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 on: Yesterday at 20:27:33 
Started by Zirfeld - Last post by Zirfeld
Wow! this year is outstanding. April was like May, May did a hot June, June did a real good July and July is on the best way to explode somewhere in the record heights.  No moskitos - too dry. July average temperature will reach 20° all over the country. Peek something around 22°C, average, means daily height around 28...30°C all over July so far.  But the biggest heat has not started yet. I think next week we will cross the 35°C line.

 on: Yesterday at 20:23:45 
Started by Shackeng - Last post by Migv6
Yeah, she had a few quid behind her, but it was getting tight the last couple of months. She was just about to give her notice on the flat when she got a phone call to go for an interview - along with a few of the other 600 other people who applied. Apparently she is very good at the interview bullshit.  ::)

 on: Yesterday at 20:21:19 
Started by MonzaGSE - Last post by MonzaGSE
Thought i show off my new third omega. Got a 95 mv6 estate from earlier (Opel version of the elite), and girlfriend got a 94 omega saloon. Since both the other omegas are currently away on rust welding repairs i got this one cheap to use on Norways winter roads with tons of salt on them. To save the newly welded mv6 from more rust. Norway is a hard country for old cars:p
Anyway the car had one owner from new until i bought it now. A 87 year old man who passed away this spring. Bought the car from his daughter. Car has only done 60.000km in 21 years! Unfortunatly the previous owner never really washed or polished it so rust has taken its toll on all doors and rear arches.

Here is the car when i got it. Notice the green license plates. These are «van-plates» which where a kind of loophole in the law when the omega was new. This meant you could save maybe like 100.000,- nok(10.000gbp) by ordering your car AS a «van». This meant you could not have a back seat.

Dividing steel wall is bolted to the folded down seat back. Also a steel plate coversanger the rear seat back.
Allthough the car is a little rough around the edges its probably the closest i will ever get to a «new» omega. Its very Nice to drive with only 60.000kms on the clock. Allthoug it does seem a bit more gutless than girlfriends saloon with the same 2,0 16v engine.

 on: Yesterday at 20:19:57 
Started by Bigron - Last post by Rods2
If you paid more than 50p you were robbed. :o

But here are three indispensable, I can't manage without it, uses:

1. Of all the suggestions I've seen so far on here, this is the best one. With your house windows open in the hot weather, use it as a door stop to stop any cooling breeze from slamming a door shut. :y

2. During the winter plug it into your laptop and the 0.1W of mighty heat will help keep your house as warm as toast. ;D

3. Finally, when you go on long bike ride and get lost in the middle of nowhere, plug it into your laptop, the GPS will show you where you are so you are no longer lost won't work and you will still be lost, but if you keep cycling for long enough, you will eventually reach the sea somewhere as we are an island. ;D

 on: Yesterday at 20:09:05 
Started by Bigron - Last post by ronnyd
I,ve got an old road atlas you can borrow Ron lad. ;)

 on: Yesterday at 20:06:18 
Started by Mister Rog - Last post by STEMO
You can switch stop/start off.

 on: Yesterday at 20:05:08 
Started by STEMO - Last post by STEMO
OK.....sounds plausible  ;D

 on: Yesterday at 20:04:45 
Started by Mister Rog - Last post by Mister Rog

Taxed "£30 !!!!!  :y :y :y)

Insured  ???

Yet to have to put petrol in it, but it sometimes tells me 60 MPG   :o    :o    :o

BUT . . . .

It doesn't have a key, which means I keep losing the fob. I've actually completely lost the spare "key". Nope, don't like it


This bloody stop-start crap. I've not really worked out exactly when it stops, and the engine is so quiet I can't tell whether it's running or not without looking at rev counter. Had a few hoots from behind as a result of not pulling away quickly enough (not that anyone here does that  ::)  )

I may get used to it, I mean it is so cheap to run . . . almost as economical as my last Omega (3.2 MV6)


 on: Yesterday at 20:03:05 
Started by Shackeng - Last post by STEMO
She almost splashed out 12 grand on one early last year, but lost her job just before buying it. She was out of work since then until a couple of weeks ago, but now earning decent money again and talking about Range Rovers.
I told her if she buys one while still paying over two grand a month in rent, she should be disqualified from working in finance.  ::) ;D
Did she keep that flat while she wasn't working? Kinnell  :o

 on: Yesterday at 20:01:46 
Started by MonzaGSE - Last post by MonzaGSE

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