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 on: Yesterday at 19:36:18 
Started by RobseyMV6 - Last post by Lizzie Zoom
If TB had used a spreadsheet he would not have forgotten when cam belts had been changed, which started this part of the thread off ::) ::) ::) :P
A spreadsheet is a tool for doing complex calculations on a set of numbers. *NOT* for creating tables  >:(

And that is what mine does ::) ;)

But, hey, I understand you hate spreadsheets when I don't.

End of story! ::) ::) :)

 on: Yesterday at 19:27:38 
Started by STEMO - Last post by Shackeng
I'm having to force myself to feel sanguine about this new era in UK politics .
My belief is that we have reached an all time low in the quality ,ability and personality required to be an elected member of any party in office or opposition , there is no party line anymore ,no feeling of responsibility to the electorate only an overpowering belief in each one's " I know better than you " attitude.
They act like a barrel of fetid , overfed rodents .
Jeremy had more than a tinge of the untrustworthy about him but Boris is , frankly , embarrassing .

The 92,153 that voted for him must see something that I don't .

I truly wish and hope that he proves me wrong and that he is a savage wolf in sheeps clothing but this will either turn out surprising and spectacularily great or the reservoir  for a tsunami  of scorn and derision by all our detractors .
...and can it be merely coincidence that the majority of pols are professionals, (PPE seconds from Bumf**k University) who have never lifted a finger in any job that actually serves a useful purpose?  >:(

 on: Yesterday at 19:26:08 
Started by phipps877 - Last post by phipps877
Tech2 can diagnose these errors with ease.

However, the Autel hasn't done a bad job, and suspect it could do more if the operator knew how to use it.  But its clearly highlighting the left servo motor isn't responding as the ECU expects.
I’ll replace the n/s servo at the weekend and see if it works, thanks.

 on: Yesterday at 19:17:58 
Started by STEMO - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Credit where it's due, he did an infinitely better job of running Lundun than both the previous and current incumbents combined ;)
How did those water cannons work out in the end ?
Didn't say he was perfect, but he was elected to the role. Twice ;)

 on: Yesterday at 19:16:21 
Started by TheBoy - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Pop it in a bath of ice :D

 on: Yesterday at 19:09:39 
Started by Doctor Gollum - Last post by Migv6
Its got a couple of gallons of diesel in there at the moment.  Typical. ;D
Im actually confident I would get at least what I paid for it even if the engine is fooked. It will cost  lot more than that to buy another half decent one though.

Its not as simple as the fuel shutoff solenoid on the pump?

Cracked the injector pipes open and fuel is getting up to the injectors.  :(
Gut feeling suspects are - air leaking into fuel supply, which is known to cause havoc. Knackered pump, which almost certainly means the end of the car. Head gasket, which will probably be the same result as knackered pump.  :-\
I will try to find out from tomorrow when I should have time to have a play.

 on: Yesterday at 18:59:36 
Started by TheBoy - Last post by TheBoy
There is now a precariously balanced fan pointing at the networking gear to cool it off ;D.

I suspect tomorrow one of the servers will shut itself down - it got within 2C of doing so today, so I'll probably pre-empt it and shut it down in the morning. This should have minimal impact except loss of resilience.

 on: Yesterday at 18:33:10 
Started by BazaJT - Last post by Raeturbo
Remember this ‘Fantastic Project’

 on: Yesterday at 18:05:24 
Started by Smiler174 - Last post by TheBoy
Ignore my memory, its shit ;D

P0713 is fluid temp sensor voltage high.

Caused by:
The voltage at the control unit input (terminal 22 ) is greater than 4.92 V .
Above condition must be fulfilled for at least 2.66 s .

 on: Yesterday at 18:00:44 
Started by Smiler174 - Last post by TheBoy
From memory, that code is Incorrect Ratio?  If so, check fluid level, but its probably too late.

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