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Author Topic: Thoughts on Jaguar XFR  (Read 850 times)

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Re: Thoughts on Jaguar XFR
« Reply #45 on: 16 April 2019, 21:56:03 »

The person/company that has the contract to dispose of them is based here, but because, AIUI, of the EU type approval, they cannot be registered within the EU.

And people wonder why we voted to leave ::)

Thanks for that. Much clearer now  :y


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Re: Thoughts on Jaguar XFR
« Reply #46 on: 17 April 2019, 17:15:07 »

Original waterpumps are known to be weak, and some of the belts are labour expensive at garage/dealer prices.  There is an intake pipe that also fails.  Uses the same crappy locking motors as my XJ (about 100 for part), and I think all the XFRs had keyless entry, so same crappy modules in the exterior door handles that fail (70 for part).

Nope, they only one that uses that switch assembly is the XJ  :y

I bet its the same shitty Continental part inside, just you have to replace the whole handle on an XF, rather than just the module?

Nope, its a different supplier, might be Lear from memory

There are a few XJs in the  scrappy at the moment ;) ;)
Best you get out there with a T20 screwdriver then.  Only 1 screw ;)

And while there, look up the part number for the plastic grommet thing that covers the screwhole, buggered if I can locate it on my 2013 Russian EPC ;D
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