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 on: Today at 22:39:00 
Started by bored bigyin54 - Last post by Diamond Black Geezer
ozzycat rings a bell, cant claim to have known him, but I gladly doff my cap in his direction out of respect.

 on: Today at 22:37:09 
Started by addy - Last post by Diamond Black Geezer
My proper flare spanner slipped and rounded my last union I tried to undo. That line got replaced the next day. So as above, sadly they may well be past it by now... but I'd still recommend getting a flare spanner 'in' as they are the right tool for the right job and all that.

 on: Today at 22:32:46 
Started by Rangie - Last post by Andy B
Complete waste of time, but it adds to someone's coffers. We all know what we should have been doing, but were caught going faster. But it does surprise me how clueless some of our fellow road users are re speeds & general road markings .... I did one a few months back - 49 IIRC in a 40

 on: Today at 22:28:31 
Started by STEMO - Last post by Migv6 le Frog Fan
Labour are now promising free broadband for all and are going to make big tech companies pay for it. The old trick of buying votes with other peoples money.
Don't suppose they have considered that the tech companies will just move out of the UK and lots of people will lose their jobs.
Anyone who votes for a bunch of terrorist supporting Marxists, just to get free broadband shouldn't be allowed to vote.

 on: Today at 22:19:08 
Started by aNGRY - Last post by Luiz Vivas
Pictures please.

 on: Today at 22:18:16 
Started by bored bigyin54 - Last post by Migv6 le Frog Fan
Very sorry to hear this. I remember he had serious health issues a while back.
RIP Ozzycat.

 on: Today at 22:16:54 
Started by GrahamK - Last post by Luiz Vivas
I think you're right. Most importantly, have fun driving your favorite car. I strive to keep mine flawless. It's nice to see other people admiring your classic car.  :y :y :y

 on: Today at 22:07:06 
Started by Luiz Vivas - Last post by Luiz Vivas
Nice cars  :y :y :y :y
I will still live in a house with a large garage like yours.
My first experience on an Omega was on Suprema 3.0.
My wife doesn't like Caravans, especially black ones. According to her, it's funeral car  ;D ;D ;D
A friend of ours (nickname Bradock) had a black Suprema with the "Funeral Service" logo on the back and carried a coffin (empty) at club meetings. The unsuspecting were scared ;D ;D ;D
Unfortunately his "funeral" Suprema was destroyed in an accident.

 on: Today at 22:05:52 
Started by ozzycat - Last post by STEMO
Hey...welcome back, buddy.... :y :y
FFS Tony. Keep up.  ;D

 on: Today at 21:43:03 
Started by ozzycat - Last post by Tainted Tony
Hey...welcome back, buddy.... :y :y

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