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Author Topic: Injector pump replacing How To  (Read 3238 times)

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Injector pump replacing How To
« on: 23 November 2010, 17:47:52 »

Could admin move to maintenance section.

The first thing that you need to do is remove the inlet manifold,egr pipe and the bit that say turbo diesel.
It might be tricky to come off as it hits a small stud that holds the noise proofing to the bulkhead.I snapped it off and the manifold came out easy.
Then remove aux belt tensioner as on photo below.
On my car the whole thing came off.  usually the cap with the hex in it comes off and the tensioner slides of it then you take the shaft off.

Then you should be left with  the pump nut showing as shown below

the next thing to do is remove the 21mm nut from the end of the fuel pump as shown below.

Now unbolt the injector pipes at the injectors.
unplug the injector pump then unplug the sensor under the pump and also the oil pressure switch at the bottom of the oil filter and the temp sensor next to num2 glowplug.
Now unbolt the 2X12mm nuts holding the pump onto the engine.There is one at the back of he pump down behind the oil filter housing and one each side of the pump.
There is 3X12mm bolts but one has to be left in until both the old and new pumps key way is lined up.
So remove bottom bolt and one side bolt.(preferably the one nearest the battery.)
The photo below is the 12mm nut at the block.This is the last one to be removed after pumps are lined up.


Now you need a mirror and line it up as shown in the photo.
I didn't use any locking tools you don't need them for the next bit.
Now sit the new pump on top of the old one at the same angle now Bar engine over until both keyways are at the same shown below.DONT BAR BACKWARDS

photo of keyway.

Once your happy take the last bolt out.
You might need a large screw driver or mechanics crow bar to prize the pump off.I gave the fuel pump shaft a hit with a extension bar and a hammer and remove the whole pump and injector pipes together.
The sprocket will move slightly when the tension come off the pump just DONT move the engine
once the pumps out take injector pipes off and the support at the back of the pump and transfer to new pump.


New pump in place(not bolted up tight)

I put the pipes back on when the pump was back in place. tightening up 1 bolt on the pump before you try to start .
Now put the fuel feed pipe on and bleed pump keep turning ignition on/off to restart lift pump until fuel comes out return then put return pipe on.
Now turn engine over until fuel comes out off loose injector pipes then tighten injector pipes at injectors
Now start the engine it will run rough as no manifold or vac pipes are attached.
Tighten up fuel pump X2 remaining 12mm bolts and then its just a case of rebuilding the manifold and aux belts.
You don't need any special tools to do this.
You will need to buy a new set of manifold gaskets.
Any Questions please ask away.
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