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 on: Today at 19:13:39 
Started by rds - Last post by rds
Yes, i think  they must be on the soft side as they do not last very long. Are any of the others you mention a little harder?



 on: Today at 19:10:51 
Started by Jim - Last post by Andy B
The hardest, bit is removing, the Camelot pulley nut,  .....

I've found that too  ::) ::) ;)

 on: Today at 18:59:41 
Started by trackcars - Last post by zirk
If you remove them it wont fly threw the MOT next time, it will sound a lot louder and any HP gains wont really be achieved unless you go to town on redesigning the complete exhaust system to suit.

 on: Today at 18:43:20 
Started by Jim - Last post by biggriffin
The hardest, bit is removing, the Camelot pulley nut, then getting it off without breaking the key.

 on: Today at 18:41:50 
Started by trackcars - Last post by Andy B
Thaksn I've got the DVD from the forum shop already just need to get the campbelt and someone on here had a cambelt tool on here forsale just hope it goes all well

Have you asked Daz aka Darth Loo Knee or  Elite Pete? They do/did mobile fitting

 on: Today at 18:39:56 
Started by biggriffin - Last post by biggriffin
Well we in varche land ,been here 3 days , 27'c  nice sat by the pool, haven't seen any omega yet, ,
The corsa  :)hire car is permanently in 2nd a restrict ed 1.2, good air on, nearly as good as my estate.

 on: Today at 18:36:09 
Started by Migv6 - Last post by Migv6
I'm after an old pair of genuine wishbones to refurbish. Condition of bushes etc. immaterial, but most be structurally sound.
Tia.  :)

 on: Today at 18:30:58 
Started by Migv6 - Last post by Migv6
Rear end of my 3.2 elite looks like its sitting too high. I measured from the floor to the wheelarch and it measures 685mm either side.
Iirc this is about 25mm high ?
Pulled the air pipes of the shocks and released air, made no difference. Checked that pump runs by popping arm off sensor and raising it, which caused the pump to kick in.
Lowering the sensor arm as low as it will go, doesn't cause shocks to lower. Should it ? If not, what does ?
Seem to remember something about a pressure release valve on the pump ? Could that be the cause ?
Tia.  :)

 on: Today at 18:27:27 
Started by Jim - Last post by Jim
How difficult is it to change the front crankshaft seal???

 on: Today at 18:26:43 
Started by TheBoy - Last post by Sir Tigger
You could get a fickin hosepipe down mine.  ;D

Yes we've heard it's very slack and flaccid!  :D

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