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 on: Today at 09:02:15 
Started by Mr. Opti - Last post by Marks DTM Calib
Oh dear, very poor maintenance Mr Opti!  ;D :y

Never had any issue removing them with the correct tools.

And if removed with the correct tools then the clips can be re-used, make sure you insert the clips into the ends of the fuel line fittings before fitting the new filter.

 on: Today at 08:47:33 
Started by plym ian - Last post by plym ian
Just rung them 15.45 +vat :y

 on: Today at 08:44:18 
Started by JamesV6CDX - Last post by andyc
As suspected your dealer is talking ********* Luton showing 2 and Germany showing 14

Spray Pt No 9194969


Get stuck PM me

 on: Today at 08:44:06 
Started by mcd840 - Last post by minifreek
No problem :)

 on: Today at 08:41:39 
Started by badmuver - Last post by chrisgixer
Depends what your opinion is based on. As a joe bloggs man in the street, which is the majority, opinion is not going to be good as the benefits aren't handed down in many peoples eyes. In fact most of the dirty end of the stick seems to be all that's available.

Yet those perceived as in positions of power will likely see benefits of staying in.

But given the general distrust of any senior figure or powers that be by Joe Bloggs, senior figures need to hand down some benefits or risk loosing out, and the sooner they sort that out the better.

Thing is, given the woeful state of management on even the smallest level, sorting out the eu so everyone/more people are happy with it will take longer than most if our life times. By the looks.

 on: Today at 08:30:44 
Started by Rods2 - Last post by tunnie
Does vary depending on work though, also where you are. I always wanted to work near or in London due to work always being available.

I've had a pay rise each year I've been at Sky, ranging from 2.5 to 4.5%, along with most other people employed here.

 on: Today at 08:28:31 
Started by Emd - Last post by tunnie
Compete ing with Apple TV and chromecast per chance?

Eh? Can compete with other clients on those devices, eg Netflix, but Apple/Google want us on their platforms.

Chromecast is a different beast though, Apple TV is very basic. All depends what you want to do, Chromecast has an API, you can tell what to do. With Apple TV and airplay, all you can do is tell the player, 'Here is my authenticated stream from my device, play it'

With Chromecast, you can be a bit more creative.

 on: Today at 08:24:10 
Started by Emd - Last post by chrisgixer
Compete ing with Apple TV and chromecast per chance?

 on: Today at 08:20:16 
Started by plym ian - Last post by RobG
Cheers rob is it vx only or are there any web sites I can get them from?

I only ask cause I've had a look on various sites to no availe :(

 on: Today at 08:20:08 
Started by tunnie - Last post by tunnie
hope noone minds if i cross post this to another forum?

No problemo, I just spotted it on digg  :y

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