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Author Topic: vectra c hbv?  (Read 616 times)

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vectra c hbv?
« on: 13 August 2010, 20:49:50 »

evening all. :y

does the vectra c have an hbv? car in question is a 1.8vvt with manual aircon. it has been using a bit of coolant recently, approx 300ml/5000 miles. there has been no obvious sign of it going into the engine. no mayo, no gas in the header tank etc. today we've had it parked inside, and it has left a puddle of coolant on the floor.  :-/
just topped it up and managed to get some coolant into the overflow, which drains straight down the back of the bottle to the floor. could it be that it is simply the system is 'sweating' and simply draining this 'excess' on to the floor? :-/
car is otherwise well behaved, heating/aircon work as they should, engine idles/runs well and uses next to no oil. the only other sign of a leak is on top of the gearbox, between the engine and gear selector arms. this seems to be more of an oil leak, though as it is black and sticky. :-/
thanks ahead,
al :y


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Re: vectra c hbv?
« Reply #1 on: 15 August 2010, 18:12:56 »

i guess from the lack of input that i may have answered my own question? :-/
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