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Please play nicely.  No one wants to listen/read a keyboard warriors rants....

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 on: Yesterday at 12:42:00 
Started by STEMO - Last post by jimmy944
I think that neatly sums it up.

I wait with bated breath. 

 on: Yesterday at 12:40:23 
Started by STEMO - Last post by Field Marshal Dr. Opti
Brexit as I understand it is a situation where......

1....We won't pay billions  to the EU each year, and we certainly won't pay 39 billion to leave. :)

2...We will not be part of ANY customs union. :)

3....The 350 million we save each week by not paying the EU will go to the NHS. :)

4.... We will trade freely with the rest of the world. :)

5....The EU will have no control of our laws. :)

6.....The EU 27 will collectively 'drop to their knees' and give us everything we demand......because they need us more than we need them. :)

7.....We will take back control and give the EU a bloody nose. They'll know not to mess with us again. :)

 on: Yesterday at 12:31:07 
Started by ZX_81 - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Thanks all for your excellent advice and help - Doctor, I have PM'd you as well  :y
And replied :y

 on: Yesterday at 11:47:22 
Started by terry paget - Last post by dave the builder
I think the front exhaust needs moving and a couple of bolts into the bell housing + sump bolts to block
and the pick up pipe is part of the sump ,so sump gasket requires a good seal around where the pick up meets the block and pump or it will suck air rather than oil
which will give low oil pressure ,the oil pressure sensor could be crudded up or the oil is too thin when warm (just leaking out the big ends and mains and not even getting to the head :-\
there is a diaphragm in the rocker cover (like a crank case breather one way valve) can split

first thing i would do is check the plugs ,if very oily  :-\
(oil passing rings,oil control rings stuck)

do you have a print out to say the emissions where done a month ago ? what readings or did the tester skip it  :-\


 on: Yesterday at 10:44:10 
Started by Jimbob - Last post by Jimbob
The move is nothing to do with speeds, only price and service

 on: Yesterday at 10:36:42 
Started by ZX_81 - Last post by ZX_81
Thanks all for your excellent advice and help - Doctor, I have PM'd you as well  :y

 on: Yesterday at 09:47:30 
Started by Tilbo - Last post by Doctor Gollum

 on: Yesterday at 09:38:13 
Started by Sir Tigger QC - Last post by tunnie
I saw it on the guide and surprised to see it, likewise thought it was only at Cinema.

What an impressive job he did, cannot believe that was filmed over 100 years ago, when it went full screen early in. Really brought it all far more to life and what really went on.

 on: Yesterday at 09:31:58 
Started by Tilbo - Last post by Kevin Wood
That Evening Standard page had so much content, videos, adverts etc that my laptop ground to a halt and I gave up waiting for it to load.  ::)

..and then they whine about people like me who run ad blockers. ;D

 on: Yesterday at 09:30:28 
Started by Tilbo - Last post by Kevin Wood
From the comments section:

"Hmmm, I was going to laugh at her, however, on reflection, she has a point. Anyway, anyone who annoys Piers Morgan is OK with me. Morgan is an obnoxious bell-end".

 ;D ;D This is about the average level of critique from members of the viewing public these days. There are comments waiting to be moderated, but bell-end sails through the process. Downward spiral. We are all doomed.
I hear what you're saying, but she has a point about Piers Morgan. ;)

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