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Omega General Help / Re: Bit of a wierd LPG problem.
« on: 29 May 2019, 12:18:04 »
[quote  author=Kevin Wood link=topic=144968.msg1904797#msg1904797 date=1559079387]
Yep, could be they've crushed the LPG pipe with a jack perhaps? :-\

Well just layed out out the grass and had a quick feel  :D
It feels like the fu**wits have jacked the car up using the floor pan 😡
Also it decided to start and run for a couple of miles on lpg then sweet f all again 🙁
 Checked the tank and it was cool

Why I always stand over tyre fitters, whether they like it or not. >:( >:( >:(

Omega General Help / Re: Opel 2.5 td hard start cold
« on: 28 May 2019, 22:26:58 »
 :y :y :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Bank Holiday Pt 2
« on: 27 May 2019, 15:50:57 »
Many thanks for all your kind thoughts. She is definitely better today.
 :y :y :y

General Discussion Area / Bank Holiday Pt 2
« on: 27 May 2019, 10:05:36 »
On Saturday 'I been mainly spending the day at A&E' (in country accent) with Mrs S who slipped on the safety mat (which turned out it wasn't >:() in the shower, cracking the back of her head open on the edge of the unused :-X wall mounted 'safety' stool, and which required 8 staples!!! They looked more painful than the crack on the head. Now home slowly recovering....I hope. :(

General Discussion Area / Re: I love bank holiday weekends
« on: 27 May 2019, 09:58:48 »
Congrats Kev, sounds like a step up, so well done. :y :y :y

The previous owner did change the right side after only 75000km, it has now gone 185000km.

It is hard to tell where the noise is coming from being an Estate it sound like it comes from the left side.

I'll change the other sides as well and hope for the best, the sound is annoying.

Mine was an Estate. :y

General Discussion Area / Re: I love bank holiday weekends
« on: 25 May 2019, 22:08:15 »
Lucky you Steve   ::) ..... I've been in work 12 hours today & enjoyed that much I'm doing the same tomorrow!

(it's my shift ...... not OT  ;))

And Mrs Beanz is watching Britains got some talent somewhere!
M62 or working in a beanz factory........hmmmmm........
At least you can go to the bog when you feel like  ;D

You used not to be so fussy Steve. :-X ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: HMS Queen Elizabeth
« on: 25 May 2019, 20:05:47 »
With a new skipper as well, as the old one let his Missus use the ships Galaxy for the school run!  ;D

You'd think that a Commodore of the Royal Navy who was Captain of the biggest ship the navy has ever had, could afford his own car for the school run.  ::)  :P

Maybe they found out that he voted Leave and was planning to vote for the Brexit Party!  ;D

For goodness sake, he is the Captain of our most expensive warship, in command of 700 odd men. If what is reported is correct, he paid for the fuel, and used it to go home or whatever. Look at what the politicos give themselves, secretaries, cleaners, free post, stationary, free travel, company cars/drivers etc. etc. just to f**k up Brexit.
These guys are prepared to put their lives on the line for all of us!!!

Same as mine, and after changing the RH bearing it was still there. Changing the LH one cured it. Never had a rear bearing noise occur in that sense before, the bearing noise always increased on the loaded wheel in a turn on previous failures, and on the Omega must be a function of the suspension load distribution in a turn. HTH :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Andrea Leadsome
« on: 25 May 2019, 15:54:19 »
But, as I said a few posts ago - they handed this decision back to the people and promised the people they would implement the decision they took. They also voted to invoke article 50, which meant leaving on 29th March - deal or no deal - and reneged on their word.
Hopefully, they will soon pay the price for being so contemptuous of those who elect them.

They did implement the referendum, which was ONLY to leave. There was nothing in the referendum for what deal we would aim for. Which is the problem, as everybody thought they would get what they wanted. Which is clearly impossible.

No they didn't.  We havn't left, as we should have done on 29th March.  ::)

parliament invoked article 50 to leave the EU. That's the WHOLE referendum result. Then it became obvious to everyone that the EU wasn't going to roll over and let us tickle its tummy as we were 'promised.' And that's why we, as an electorate should have refused to allow such a simplistic question to a complicated problem. We're all to blame for this mess, and deserve whatever the actual result turns out to be.

As a matter of interest, please explain how we, the electorate in a representative democracy, would have arranged to have had the referendum question re-worded? ??? ??? ???

General Discussion Area / Re: Andrea Leadsome
« on: 24 May 2019, 22:19:05 »
Once MP's managed to get the 'No Deal' chip off the table, we had no chance of negotiating a reasonable exit agreement, and as the Eurocrats have stated that they will not re-negotiate, any new Prime Minister, of whatever cloth, will be in exactly the same situation.

General Discussion Area / Re: 65th birthday
« on: 24 May 2019, 22:07:21 »
I bumped into our local pub landlord and his adult daughter, coming out of W H Smiths, and looking miserable. "Cheer up Dennis" sez I "It might never happen."
"It already has, Betty (wife) died this morning"!!!


General Discussion Area / Re: Speaking to my mum earlier
« on: 24 May 2019, 17:23:10 »
She's had a letter from the DWP asking telling her to fill out a form with her bank details because, in future, all pensions will have to be paid this way as they are stopping using the post office. How many pensioners will this affect adversely? I would imagine it will cause all kinds of problems for really old people who simply don't have a bank account. My mum is housebound but, luckily, my brother lives with her and can get out to do her shopping and paying the bills, etc.
The bastards either have no clue or just don't care.

It seems from here that pension from PO is still OK Steve. :y

They tried to make me do this when I first drew my pension, and I refused. I was the phoned by someone from DWP: "May I ask why you want it paid at the PO?" Sez he.
"Yes" Sez I.
"Well why then?" Sez he.
"None of your ....... business" Sez I (choose any swear word).
 So for many years I did so in order to put the business through our village PO. However recently, the postmistress tells me it makes no difference, so I swapped it to bank but still use the PO for bank cash. :y

Lets hope you get the correct result, and thanks in part to advice on OOF as usual. This is probably the best car forum for helpful advice, despite the occasional blowhard who expects us all to be as knowledgeable as himself. :-X :y

I picked up one from a junk shop recently. Unbranded but looks to have come from a Japanese car of some sort. Big chunky motor about the size of a wiper motor so it's low speed and bearable noise levels, unlike the high-revving, deafening, lasts-one-inflation-before-dying types the motor factors sell.

I'm still jealous of the Porsche one 2woody has.

Yeah, what happened to him? ???

I was just thinking the same of you.

I wondered if you had 'passed on' ;)

I have to check myself daily! ::)
Also, been away cruisin'. (No not that type ;D)

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