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General Discussion Area / Cookery experts?
« on: 23 September 2017, 11:13:30 »
I am now doing most of the cooking, and I decided to try making a lasagne yesterday, all went well until I followed the instructions to soften the lasagne pasta sheets, which when removed them from the water after several minutes were completely stuck together and unusable, so the lasagne became spag bol. Apart from doing each sheet individually, I am puzzled as to how to achieve the required result of several separate softened sheets.
Any experts out there to advise, feel free to ask SWMBO if necessary. ;) :y

General Car Chat / Tesla
« on: 16 September 2017, 10:07:11 »
A friend has recently bought one of these, and I was horrified to learn that he can only get about 100 miles out of an overnight charge at home. While these may be the way forward - although I doubt it, and expect hydrogen will eventually be the thing - the current state of charging and charge points does not appeal. :-\

General Discussion Area / TBitis
« on: 08 September 2017, 17:20:39 »
Shoot all drivers who sit at mini-roundabouts without indicating, presumably hoping the rest of us are checking the on-board crystal ball. >:( >:( >:(

General Car Chat / Gixer
« on: 20 August 2017, 09:50:34 »
Does anyone know how he's getting on with the V8 project Omega?

General Discussion Area / Political Correctness
« on: 09 August 2017, 18:39:08 »
We have a classic case of that today with the conviction of Asian men for sex offences. 13 years ago that obnoxnious man Nick Griffin of the BNP, accused Asians of this very offence, but, because of his politics, he was rubbished by all sides of the media, and politicians.
Given the successive cases of similar abuse, perhaps they should have listened to the message, instead of shooting the messenger. :-X

General Car Chat / Haynes Manuals
« on: 09 August 2017, 12:46:33 »
Knowing there are a few enthusiasts on here I have the following Haynes manuals available for a contribution to OOF.
Jag XJ6 68 - 86
Renault 16 65 - 78
Pug 205 petrol only 83 - 89
Pug 306 93 - 99
Opel Ascona and Manta all B series 75 - 79
Golf & Jetta Mk1 74 - 84
Cavalier 81 - 85
Volvo 340 & 360 76 - 87
Citroen Diesel engine 84 -90
 :y :y :y

General Car Chat / Omega Sales brochure
« on: 09 August 2017, 12:31:32 »
Just discovered in the pile of stuff that I am sure to need one day ::) in the study, an immaculate '99 sales brochure for the Omega. It came in the package when I bought my TD Estate in 1999 at a few months old. :y

General Discussion Area / Wireless thermostat
« on: 08 August 2017, 11:40:50 »
Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced good one of these. My plumber has turned up with a Salus RT500RF, (not yet connected) which only cost about £30 on-line, but the temp readout on the room stat seems to be about 2 degrees higher than ambient, which, while I realise is not that important, as you set it for comfort, but it would be nice if it were more accurate. :-\

General Discussion Area / 21st Century Truisms Please add yours
« on: 08 August 2017, 10:35:05 »
The price of printer ink will be in directly inverse proportion to the price of the printer it serves. :y

General Discussion Area / JamesV6CDX
« on: 15 July 2017, 10:10:11 »
Does anyone know if James is OK? He's not been on since June 11th. :-\

General Discussion Area / ♫ Silence is Golden ♫
« on: 08 July 2017, 17:29:53 »
One night a man walks into a bar looking sad. The bartender asks the man what he wants. The man says “Oh just a beer”. The bartender asked the man “Whats wrong,why are you so down today?” The man said “My wife and i got into a fight, and she said she wouldn't talk to me for a month”. The bartender said “So what’ s wrong with that?”? The man said “Well the month is up tonight”. ::)

General Discussion Area / They hang horses don't they?
« on: 08 July 2017, 17:25:41 »

"Daddy, why do people hang horses?" asked my daughter.
"Nobody hangs horses, darling," I consoled her in my lap. "Who told you that people hang horses?"
"I just heard mummy on the phone saying that her new boss was hung like a horse."

General Discussion Area / Flap trouble
« on: 08 July 2017, 17:24:34 »
The waitress noticed me struggling to open the mini cornflake packet in the breakfast buffet.
"Just slide your finger between the flaps", she suggested.
That finished badly..... On bail till my court appearance. :-[

General Discussion Area / Car trouble
« on: 07 July 2017, 18:25:03 »
In hindsight I should have posted my Facebook status as: "I've blown the head gasket on my 1997 XR3i”rather than "I've just buggered a 14 year old escort".
The police still haven't seen the funny side, my lap top's been confiscated, and the wife has gone off to her mother. :-[

General Discussion Area / Kodi
« on: 03 July 2017, 19:29:14 »
Is there any reason I should not install this on my Samsung smart TV?

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