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Author Topic: Pressure test coolant system with a compressor  (Read 4282 times)

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Pressure test coolant system with a compressor
« on: 03 January 2011, 19:44:42 »

Razzo did the original maintenance guide on how to pressure test the cooling system. This is just an alternative way of doing the same thing

Razzo's guide:

How to pressure test the cooling system with the Plenum removed.

1)Using a compressor to pressurise the cooling system could cause serious damage if you apply to much pressure so before you do anything else turn the pressure down on the compressor
1.2 bar=17psi That's about the limit of what the system can take.

Apart from the compressor and airline you'll need a few bits.
A quick release coupling (makes de-pressurising the system so much easier)
Jubilee clip (My quick release coupling is slightly smaller than the pipe so the original clip wouldn't hold it.
A bung to put into the other coolant pipe. (I originally used a screwdriver until my neighbour gave me the bung you see in the picture)

Remove the two coolant pipes from the plenum.
On the one that comes from the expansion tank put the quick release fitting in it and tighten the jubilee clip to hold it in place.
Place the bung in the other pipe. I found the original clip was enough to hold this in place but if your using something different as a bung then you may need another jubilee clip.

That's about it. you can now gently connect your airline to the coupling and hey presto one pressurised coolant system.

I was trying to find a water leak on my car and had to strip the intake manifold out. I took the precaution of de-pressurising the system every time I started to strip something else off the car. 1 bar isn't a lot of pressure but it's enough to blow something into your eye and hospitals aren't high on my places to visit list.  :y
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