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 on: Yesterday at 22:27:20 
Started by BazaJT - Last post by Varche
Cant argue with “ our politicians having a lack of imagination and foresight.”

 on: Yesterday at 22:13:26 
Started by Auto Addict - Last post by Kevin Wood
and adding the BMW tax. After all, you might be a typical BMW owner and nobody can afford to underprice those jobs....
I think most of the knobjockeys have moved over to Mercedes, if my experiences are anything to go by...

...more common than Fords, and universally driven by cockwombles.  At least Beemer drivers only used to not indicate, and sit on your arse with space only for a rizla.

Yes, at least most BMW drivers are youthful enough not to have completely lost their spacial awareness. :-X

 on: Yesterday at 22:10:20 
Started by BazaJT - Last post by Rods2
The realistic cost of £100bn would buy 100 type 45 destroyers & in this unstable world I know which would be more useful. The only reason we are building HS2 is the the EU has ordered us to. Come the 31/10 we can tell them to swivel & cancel it.

Lizzie's argument is nonsensical that it will create jobs, so would bringing back wheel tappers on every platform at every station. The difference between rich & poor countries is the efficient allocation of limited resources that provides a decent ROI. HS2 doesnt where the maths I think were done by either Lizzie or Diane Abbot where it will return in the region of £eleventy-ten-one. :-[ :-[ :-[

So it does not take thousands of workers to build the line, thousands to provide the materials, then hundreds to run the new lines?! Then there is the untold jobs that will be created by the more efficient movement of people between the major business centres.

So the EU is forcing us to build these new lines? Rubbish!!

If you Rod had been around in the great days of railway building they would never have been built and we would still be using horse and carts!

Roads are too clogged and slow, air travel is damaging the environment, and the current railway lines from South to North, at least, have reached maximum capacity, but people will still need to travel between cities, and fast.

No, just another negative comment to justify the usual negative comments about everything. ::) ::) ::)

Yes, they would have as their was a sound business case for this technology & likewise there has been for CrossRail & there is also for the Heathrow loop. A simple rule for infrastructure investment is that it pays for itself in terms of significant time saving & thus cost and/or significantly more people use it. HS2 has only been justified on the basis of mythical increases in passenger & freight traffic & being able to charge much higher prices. None of these hold so it is just a massive white elephant which will make us all collectively poorer.

A maximum practical daily commute time is 1 hour each way for the majority of people & London to Manchester is slightly beyond this & Leeds & Liverpool are significantly beyond this limit, especially where they are now on cost grounds talking about potentially limiting the trains to a maximum of 195mph (from 225). Japan & China are showing the way ahead with up to 600kph Maglev lines. These would bring Manchester, Liverpool & Leeds all in daily London commute times & would beat flight times with their much faster boarding & alighting times, thus capturing a significant portion of this market. The Chinese are testing at the moment their latest 600kph Maglev prototype, which they are aiming to put into production in 2021. The problem is the lack of imagination & foresight of our politicians where they think almost 200 year old steel rail technology is the future, it isn't Maglev & Hyperloop are. Like so many British inventions with Maglev we are letting our competitors develop, invest & out compete us.

 on: Yesterday at 22:10:06 
Started by Doctor Gollum - Last post by Kevin Wood
Every mechanic I know blames CAN when they don't understand CAN  :y
This is as true as 30 years ago when every mechanic blames the engine ECU for everything.

There is nothing difficult about CANBUS from a diags perspective, its just its "new"* and mechanics# distrust what they haven't grasped.

* New as in most car designs for the last 15+ years have used it almost exclusively

# Term used in the loose sense, to cover the usual knuckle draggers found at all dealerships

I got given the task of developing a CAN module to drive a Ford Sierra rear light cluster for one of my A level electronics practicals so it's been around for at least 30 years, although it had a very slow start. ;D

 on: Yesterday at 22:06:45 
Started by kingshott50 - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Stick it on Autotrader and ebay and Facebook for £500.

If you still have it by the end of August then keep it or scrap it.  :y

 on: Yesterday at 21:43:24 
Started by kingshott50 - Last post by kingshott50
Thanks for that got offered  £215 ,but  that's not the problem it's to good to scrap

 on: Yesterday at 21:30:03 
Started by Doctor Gollum - Last post by Fuse 19
Its got a couple of gallons of diesel in there at the moment.  Typical. ;D
Im actually confident I would get at least what I paid for it even if the engine is fooked. It will cost  lot more than that to buy another half decent one though.

Its not as simple as the fuel shutoff solenoid on the pump?

Cracked the injector pipes open and fuel is getting up to the injectors.  :(
Gut feeling suspects are - air leaking into fuel supply, which is known to cause havoc. Knackered pump, which almost certainly means the end of the car. Head gasket, which will probably be the same result as knackered pump.  :-\
I will try to find out from tomorrow when I should have time to have a play.

For awareness, you can still get the rail with a knackered solenoid (as I discovered recently on a 1.6D VW engine).

However, there is no pressure behind it so it does  not crack the injectors (Bosch pump).

It's worth applying 12V direct to the solenoid to see if you can hear or feel it go click  :y

 on: Yesterday at 21:00:07 
Started by omprezaman - Last post by omprezaman
Hi all, i have an omega LSD with all brand new oil and the special additive direct from GM which were the last in the country, the diff is in excellent condition refurbed on the outside and had no noises. I was going to fit to my mv6 but didnt get round to it so has been stored for last 6/7 years. I paid a lot for it then. I want to guage interest and cant post in the parts for sale forum??

 on: Yesterday at 20:51:45 
Started by terry paget - Last post by Doctor Gollum
If they have the same dashboard then yes :y

If not, then no.


 on: Yesterday at 20:44:52 
Started by terry paget - Last post by terry paget
2008 Astra estate 1.6 petrol estate
Above car was damaged in collision with another car, damage is mainly front bumper, car is still driveable. I have a dead 2004 Astra saloon with good front bumper. Will it fit?

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