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 on: Today at 04:55:38 
Started by milcho2005 - Last post by Muroman
In which car are you fitting that small beast? :)

 on: Today at 04:53:34 
Started by lloyd3213 - Last post by Muroman
I like the color, maybe for a reason   ::) :y

 on: Today at 02:41:21 
Started by milcho2005 - Last post by jimbo125
Nice body work, no sign of rear end shunt ;D
Yep they always look better in black......what the car is silver??

 on: Today at 00:56:23 
Started by tunnie - Last post by X30XE
Tad more miles, but this is stonking value.

I read the engines were refined a bit late 2010, going to have to drive one, see what's what.

What the hell is wrong with you  :-\

fnarking disgusting ugly obese astra full of the shittest plastics known to man, a disgusting boring 4 pot diesel piece of WWD cack, shit ride quality, noisey scratty little rep taxi. I would honestly rather walk than ever get in one of those abominations ever again.

Just get a CLS already dammit!  :P 

 on: Today at 00:31:45 
Started by STEMO - Last post by Doctor Gollum
350cdi uses adblue :y

 on: Today at 00:30:04 
Started by tunnie - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Manual 4x4 is a good B Road car :y

Ha, thanks. But don't fancy that setup. Idiotic tax for starters and I don't need or want 4x4.  :)

Elite, CDTi with an Autobox.

As 8k appears to get you 2012 examples, around 50k miles and all the toys.
You can be a real div at times... 4x4 available in 2.0 Cdti form ::)

 on: Today at 00:28:46 
Started by Doctor Gollum - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Thought it might be of interest to the lorryists and caravanists  ;)

Does exactly what it says on the (googly) tin...

 on: Yesterday at 23:49:16 
Started by andyc - Last post by andyc
Hi Guys

A friend of mind in the US has just had a couple of TC's pop up and as I haven't access to anything at the moment because i'm off work after a major operation.

The TC Codes are

411 - incorrect flow secondary air system

440 - evaporative emission control system mal function

These codes have only popped up after doing a rad flush as he was having temp issues but to me they don't seem connected

Any advise please


 on: Yesterday at 23:39:18 
Started by geoprea1989 - Last post by atann
Though slightly off topic, I've noticed with my Omega, that 99% it starts straight away. But there is the odd time when it doesn't and you then have to crank it for about 5 seconds to start. I fitted a new Bosch battery two months ago, any ideas?

 on: Yesterday at 23:19:12 
Started by Doctor Gollum - Last post by Andy B
Google says it's an inverter .....  :-\
Your google's better than mine. >:(

 ;D ;D  :y

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