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 on: Yesterday at 21:34:16 
Started by BazaJT - Last post by Lizzie Zoom
What I didn't hear during the programme was the fact that Vice Admiral Lord Collingwood on HMS Royal Soveriegn leading the rear, second column of the fleet was the first ship to go into action, after the French ships commenced fire on the British at about 1130 hours. Royal Soveriegn was the first RN ship to cut through the rear of the combined fleet at about 1200, targeting the huge 112 gun Santa Ana, flagship of the Spanish Rear Admiral Alava as planned by Nelson. This caused the first heavy casualties within the combined fleet.  Nelson in HMS Victory was in action some 20 minutes after Collingwood commenced his fight, with the combined fleet firing on Victory at 1221. The huge, 140 gun, Santissima Trinidad, was the target that Nelson was aiming for, as Baza stated, but due to the light wind blowing the British fleet into battle, combined with the closing up of the ships to the flagships stern, Victory was sent to the stern of the 80 gun Bucentaure flagship of the French Admiral Villeneuve .  As Baza stated, terrible carnage followed on Bucentaure as Victory fired full broadsides, that included 32 pounder cannons, not just the 18 pounders quoted in the programme,  through the ship from stern to bow, taking out everything in between, cutting up hundreds of men and women (powder monkeys, and general helpers).

Indeed, it was not just HMS Victory that won the battle; all men and ships of the Royal Navy present that day achieved the victory.  However, one ship is outstanding on the day; HMS Temeraire, now known as "The Fighting Temeraire", and the subject of a famous painting by Turner.  She was of 98 guns and followed Victory into battle, giving covering fire to the flagship and soaking up a great amount of shot intended for Victory, whilst continually firing devasting broadsides into the enemy.  Indeed, at one stage she had a French ship on one side of her and a Spanish ship on the other, but it was her who defeated both, striking their national colours.  ;)

 on: Yesterday at 21:31:55 
Started by tunnie - Last post by tunnie

 on: Yesterday at 21:27:57 
Started by tunnie - Last post by tunnie
Live data tests, key 0v here I think  :-\

Everything else checks out ok.

 on: Yesterday at 21:25:33 
Started by tunnie - Last post by jimmy944
I agree. I'd be pointing at the abs pump/controller unit. 2nd hand one an option?

Shouldn't be hard to change.

 on: Yesterday at 20:57:58 
Started by woolley11 - Last post by woolley11
Itíll be a good stablemate for my star silver MV6.

Thatís only had 1 previous owner other than the dealer as a pre-reg in Dec Ď99.

Itís twice the mileage at 113k, but that has full spec including leather, nav, cruise, Bose, telephone head unit so again worth keeping & sorting.

Itís off road at moment with my poss head gasket issues.

 on: Yesterday at 20:51:44 
Started by EliteRich - Last post by johnnydog
I would have thought your best bet was either a Vauxhall dealer (most likely would have to order them in), a breakers yard, or any of the Vauxhall breakers on EBay such as 'omega52' or 'omegaspareparts'.
Any decent VX dealer should know what you mean when you ask for the estate rear luggage area carpet retaining clips!
There are three colours - beige, grey or black.
I think they are refered to as 'buttons'
Trying to interpret the VX parts list needs a maths degree but I think they are as follows -
Beige 904378834
Black 90431808
Grey 90438838
What colour do you need? No doubt someone on here will also have some - depending on what colour and number needed, I may have some black ones.
As regards cup holders, there are only the ridiculous ones in the centre console, but I never use cup holders anyway(even if I had some proper ones to use).

 on: Yesterday at 20:48:25 
Started by tunnie - Last post by tunnie
Engine running and taken for a drive, while live data running. Still 0 volts displayed, at all times.

No pedal trick, besides don't see how that can give anything above what code reader I have.

Still think it is the ABS pump, as it never says any positive volts, speed sensor data, everything else looks good.

You keep saying you've checked the fuse by looking at ...  since when have your eyes been electrically continuous ???  Put a meter on the fuse and check for continuity .. it is the ONLY way to correctly check a fuse ... how do you know the visible bit has not broken off one of the legs in the corner ???

 :o :o

Might not be that, but for the sake of doing a job PROPERLY... it would rule it out once and for all ...  I can see you being very pissed off if a new fuse were to fix the problem ..... :)

Tested with MultiMeter, all good for ABS fuses.  :y

 on: Yesterday at 20:26:12 
Started by Tilbo - Last post by jimmy944
Quite why anyone would buy the 2.3 ecoboost variant is beyond me.

Its traditional.

Ford have always produced 2 Mustangs. The v8, and the one for those who should have worked harder at school.

 on: Yesterday at 20:19:18 
Started by tunnie - Last post by Doctor Gollum
you did have the engine running when you read the module ?  :-\
or the abs pump would read 0 volts  ;D
Good point, well presented.

Also have you tried the pedal trick?

Also, if you can't find the abs block, you aren't looking.

Follow the brake lines from the servo and report back  :y

 on: Yesterday at 20:16:41 
Started by Varche - Last post by Sir Tigger QC
how does a no deal and a hard border pan out? Is there a magic fix?

It's quite simple really.  :y

Barnier appeared to accept the other day that the UK will not accept a border down the Irish Sea, but instead said checks on goods heading to the Republic of Ireland could be done in Northern Ireland away from the border before crossing into the Republic.  ::)

What we should do, is unilaterally recognise EU standards and declare that we will not be checking any goods coming from the EU at any ports or border crossings.  We should also tell the EU that if they will not mutually recognise UK standards that is fine, but any checks they want to do on the island of Ireland must be done well away from the border and in the Republic's territory.  :)

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