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Here you go everyone, sorry if I missed anyone, I think a couple of you left before I finally got the camera out.
Great to see you all again - it's been a while and thank you to Tony and all your family for your hospitality and arranging such a great replacement for the Wycombe meets you made such a  success too - thank you  :y :y
Anyway as we all know what Omegas look like, here's a few moody angles  >:( and I'll confess to a couple of tweaks with a filter on a few  8)....I think I managed to hide most of the wheel arch issues that were  ::) ::) :-[


Hi All,
Still here and keeping an eye since my Omega retired from my ownership... :-[
ANYWAY, I still have these available as previously advertised here if anyone is interested  :y (Original post here: )

Given that we have a Brackley meet this weekend coming up - I'd be more than happy to bring them along if someone wanted to collect them or discuss delivery arrangements ???.
I'm keen to see them go to a good home - they come with the relevant spacer rings and locking wheel nuts + custom finished centre caps .....if you want to have a summer set to play with, these are ideal. THEY ARE NOT PERFECT as I mentioned in the previous post.
I was going to suggest the giveaway price of 40 per wheel which totals 160 - but to save the inevitable awkward haggle I'd be happy to cut to the chase and accept 150 for all 4 wheels delivered to Brackley on Monday  :y.
If you're interested, but won't be at Brackley, let's talk  :)

Be good to catch up again  :y

Set of 4 x 18" Snowflake design wheels for sale. Non OEM but fully compatible with the Omega. Includes spacer rings, locking wheel nuts and custom centre caps.
Diamond cut with gloss black.

These have been treated with Dodo Juice Nano solution - only required wrm soapy water to clean these - no aggressive cleaners needed.

Sizes as marked, come with spacer rings suitable for Omega hub

Tyres. None of them have been curbed, all in good condition as show. I haven't measure the depth but at least 3 -5mm on all tyres.

Unfortunately they are not perfect, and actually whilst in storage they have suffered some 'worm' creep under the laquer on 3 of the 4 wheels. Up close it looks worse obviously:

This is the worst one:

On my car they lookedlike this when I had it:

I'm after 350  (for all 4 obviously)

Within reason, I'm sure I can help with delivery if you're not far away - say within 60 miles of Bicester +/- a smudge, otherwise collection only.
I used these as a summer set so even though the laquer has perforated on some of the edges, these have not been through a salty road winter at all. The backs are spotless too.


Omega Gallery / 2.6 Elite replacement as promised.......
« on: 07 August 2017, 18:29:29 »
Well I said I'd keep you posted  :y
It's true to say that I loved my Omega, and it served me very well with very little trouble to be honest. And I absolutely loved the sapphire black  8).
However, what do you replace a luxurious 4 door saloon with that could tug the heart strings as much as my Omega did  :-\

OK, not quite in the bargain luxury barge market.... Mercs/Audis/Beemers/Phaetons/ ..if you're into that sort of thing - not exclusive enough for me ::) - Mondeo's and Insignia's are rarer nowadays  ;D - even the love of my life Range Rovers are just a little bit 'nah!' now - too many around and they've diluted the brand too much for my liking
This ticks about every box for me and I get the V8 every man is entitled to own to prove his status on the planet  :y....and there ain't that many around  ;)

Even Maser's had a facelift model Quattroporte ;D
4.7 GTS Sport  :o :o

No amount of excuses is ever going to put this in the sensible corner  ::)..... but what the heck, life's too short  :y . The sound turns your knees to jelly, press the loud button and the rest of you follows  :-X


2003 2.6 Elite Saloon
Ultra rare Black Sapphire  8)
215,400 miles  ;)
It's this car with these wheels on:
Refurbished Elite wheels with customised centre caps.  :y
<a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a>
<a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a>
<a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a>

I'll get some new pictures up as soon as I can this weekend, but it still looks like this except with the different wheels.
New Vredestein Quadtrac tyres v.good condition  :y. These are normally my winter set of wheels so only went on last year and I still have them on at the moment.
Recent work was a full brake service  :o. The fronts had been on it since I bought the car fist time round.
Custom built stainless exhaust, single tailpipe, sounds lovely.  8)
All the Elite bits including rear blind coutesy of PaulS's ownership.  :y
Poly bush fr/wishbones courtesy of PaulS too.  :y

Cambelt done @ 173k (2014)
Last oil/filter Service November 2016 @202,450
Full brake service fr/r disks/pads/shoes May 2017 @ 211,703
MOT until 24th Feb 2018

Honesty box:
Drivers heated seat - toast  :-\
Air con - toast.  :-\
Rust starting to re-appear in the usual places - on the rear wings above the arches and door shuts. ???
The Bose CD changer is starting to play up, it seems to ignore 1 & 3 for some reason now. >:(
Accumulated car park dings and motorway gravel rash starting to re-appear. >:(
As far as I can recall, everything else works.
I've been using it to commute into London most days since April last year, it drives beautifully still, and can still go like a stuck pig - but I dont drive it like that..honest  :y

This car is fairly well known on the forum, it has pretty much every bill since new, and has been owned twice by me it's that good.
PaulS has owned it inbetween my 2 sessions. :y
Lovingly polished and attended. 8)

I need to make room for my mid life crisis V8 unfortunately. :-*
I realise the mileage is high, but it genuinely doesn't show it and feels like it'd do another 100k. :y I genuinely do not have any worries about it mechanically. The last major item that needed doing was the brakes, they couldn't really wait any longer. So apart from other 'maintenance' items, I think we're good  :)

I'm after 475 o.v.n.o - it needs to go or it'll end up in bits.

