going through the Ominger learning curve...not always a pleasant experience and some fall by the wayside. Just be guided by the advice given on here as there is no other source that can compare with the collective expertise that's offered on this forum... just remember, in OOF we trust! simples  ;) :y

And trust I do, nothing but friendly and approachable folks offering help right, left and centre, Couldn't feel any safer with my new purchase :y

 on: Today at 13:35:49 
Started by terbert - Last post by EMD
Once i go in the man cave its locked from the inside  :P There's a special knock code to get in that she dont know  ::)


 on: Today at 13:29:58 
Started by terbert - Last post by deviator
Do all folders in Windows have 'Read only' as their properties. Because all my folders on this computer do.

Ahh this makes more sense. Windows protects it's self from the user! The Program Files and the Windows folder do not (by default) have write access to the user. It's quite annoying at times because if I change a system file (In the Windows) folder because I know it cures a fault, Windows quietly in the background thinks I am a virus and puts the original file back.

 on: Today at 13:29:23 
Started by gbh - Last post by gbh
What strength of axle stand or load bearing if I buy a new pair?

 on: Today at 13:26:35 
Started by terbert - Last post by Diamond Black Geezer
No worries  :y. Without adding the gremlin of paranoia, no antivirus is 100% perfect - that's why any computer repair place will have maybe half a dozen or more antiviruses for checking PCs. Also just because your antivirus is up to date doesn't guarantee that there's no viruses on the machine, so a full scan is always worth doing in any situation where there's a gremlin in the system.

I'm not the biggest PC expert, not at all; but scanning for viruses whenever there's an issue is the computer equivalent of using axle stands and a jack when you're popping under the car for only 2 mins- 99% a waste of time, but you regret it the one time you're let down.

Will pop the question to a guy at work who knows everything.. see what he can come up with

 on: Today at 13:25:39 
Started by Darth Loo-knee - Last post by EMD
Yesterday.  ;)

Fitted refurbed wishbones.  The wishbones I pulled off had some cracked welds around the rear bushes so I dug out an old set and put the new bushes in those instead.  :y

Now I remember why the old wishbones were replaced in the first place apart from shagged bushes they creaked!  :o  With new bushes they still creak, probably more so with the poly bushes!  ::)  :(

Hey ho, I guess I'll be doing it all again sometime in the nearish future.  ::)  In the immediate future I'll just crank the sounds up!  ;D

So poly's are causing the bones to crack on the welds  :(

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