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Author Topic: V6 (X25XE/X30XE) - How To Fit Performance ECU Chip  (Read 5864 times)

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V6 (X25XE/X30XE) - How To Fit Performance ECU Chip
« on: 24 December 2010, 01:23:15 »

Note: It is recommended that you wear an ESP strap once the cover is removed to protect the electronic components inside from static electric.

1) Remove the ECU from the car (This can be found under the bonnet, in the plastic box to the right of the battery). Unbolt it from its mounting bracket.

2) Carefully bend back the 8 Tabs on the back of the ECU casing using a small flat head screwdriver.



3) Now remove the ECU cover, and unclip the white plastic ECU chip holder.

4) Carefully lift the ECU chip from its socket using a small flat head screw driver. Lift the ecu up a fraction at each end until it can be removed. Store this in an ANTI STATIC bag / container.

Standard Chip in place

Chip removed

5) Insert the new chip into the socket, make sure the chip is inserted to correct way around.

6) Now repeat steps 4-1 in reverse! :y

7) Notify your insurance of your modification  :y
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