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General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 10 June 2018, 15:33:45 »
Changed the oil and filter  :o. and it now has the right amount in it too.

General Car Chat / Re: Fuel costs
« on: 02 June 2018, 22:38:56 »
It was petrol.

General Car Chat / Re: Fuel costs
« on: 02 June 2018, 14:57:22 »
My local asda is 125.7p.

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 01 June 2018, 22:20:16 »
Fitted the new struts to the tailgate and now it hurtles up in the air like a good un. trouble is now I have to keep my hand on the lid before it knocks me or anyone one else that's just a bit too to it close out...

Ordered a pair of struts for the tailgate as one has gone and the other wont be far behind. i wonder what will need replacing next on this heap..

Once you've finished your handbrake you can do mine as its not a bit of use to me at the moment..

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Re: Hazards start flashing
« on: 10 May 2018, 14:09:00 »
Its more than likely the alarm being activated when you lock with the remote and then open with the key in the lock. and if theres no horn/sounder when activated it probably means they're knackered or missing completely..

Omega General Help / Re: Spare wheel
« on: 08 May 2018, 13:45:56 »
Luckily I still had my other car when I bought the current one because it never came with a spare wheel or a jack??.

Now gone to a trader unfortunately who will more than likely break it up.

General Car Chat / Re: Project anyone?
« on: 05 May 2018, 14:56:33 »
Who needs another project when I have the gold shed with its almost non existent handbrake and rotten rear drivers sill and a coolant and oil leak. plenty of work to be getting on with without dragging some other pile home.

Went out and bought some paint that's hopefully the same colour as the paint on the car to do some touch ups etc..

Well someone has bought it for 180. better than a kick in the face I suppose..

Hopefully someone should be coming for it on the weekend..

Would 200 be asking too much?

Hello all. Could I interest someone in my Persia red estate?. it does need welding on the front rails and a little in the nearside arch but is otherwise ok bodily. the engine and box work well but the ABS TC probably needs the ECU swapping out as it comes on and goes out when it feels like it. its had front wishbones and the entire exhaust complete with the lambda replaced last year so they should still be good for a while yet.  as for price im not sure what to ask but it needs to go sooner rather than later..


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