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Author Topic: David Neo, Neo Concepts, David Ho........  (Read 575 times)

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David Neo, Neo Concepts, David Ho........
« on: 12 June 2009, 14:45:32 »

I'm a moderator on (name of Pedro) and member of the Autobahnstormers.

If you have heard of this David Neo - I bet it's all negative stuff - I thought it best to let you know that it seems he's once again, done a runner from the MR2 guys, and I'll bet he emerges on another forum doing it again soon.
If you know anyone on other car forums, then please, spread the word.

Please see these threads in other car forums:,10069.0.html

And please - spread the word.

It appears that the MR2 boys jave lost something like 15K, and us Carlton boys in the region of 32K. I'm pretty sure he's also done over Pug owners and probably many more.


ps - if mods think it inappropriate, then feel free to delete this post.
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