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General Discussion Area / Sudden return
« on: Yesterday at 21:53:55 »
A while ago some of my posts were appearing with parts crossed out although I didn't mean them to have[and I didn't know how to deliberately do this]then all on its own it stopped happening and my posts appeared as I'd typed them.Now suddenly the crossings out have returned to some of my posts and once again they're not deliberate and I still don't know how you're supposed to make it happen.Nearest the pointer thingy on the computer screen gets to the top of the screen is to choose a smiley and there's nothing anywhere near the post/preview part for me to accidentally hit.So I'm no wiser now as I was when it first used to happen as to the cause of this.

General Discussion Area / Re: It was 50 years ago today......
« on: Yesterday at 21:38:29 »
We were at Duxford for an Autobahnstormers national day when they had the front off the American hangar and were taking the SR-71 in[not under its own steam obviously]I'd previously seen the SR at Mildenhall air base when at one of their airshows.What a fantastic and beautiful aircraft.

General Discussion Area / Re: Pay rise
« on: Yesterday at 21:31:09 »
Not all "ranks" are getting 2.5% though many are getting less- according to the news anyway.

General Car Chat / Re: They're back!!
« on: Yesterday at 21:28:31 »
The thing with traffic police is they can see more offences than the cameras can but also they can use discretion when dealing with offenders.

General Car Chat / Re: Powerrrrrrr....did you ever think?
« on: Yesterday at 21:24:00 »
Good as a headline grabbing figure and as "See what we can do",but where are owners ever going to get the chance to use it?Could many of them handle such power?Wasn't it the Veyron that at full chat would burn its fuel at such a ridiculous rate that you'd hardly get anywhere before the tank was dry,but even so you'd have worn the tyres out long before you got even that far?

General Car Chat / Re: 1959.....innocent times.
« on: Yesterday at 21:19:41 »
Back then of course some family cars couldn't even hit 70 and of those that could most were closing in on their top speed!Motorcyclists on "L" plates were restricted to a maximum of 250cc[unless the bike had a sidecar strapped to it] on safety grounds and then the Japanese manufacturers started bringing in 250s that were pretty near as fast as the old Brit 650s.I forget what year seatbelt wearing became compulsory but for some years before that it was compulsory for manufacturers to fit them for the front seats but not compulsory for them to be used.

General Discussion Area / Re: How The Young Have To Learn...
« on: Yesterday at 09:14:27 »
Because it's always going to kick off with a couple of show offs,then others will join in and then the crowd will come to watch the "fun".

To me the purpose of buying an estate car is to carry stuff you wouldn't ordinarily get in a saloon,whether that be dog, builders rubble,furniture or whatever.Cutting down on this capacity because it looks "stylish" negates the idea of owning an estate.The present incarnation of the Mondeo for example while physically slightly larger than its predecessor can actually carry less because of the rear styling and if you go for the hybrid version you lose even more of this capacity due to the height of the boot floor rising to accommodate the electrical gubbins.

General Discussion Area / Re: How The Young Have To Learn...
« on: Yesterday at 08:58:10 »
They were very lucky that although[last figure I heard]17 people had been injured to varying degrees there were no fatalities.This event  supposedly a static car show has been running for many years without incident and has raised a fair bit of cash for charities and could now be in danger of being banned from happening in future because of the behaviour of a couple of show off idiots.

Omega General Help / Re: Front Drop Links
« on: Yesterday at 08:52:06 »
I still have some parts for cars I've previously owned-some of which were donated[e.g. all 3 pieces of n/s window glass for a Senator B]while I owned them.Then there are some that are "curiosities"[e.g. a brand new grille never fitted to a car for a MkIII Cavalier]which I've no idea where they came from or how I acquired them-certainly not bought them-for cars which I've never owned and have no intention of buying ???

General Discussion Area / Cost overrun
« on: Yesterday at 08:44:35 »
I see a report has been released stating that the cost of the great white elephant that is HS2 will likely rise by a measly 30bn.When a project is put out to tender and then contracts signed how can costs be allowed to just spiral in this way?

Admittedly geography is not my strong suit but I suppose they could have been referring to St.Georges channel ::) Although when the word channel is used most if not all think of the English channel-an area that the French have always basically denied exists under that name.But how many people think when the English channel is mentioned that it's just the narrow bit of water between Dover and Calais?

General Car Chat / Re: Clay Mitt v. Clay Bar
« on: 18 July 2019, 22:52:10 »
Round here you get to need something like a clay bar/cloth/mitt as there's an awful lot of airborne fallout from the steelworks to settle on and attack the paintwork.

General Car Chat / Re: Vauxhall Burgandy Red Z594
« on: 18 July 2019, 22:47:08 »
There is a Halfords branch just over half a mile away from me that will do the same as you say Lizzie,however I'm lucky in that about 2 miles away from me is a paint factor that will make up paint-whether it be from a colour code or physically taking a part or even the whole car to compare to colour swatches-in any amount from touch up stick through aerosol can to as many litres as you wish-while you wait.It's quite a while since I last bought any and don't recall how much they charge.

General Car Chat / Re: Clay Mitt v. Clay Bar
« on: 18 July 2019, 07:51:15 »
Not used a mitt ,but have used a clay cloth which like you I found to give same result as bar but easier to use.

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