(reg not included so it'll return to its original 03 plate)


Hi All,

If you missed the last one  ???, and you've got nothing else planned for this Sunday, AND you love rare old cars and anything remotely proper engineering like ::) ............... you can't miss this :y.
Tickets are a fiver  :o - it's rude not to.

9 'til 2, so don't get there late, and I reckon it'll be busy. They had over 1500 vehicles last month including all the clubs that turned up and lined the runway strips. If you have to prioritise - look round the main site first - save the Clubs for last. Look out for the Historit Hanger, the Bentley restorers workshop, the custom exhaust fabricator workshop & the radiator and grill workshop amongst others....
Oh - and bring a camera, you'll definitely see something you luuurve  :-*


Last one I think.....

still too many  :(

too many for one post - sorry..

Hi all,
Sorry this has taken a few days to get to, I hope some of you also managed to get along to this. If you didn't, you missed a treat of indescribable proportions  :o I was totally overwhelmed by the turnout of cars, not only by some of the clubs that showed up, but just generally the vast variety of stuff that people had decided to just turn up in.
Everywhere you looked, there were cars you just don't see now (even at the major organised car shows) - totally mind blowing. There were hundreds of rare cars within the main site, and out on the airfield where the clubs gather, mind boggling collections of same make clubs. How often do you see a group of proper Corvettes lined up - just for a day out ??? and E-Types - never seen so many in one place at the same time (maybe Silverstone Classic would be comparable)...........
Anyway - lookout for the Bentley workshop with the blatantly pornographic crankshaft on the bench  :o


Next one May 22nd I think  :y

I thought I'd share this with you all for those that might either be in the area or close enough to make a special trip.
Not to be confused with the Flywheel Festival in July, these Sunday Scrambles are probably a bit like the Goodwood Breakfast club meets - but probably on a completely different level.
Let alone the variety of cars that normally turn up, both old and older still, the majority of the Engineering companies on site open their doors to show off their workshops and projects. If you like Blower Bentleys, this place has one of the few places on the planet that specialises in restoring them - you'll rarely see so many in one place at any one time.
It's not free (details on the website), but just walking around the site of the old airfield buildings (some restored, some not so) and various displays/companies etc I think is excellent value and is a fascinating day out if you like classic cars set in a nostalgic WWII setting.  :y :y
Don't get there too late, as some of the cars start to drift away about lunchtime.
Might see you there then?  ;)


Omega Gallery / Also passed the MOT
« on: 26 February 2016, 09:18:33 »
Only advisories - brake disks all round & corroded exhaust bracket. Not bad @ 188K.
First time I've done less than 10k in 12 months in it.
I love this car  8)

Hi All,
Ok - yes I know, before anyone reminds me again  ::) if you have an iffy central locking motor - don't dead lock the doors - doh  :-X :-X :-X.
So with some helpful advice on here about removing said motor, I reckon I can get into the door with the door shut without toooooo much collateral damage to the panel. I've taken the drivers side panel off today to get a first hand view of what's where inside the door, so that the eye on the end of my finger can find the bits I need to get to in the passenger side.
Question is:
What do I need to release in order to free the dead lock so I can open the door and start work with the panel completely off (assuming the passenger side is similar to the drivers side).
I've added a few photos from inside the drivers door if it helps  ???  :y


Omega Gallery / Another coming soon....
« on: 18 October 2015, 23:40:32 »
So, seeing you enjoyed the suspense of the last episode, here we go again.  ::)

Obviously getting near the time for the winter set to go on, and with so much interest and opinion about the 'Snowflakes'  :-X, I thought I'd share the now refurbished set of Elite wheel that came with the car in the first place (thanks Paul :y  ::))

So, fairly standard refurbish. I prepped and repainted the backs of the wheels, getting rid of all the flaky and loose stuff, removing the corrosion and repainting with standard silver.

The rims then went off for a face refurb.

Pretty pleased with that - but what to do with the centre caps?

So thought I'd play with red this time  :-*

And a bit of foil wrap  8)

Pretty pleased with the result:

And back together:

Now to wait a few weeks before putting them all on  :P  :y


Omega Gallery / High Wycombe Meet October 2015
« on: 12 October 2015, 20:24:11 »
Thanks again for a splendid event Tony & Christine, a grand selection of food and beverage as always.  :y :y
I think we'll need a bigger venue if you get any more cars though Tony  ???.

I'd like to echo everyone elses comments too - nice to put faces to names (briefly  :-\)

Anyway - sorry these have taken a while - but hopefully I've managed to capture the spirit - enjoy  8):


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