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Author Topic: Removing wishbone bush  (Read 4853 times)

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Removing wishbone bush
« on: 01 April 2011, 16:58:03 »

If you don't have access to a press or blowtorch here is an alternative way of removing the bush, with the wishbone removed

pop out the plastic inserts with a screwdriver

then we need to cut or drill out the centre piece of the bush, i cut this one as deep as possible then drilled the rest of the way through

once it has come out

you then need to cut the outer edge of the bush to enable removal

when this is done it can be levered out with a screwdriver

and removed

you should then be left with the outer shell which needs to be cut through with a hacksaw from the inside

don't cut too deep otherwise you will cut into the wishbone rendering it dangerous, remember you can always cut out a bit more, but if you cut out too much you can't add a bit more in. Usually you can get away with one cut & bash it out with a chisel or drift, mine were solid so two shallow cuts were needed and the outer shell was levered in with a screwdriver

after a bit of encouragement with a drift and hammer it should pop out and you will be left with this lot

you can now replace the bush with polyurethane as recommended on here as they just press in easily enough get the geometry set up and save a bit of money on tyre wear

hope this helps and best of luck

Steve  :y

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