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Author Topic: Power sounder disconnection  (Read 11804 times)

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Power sounder disconnection
« on: 31 August 2008, 17:03:31 »

Hi, I have read lots of posts on the forum about power sounder problems members have. Nearly all the replies mention disconnecting the unit as a solution. I have had the same problems and as a few members, like me, are new to miggys i thought i would post some pics with a step by step guide. It only takes around a half hour and the tools you need are; torx screwdriver to remove screw on scuttle cover. 13mm socket and ratchet to remove wiper arm. Possibly a set of small pulley drawers to remove wiper arm off spline. 10mm combination spanner. Electrical tape. Anti sieze grease.
The power sounder is under the scuttle cover on the driver's side.

Remove retaining screw on scuttle cover and unclip small rubber seal.

Prise off the cap on the wiper arm to reveal locking nut. Remove locking nut and remove wiper arm noting the position of the arm on the spline. If the arm is tight to remove you may have to resort to using a small pair of pulley drawers and carefully remove the arm.

Once you have got this far it is possible to lift the scuttle cover enough to see the power sounder and alarm horn. The power sounder is secured to a bracket which in turn is secured to the suspension post cover. I found it easier to remove the bracket with the sounder attached as in my case the plug connector was at the bottom of the unit.

After removing the two nuts holding the bracket it should be now possible to tip the unit to reveal the connector.

When i unplugged the connector from the unit my sounder alarm went off for approx 4 to 5 mins but eventually stopped. Wrap the connector with electrical tape and refit sounder. The rest is a reversal of the removal but i used a small ammount of anti sieze grease on the spline of the wiper arm to hopefully make removal of the arm, if needed in future, easier.

or see for an alternative scuttle removing guide.
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extra powersounder pics for JB
« Reply #1 on: 12 February 2011, 14:09:13 »

Done the powersounder on the car today and took another couple of pics that may be use use to the guide...

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