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Author Topic: How to disassemble door mirror  (Read 3323 times)

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  • I might have a link, pic or part number for that
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How to disassemble door mirror
« on: 28 April 2011, 11:13:30 »

Seeing as some scrote on a pushbike snapped my mirror off I thought I would do this guide. It relates to a facelift mirror but I would imagine they`re pretty much the same across the range.
Tools needed are a Philips & small flat blade screwdriver.

Remove door mirror by carefully prising triangular section off inside door, remove the 3 philips screws then remove mirror & unplug connector.
Press mirrorglass inwards (red arrows) then pull glass towards you (black arrows) to release the clips on the retaining ring affixed to rear of glass.

Release spade connectors and put mirrorglass somewhere safe (unless it`s been smashed :D). In this pic you can see the 3 screws holding the motor (plus a dead spider ;D).

Now the colour-coded "shell" needs to be removed. With the flat bladed screwdriver release the plastic tangs circled in pic and the shell can then be removed.

Now the black trim can be removed by the same process, releasing the tangs

This is what you are left with

Reverse the process for re-assembling. :y

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Re: How to disassemble door mirror
« Reply #1 on: 28 April 2011, 22:38:16 »

Now that I've had a chance to do mine:-

tip: If your mirror is still attached to the hinge, (unlike in Robs Pics) when taking the outer (painted) cover off, fold the mirror in.

I found the curved part of the mirror much more difficult to get off in the fully 'open' position.
The four clips are a bar steward of a job to squeeze in and push simultaneously and I found doing them in rotation eventually loosens them sufficiently to get off.

Thanks for the excellent photos - much needed inspiration! :y :y
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(thanks Ian)
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