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 on: Today at 17:48:14 
Started by Doctor Opti - Last post by pscocoa
I cannot understand why your insurance company is not closely involved. If your house is fully insured they should be putting it right and they claim any recoveries from the guilty party.

If you have been unfortunate to have been dealt with by a numpty in your insurance companies claims department then you need to insist on the matter being escalated and a written response from your insurance company as to what is their precise position.

If not already done so you should have a letter into guilty party and any associated parties that you hold them responsible for all your losses whether insured or uninsured and that you will be taking action to deal with the rectification of the matter but give them a few days to respond and pass your letter to their insurers.

What is the value of the physical damage. Get the name of the Chief Executive of your insurer

 on: Today at 17:36:06 
Started by Darth Loo-knee - Last post by henryd
The replacement for the Omega was delivered today..

(Lanky lad in the picture is Amy's little brother, not me .. I'm more rotund!)

Looks very nice,crikey you'll be buying a caravan next :D

 on: Today at 17:18:02 
Started by Darth Loo-knee - Last post by Sir Tigger
Cool!  8)

 on: Today at 17:15:31 
Started by Emd - Last post by Sir Tigger
Lord Opti didn't say he was having Wayne Rooney round for tea....   :-\  ::)  ;D

 on: Today at 17:08:50 
Started by Emd - Last post by zirk
So you ring your Insurance Co and say 'I'd like to insure my new Nissan'

'Yes, certainly Sir, any modifications?'

'Hrmm, err, hmm, umm, er, No, none'  :-X

 on: Today at 17:06:41 
Started by SMD - Last post by SMD
Now open to saloons and estates. Still prefer mid to late facelift 3.2 Elites and MV6.

 on: Today at 16:49:38 
Started by chrisgixer - Last post by 4x4
I have 6 all are round and black  ;D

 on: Today at 16:46:06 
Started by Andy H - Last post by Lizzie Zoom
Another case of a racing car being used in a way that was wrong for a public road ::) ::) ::) :P

 on: Today at 16:36:25 
Started by Andy H - Last post by GastronomicKleptomaniac
Okay was me. :'(

I'm used to 180 BHP but 500 italian stallions rather caught me by surprise.  :)

Shit happens. :)

All that about your insurance company and theyve given you a Ferrari as a courtesy conservatory?

 on: Today at 16:19:54 
Started by Emd - Last post by Essex Big Al
Bugger   .  . no edit facility   :-[ :-[   last post should be to EMD    not opti  . . Oops ! sorry  :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

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