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 on: Today at 08:17:25 
Started by jiho102 - Last post by berserkerboy
Someone posted about a squeak from their car and it turned out to be the tensioner. so as mine was making the same noise I changed it only to find out it was the cambelt tensioner. and I'm still waiting for my new cambelt kit to turn up from a company I ordered it from on Wednesday and paid the extra postage to make sure it got here in double quick time.
Good job you took notice of that. 3.2 tensioning and alignment is slightly different from doing a 2.5 as per the dvd. Lower idler has no adjustment, or at least it didn't on mine.

 on: Today at 08:09:48 
Started by gbh - Last post by berserkerboy
I did mine recently. I seem to remember I couldn't slide them back in. I just lined them up and used the palm of my hand to force them back on. Easy peasy. However, some of the little black fixings that hold them in place are likely to be damaged on removal. Not sure how essential they are. I had enough good ones to not worry overly.

 on: Today at 08:08:43 
Started by terry paget - Last post by Doctor Gollum
If no reserve was set and the auction finished then the seller should pay by paypal and the car is legally his I think.
There was a case upheld in Germany a few years ago involving a rather nice yacht worth about 35,000 ... seller had neglected to place a reserve and buyer won said yacht for a pittance. Courts upheld in favour of the buyer.

 on: Today at 08:03:49 
Started by terry paget - Last post by berserkerboy
If no reserve was set and the auction finished then the seller should pay by paypal and the car is legally his I think.

 on: Today at 07:42:15 
Started by Auto Addict - Last post by Ever Ready
I wouldn't venture into France with GB plates on just yet.  ;D

I always have an Ecosse sticker on the car. Our Gallic neighbours have been very helpful when they see it. :y

 on: Today at 01:55:55 
Started by terry paget - Last post by migmog
powell, Bliars chief of staff was on newsnight friday saying there must be a general election and one party could say stuff the result we're staying in, and if they win = referendum in the bin.

 on: Today at 01:50:18 
Started by Doctor Opti - Last post by Rods2
It is in the EU's interest to have an orderly exit for the UK. Merkel has suggested EU and UK take their time and get it right. This makes sense as the EU sells much more to us than we do to them. Our balance of payments are in surplus with ROW, it is trade with EU that causes our worrying overall balance of payments deficit.

We are Germany's 3rd biggest export market after the US and France.

German export and import trade figures can be viewed here:

Their positive trade balance (exports - imports) with UK in 2015 was 127 612 593 000 127.6bn, which they won't want to jeopardise.

Dr Richard North with his Flexcit plan is the only coherent, considered one I have seen:


429 page .pdf:

He explains how EEA is the only practical route for a 2 year negotiating window, with the longer term aim of an EFTA agreement. It took Switzerland 16 years to negotiate their EFTA!

Before we press the article 50 button it makes sense to have pre-article 50 discussions to outline the scope of the talks and setting a schedule. The only country that will probably be awkward is France and that won't be personal as their politicians try to shaft everybody.

I think the onus is on the UK to press the Article 50 button when we are ready. Once the preliminary talks have finished I don't see any point in dragging our heels.

I get the impression that the EU will be glad to see the back of us, so they can get on unfettered with building the EUSSR, which they need to do as the Euro is not sustainable without fiscal transfers, joint-and-severable pooled sovereign bonds and sovereign debt write-offs for those above 120% of GDP. Now we can no longer be tapped up to contribute our share, Germany will have to be the main source of supplying many of the Euro countries with lots of free money, think PIIGS plus France. After German reunification and tax rises, the German taxpayers don't think it is a swell idea that they are the free money providers but I'm sure war guilt will prevail again. However, if they don't then the Euro can't work and survive. Common taxation to remove tax competition will also be introduced which will screw Ireland's and Malta's low corporation tax based economies, but more free German money should smooth that over and likewise transition rates and lower taxes in very high tax countries like France (56% of GDP) will be solved with even more free German money. I'm sure the good old German taxpayer won't mind having pay an extra 3bn in fees to replace ours and another round or ten of ever higher EU unification taxes. ::) ::) ::) :o :o :o ;D ;D ;D

 on: Today at 01:47:55 
Started by Jasonm - Last post by migmog
yes did try it.......... for 5 mins

 on: Today at 01:16:54 
Started by Jasonm - Last post by Doctor Golllum
no i've got it pretty much looking like win 7 now thanks to
I thought you said you bought it to try win10.

 on: Today at 00:46:58 
Started by pscocoa - Last post by BIGtime
Merkel put down the welcome mat......That tipped the scales on the vote  :y

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