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Author Topic: High level ( third 3rd ) brake light fix  (Read 3023 times)

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High level ( third 3rd ) brake light fix
« on: 31 October 2010, 20:21:54 »

I'm a newbie with very limited technical knowledge/ability, but with some advice from OOF members I successfully fixed my high level brake light and wanted to share the experience with others of a similar standing!

Unclip the long trim panel which houses the brake light unit by pulling down (needs more force than I expected) to release the 3 metal spring clips;

Bend the long panel down in the middle to slip the ends out from the pillar trim panels to reveal the wiring connection on the nearside and unclip the connector;

Now is a good time to use a basic circuit tester to find out whether you have power to the exposed plug (with the ignition on and the brake light depressed of course). If you don't then stop now and look for an alternative fix!

The brake light unit is held to the trim panel by 4 hidden tabs and 3 spring clips and is removed by sliding the two sections apart horizontally;

Ease the black plastic piece apart (I got my wife to push on the clear plastic tabs too) and remove the clear lens section and reflector unit;

Carefully remove the LED section and check the solder connections - particularly where the two wires join the circuit board;

Mine had a poor connection to the brown wire;

A new blob of solder, plug the LED unit in to check that it is working and refit in reverse.

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