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Author Topic: Rear Shock Upper Mounting Failure...  (Read 466 times)

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Rear Shock Upper Mounting Failure...
« on: 27 April 2015, 00:30:11 »

Found this during a rear shock change on a members saloon...

Once cleaned, it looked like this...

Fortunately the inside showed no sign of corrosion...

So outside was treated with Kurust, then Some Dinitrol corrosion resistant paint, before subsequently being liberaly coated with brushable seam sealer and finally a good coat of matt black paint just to finish it off.

Here after the Dinitrol...

Basically, if when fitting saloon rear shocks, you find any sign of rust here, be sure to investigate it... On this car, the right hand turret was perfect, so was simply brushed clean, given a coating of seam sealer and painted matt black. If in doubt, remove the boot side carpets to double check :y

The mounting turret, as seen from the inside was clearly a separate piece to the inner wheel arch, which could readily be removed for repair/replacement... is part of original repair assembly Inner Wheelhouse Right, 9117705; and Inner Wheelhouse Left, 9117704.

The actual turret appears to be sided, but only subtly, so if you need a left one, then the right hand one from a donor could perhaps be made to work... :-\

This issue shouldn't affect the estates in the same way as the shocks are mounted inboard on the chassis rails rather than within the wheelarch.

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Re: Rear Shock Upper Mounting Failure...
« Reply #1 on: 27 April 2015, 19:08:14 »

Thanks for the post, Al. As you know, I have a car that had the n/s rear shock mount break away. The car is not very rusty overall, nevertheless I thought it beyond repair and plan to scrap it. Now you inform me there is a repair mount available which can be welded in. Apart from this repair, I should need 2 new rear shocks, mounting kit, and a new central track rod. Have you a rough idea what this might cost me, buying in the welding?


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Re: Rear Shock Upper Mounting Failure...
« Reply #2 on: 27 April 2015, 20:04:21 »

I don't know if a new repair panel is available, but the turret is certainly a separate component from the inner wheel arch panel... is pretty clear from inside once the carpet is removed. A good second hand one could readily be liberated, cleaned up and refitted...

As for cost, probably a day or so labour plus materials :-\ The boot trim and rear seat would need removing just to be sure, but looking at it certainly a far more feasible repair than it could be ;)
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