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 on: Today at 02:16:47 
Started by Sir Sideways - Last post by Sir Sideways
Hello there

I know it's a long shot but, if anyone has one for sale - that would be great.

Many thanks

I have front bumper and sideskirts left - no rear bumper
If you PM me with email address I can send pictures


They what i sold you a couple of years ago? you came to collect while i was moving house

 on: Today at 01:19:10 
Started by redelitev6 - Last post by Rods2
Hmm I wonder if Rods SIL is as hot as Lord Opti's?  :-\   ::)   ;D

My wife and SIL are almost identical twins, so both hot. ;)

 on: Today at 01:18:09 
Started by Migalot - Last post by Andy B
the  americans don't care who runs the country, as long as they don't revoke the 2nd amendment,or bring in gun controls.

ain't that the truth

 on: Today at 01:14:47 
Started by hoj - Last post by Andy B

AndyB any ideas about my dash/clocks problem?

Sorry, I don't.  :-\ But I'm around all Monday if you want to call for a brew & we could have a look  :y

 on: Today at 00:24:58 
Started by Webby the Bear - Last post by Webby the Bear
Thanks guys I'll inspect tomorrow. I bet I've left the pipe off.

Tig.  You could well be right. I depressed the valve to release the pressure.  Maybe it just needs a poke to reseat it.  :y

 on: Today at 00:11:33 
Started by Lagondanet - Last post by terbert
Dark green 03 reg with twin exhausts in the Chequered Flag/Tesco/fish and chip car park in Brackley (Saturday 30th)

 on: Yesterday at 23:49:54 
Started by blue_dream - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Easy... Refit retaining nut two turns*, then smack the wheel from behind with flat of your hand... Alternatively, brace your feet behind the pedals and pull whilst simultaneously pulling one side or tother towards you... Once it starts to rock, it should pop off :y

This step is optional, but budget for a week in hospital when you break your face as the wheel flies off...

 on: Yesterday at 23:46:06 
Started by Omegaglenn73 - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Bizarre... :-X

 on: Yesterday at 23:43:55 
Started by minifreek - Last post by Doctor Gollum
They come from Irmscher in primer :y

Second hand suspension isn't worth a fumble in your pocket... Exception being good condition springs... Certainly if you've been towing, B4's will be good for scrap.

 on: Yesterday at 23:40:33 
Started by Jimbob - Last post by Doctor Gollum
I didn't but I must admit that I wasn't looking... I tend to use it purely to keep tabs on our inbounds only to get sidetracked by random things like the Midlands Air Ambulance...

Brize isn't always visible either, which is a bit bizarre seeing as the village is clearly marked on the FR map  :D

Apparently the UN operate a B767-300...

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