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Please play nicely.  No one wants to listen/read a keyboard warriors rants....

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Author Topic: How to: Headlight Dis-assembly for Spraying or Repairs  (Read 4801 times)

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(Sorry for poor Quality at times)
Right Guys to Start off you will need the Following:

1 X Complete Headlight with Bulbs removed
1 X Small FlatHead Screwdriver
1 X Mrs Hairdryer (Ask for arguments sake  ::))) (or pop in the oven)

1. Carefully turn headlight over and start by aiming hot air directly at edge of the Clear lens (or pop the headlight in the over for about 10 mins at 100 degrees C.)

2. Hopefully after a short period of time you will have enough flexibility in the silicone to lift the two bottom tabs over enough so they no longer latch. keep the heat going on the bottom of the light it may need a bit or persuasion via a screwdriver(this can get a little tedious but bare with you don't want to crack the lens via forcing it)

Eventually you will have enough give it will simply lift away from the bottom of the black plastic.

3. Once the Clear lens is completely removed you will 1. have a very sticky outline to the headlight(So mind your sleeves or bare skin :y) and 2. have access to the first removable trim.

Just a word of advice if your Clear Lense is Cloudy Yellow following the Step by Step Maintenance Steps for the how to. there is also a video on Youtube but its not in english but still useful/helpful

4. Whilst the Black Silicone around the outside is still warm the first removable trim should be easily removable.

5. Right now carefully turn the headlight unit over and on the back near the indicator bulb section you will discover two Torx head screws, (I couldn't be arsed to find the correct Torx from the garage so luckily my Small Flat head fit, Don't worry about stripping the head the screws arn't tight as its only plastic holes)

After undoing the Screws remember to catch the Indicator lens as it my drop depending how tight it is in the unit.

6. The headlight unit should now look bare but also like this  :y

Please do not try to remove the Silver inner section which contains Dipped,Full and sidelights reason being as the metallic silver of the inner section reflects the brightness of the bulb so 1. It will almost defiantly Fail its MOT on reduced Light Brightness and 2.The adjusters are so flexible/fragile i personally wouldn't go poking round in there otherwise youll need a new headlight  :o and there not cheap as im sure your aware. Rant over lets continue  ::) :y

7. Get hold of the indicator section (as you can see the inner section has a clear reflectable inner part, this needs to removed to be sprayed... Obviously ::)

So to do this you will see to little slits top and bottom where two very fragile pins clip it onto the silver section CAREFULLY Prize these together whilst using your left Thumb to push the clear part forward. i did this top first then bottom.

So then with a little swearing and brute force Ta-Da!.

8. You should now have your two Metallic section ready to be rubbed down ready to be primed and sprayed with a heat resistant paint of your choice. (Lacquer optional depending on what look your going for)

To Reassemble clear as much of the silicone off with a sharp blade Caution ::) then use normal bathroom silicone or a silicone of your own choice as long as waterproof and is slightly flexible and follow steps in reverse.

Good Luck and Happy MODing  :y :y
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